Reporters uncover pile of receipts that question honesty of Junior’s deposition testimony

The news cycle during the last White House administration was a never-ending stream of corruption and nepotism. The Trumps (and Kushners) participated in such transparent...

Wingnuts Giving Tara Reade A Platform Really Don’t Care About Crime Victims

It seems that one major plank in the Republican platform of late has been that Joe Biden and the Democrats won’t keep us safe. Supposedly, the calls to divert funding away from police and demilitarize police are proof that those radical socialists want to let criminals run wild. We know, of course, that this is […]

Sondland’s Peril

Say what you will, Gordon Sondland is no moron. He was politically astute enough to know that a million buck donation to Trump’s inaugural fund would assure that extended all-expenses-paid European vacation he wanted, but realistic enough to say, when on his way to his deposition NBC’s Goeff Bennett asked him, “Are you hoping to salvage your reputation today?” said “I have no reputation to salvage.” And yet, after all of that, it’s kind of odd to realize that the next one to two years of Sondland’s life may literally hinge on the meaning and application od the word official. Cast your mind back to January of this year. The Democrats were sworn in, and shortly thereafter the new Democratic chairs were sworn in. And what was the first thing that several of those new House committee chairs did? They held votes authorizing them to release “official” transcripts of precious committee hearings over to Robert Mueller. Because if Mueller or one of his war hawks wanted to use the committee testimony to impeach a witness in front of the grand jury, it required a certified official transcript of the testimony to do it. Accept no substitutes. Because that one single word, official, may spell the difference for Sondland between hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possible incarceration, or a much more carefree life post Trump. Gordon Sondland absolutely buried Trump today. And if he’s believed, it’s the kind of testimony that can move the public needle on impeachment, and give the GOP Senate caucus pause. And as Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney noted today, while they appreciated his candor and honesty today, it took three freakin’ tries to get to the truth. And that’s a problem, because his previous testimony, as well as his written revision, were taken under oath. Maloney basically accused him of perjury. Which is why it was so important for Sondland to make the Democrats believe him today. But in doing so, he absolutely infuriated His Lowness, and His Lowness does not take disappointment well. There is a scapegoat required, as well as a sacrificial lamb to keep the rest of the wavering witnesses in line, and why not kill two birds with one stone? It all comes down to that word official. The Democrats have already released a copy of Sondland’s closed door deposition testimony, as well as his written revision, to the public. But is it a certified, official transcript of his testimony and revision, or simply a copy released to the public? That is the $64,000 question, and the answer could shape Gordon Sondland’s future. Because Donald Trump at long last has his Roy Cohn. And William Barr has already clearly displayed that he is ready to prostitute not only his personal and professional dignity, but that of his office in order to conduct purely political investigations as reprisals. There would be no better way for Donald Trump or the GOP to blow Sondland out of the water as a reliable witness than for Tubby the Ewok to indict and try him for perjury. It would not only ruin Sondland as a witness, it would be chilling intimidation to other potential witnesses before the committee. Is the publicly released copy of Sondland’s deposition an official copy of the transcript, or not? If it is, then Barr can convene a grand jury, show the video of Sondland’s […]

LOL. Answering Blumenthal, Barr Lies in A Half Second, Spends a Minute and a Half Backtracking.

Asked by Blumenthal if he had had any conversions with the White House about the many active investigations left over from the Mueller probe Barr gave a definitive NO! Them spent almost two minutes crab walking… (close captioned) In related news John Goodman must be signed to play Barr in the remake of Castle on the Hudson… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

The once and future Viceroy of Afghanistan perjured himself with House Intel committee

Perhaps Erik Price will have a return trip to the House Intelligence committee to explain himself. If you weren’t worried about some some coincidences among...

Whitaker may be out of the DOJ, but he’s not out of the risk of being charged with perjury

Trump’s firing of James Comey isn’t the only thing that could earn him an obstruction charge. In fact, it’s not even close to the...

If Trump suborned Cohen perjury, then Rashida Tlaib was right: They must “impeach the motherf%cker”

Every time something new comes out about Individual 1 and the Russia investigation, my mother asks me, “Is this the thing that’s going to...

Sources say Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Project

In court documents filed at the beginning of December, the special counsel’s office noted that Michael Cohen had definitely lied to Congress concerning the “Moscow...

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Mitch McConnell's hijacking of the Supreme Court is backfiring bigly

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