By Trump’s Tweet Rage, One Might Almost Think That Impeachment Bothers Him

One of the very few benefits afforded Americans such as us in having to endure the Trump presidency, involves reading the naked panic attacks and insecurities emanating from Trump’s twitter feed. Never has his fear and resentment been on clearer display than this morning. Each of the following leapt from Trump’s brain to the net for the world to see prior to noon today: The Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats said they wanted to RUSH everything through to the Senate because “President Trump is a threat to National Security” (they are vicious, will say anything!), but now they don’t want to go fast anymore, they want to go very slowly. Liars! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2019 Love the “liars!” thing at the end. As if lying has even been anything but a virtue to him. Now, to “Nancy.” Nancy Pelosi’s District in California has rapidly become one of the worst anywhere in the U.S. when it come to the homeless & crime. It has gotten so bad, so fast – she has lost total control and, along with her equally incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, it is a very sad sight! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2019 I am sure he finds it “sad,” and not the least bit politically advantageous, /s. The desperation in this one is adorable: “Nancy Pelosi has no leverage over the Senate. Mitch McConnell did not nose his way into the impeachment process in the House, and she has no standing in the Senate.” Brad Blakeman. Crazy Nancy should clean up her filthy dirty District & help the homeless there. A primary for N? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2019 A primary for N? Yeah, right, that’ll happen, Biff. You are currently engaged in a more hotly contested primary than anything she’ll ever encounter. This one is the most self-pitying and just plain pitiful. We have all seen what causes him difficulty when it comes to dealing with foreign leaders: Despite all of the great success that our Country has had over the last 3 years, it makes it much more difficult to deal with foreign leaders (and others) when I am having to constantly defend myself against the Do Nothing Democrats & their bogus Impeachment Scam. Bad for USA! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2019 And then there is this one, where he appears to come close to criticizing a couple of his friends – to lift another friend. Russia, Syria, and Iran are killing, or on their way to killing, thousands of innocent civilians in Idlib Province. Don’t do it! Turkey is working hard to stop this carnage. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 26, 2019 If only there was something that could have been done about it. Like, if there was a nation that could just put a token number of troops on the ground to keep all parties acting sensibly, perhaps Trump could be a problem solver in all this. Anyway, enjoy his pain. It is about all we can do for today, Christmas came a bit late. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com  

Trump Continues Decompensating Under Pressure: “Pelosi Treason,” “Unmatched Wisdom”

Admittedly, no one would trade places with Trump right now. Trump has Vlad threatening to release tapes and records of god only knows what, the rest of the Republican caucus crying about betrayal of the Kurds, all while facing an impeachment inquiry with fresh new firsthand witnesses. It is not a good day to be Donald Trump. And it shows. Let’s start with projection, it is always safe for an aspiring dictator to threaten one’s opponents with the same crime for which one is accused. Except, perhaps do it with some circumspection? At least make it sound plausible? No, not Trump, he must accuse Nancy Pelosi of treason.  ….This makes Nervous Nancy every bit as guilty as Liddle’ Adam Schiff for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and even Treason. I guess that means that they, along with all of those that evilly “Colluded” with them, must all be immediately Impeached! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2019 This is, of course, insane. “Every bit as guilty “for” high crimes and misdemeanors, and even Treason.” And then he calls for the impeachment of people who cannot be impeached. *Pro-Tip, Ace, yeah, you – Trump, if you think they committed crimes, your Attorney General is supposed to go and charge them. That is actually “okay” in the constitution. After all, your DOJ charged two Republicans in 2018 of corruption, that is the way to do it. Problem being, of course, neither Schiff nor Pelosi committed a crime and Trump knows it. So, this is even more insane than one might think on first brush. Then there is his defense of his betrayal with the Kurds. He is really in it this time, because he clearly pulled out to please Vladimir, and enraged Republican allies by doing it. So Trump tells us that his move is going to really piss the Russians off: I was elected on getting out of these ridiculous endless wars, where our great Military functions as a policing operation to the benefit of people who don’t even like the USA. The two most unhappy countries at this move are Russia & China, because they love seeing us bogged….. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2019 ….down, watching over a quagmire, & spending big dollars to do so. When I took over, our Military was totally depleted. Now it is stronger than ever before. The endless and ridiculous wars are ENDING! We will be focused on the big picture, knowing we can always go back & BLAST! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2019 We can always “go back and BLAST” ??? From the American president? And sure, everyone believes Russia is furious, because that’s what you do, Ace. And this will live right up there in infamy with “very stable genius”: As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over… — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2019 Getting away from the Kurds put Trump’s “mind” on his money, specifically, government records of his money – taxes. Trump took a 70 page judicial ruling up his rear this morning, […]

Very Dark Clouds Loom on the Horison, No One Should Celebrate the Seismic Shift

It would appear we got through the day. On the day that Nancy Pelosi called for a formal impeachment inquiry into what amounts to a charge of treason, we had Senator Kennedy (R-Louisiana) argue to Chuck Todd that the real story is the [debunked] Biden charge, the one that even Chuck Todd couldn’t stomach, leading Todd to wail to Sen. Kennedy that Biden had been investigated, but Trump has not. Kennedy acknowledged, barely, that Trump needed to be investigated, but Biden committed the real crime here. Trump was just a cop who beat up the criminal on the way to the station. Not good, but hey, that’s what criminals get. That was just today. Something seismic happened, something we thought near impossible. The Democrats showed some spine, while at the same time, Republicans caved. In voting unanimously in the Senate, Republicans joined the call to release the full report. Of course, Republicans did the right thing, but the “right thing” never mattered before. The “right thing” was always what Trump wanted. Until today. I believe it is safe to assume – for now – that the cool kids in Washington have a pretty good idea as to what is in the complaint, and it is far worse than the Democrats initially believed, and much worse than what Republicans had been told. The evidence is all around us. Just today, we had an opportunity to read between the lines, some reporting came forth on Trump’s actions with regard to Ukraine, and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see things coming together. From the Washington Post: President Trump told his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before a phone call in which Trump is said to have pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of former vice president Joe Biden, according to three senior administration officials. Officials at the Office of Management and Budget relayed Trump’s order to the State Department and the Pentagon during an interagency meeting in mid-July, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. They explained that the president had “concerns” and wanted to analyze whether the money needed to be spent. Administration officials were instructed to tell lawmakers that the delays were part of an “interagency process” but to give them no additional information — a pattern that continued for nearly two months, until the White House released the funds on the night of Sept. 11. Trump was the first, and only, person responsible for holding up the funds. Trump never actually told anyone the precise reason for holding up the funds. Trump did expressly lie to Congress about why he held up the funds. Trump released the funds only after the complaint had been filed and its existence became known. There are three witnesses in the White House who witnessed this. Trump had no authority, one way or another, to hold up the funds. Congress spends money, not the president. He did it anyway, and lied about it. Besides Bolton, several other administration officials said they did not know why the aid was being canceled or why a meeting was not being scheduled. The decision was communicated to State and Defense officials on July 18, officials familiar with the […]

The Fatal Flaw in Pelosi’s Plan to this Point, and Why it Must Change

We await Pelosi’s follow-up to her Sunday “Dear Congress” letter. As I wrote yesterday, she said the right things, inferring that impeachment and possible inherent contempt might well be the only responsible response should the DNI not disclose the whistleblower complaint, as required by law. But, for now, let’s examine the “Pelosi Doctrine” to this point, which can be summed up rather succinctly: Speaker Pelosi argues Pres. Trump broke the law, but that is best addressed through the next election not impeachment. “Next election.” I don’t know about you, but the notion makes me cringe. I react the same way when I hear the masses at Dkos arguing “GOTV, GOTDV” as if it were all that simple. What if Trump (and the GOP generally) commit crimes that negate even the notion of a “fair election”? What if Trump effectively nullifies an election, through any number of illegal acts? We have seen it play out just this last week. There is nothing to the Biden story, it has been debunked by people who were there, including by Ukrainians. But even if something were “there,” it wouldn’t mean Trump didn’t commit a crime. What if the Ukrainians hadn’t been so incorruptible, and what if they did agree to prosecute Biden, even manufacturing evidence? But we’re just warming up. After all, we’re not even into 2020 yet, and who knows what Trump, Barr, Putin, MBS, and McConnell have up their sleeves. It took a clear meme, #MoscowMitch, to get McConnell to even agree to a vote to fund safeguards for that “free election.” What makes Pelosi believe that these people don’t have many other cards to play? What is already planned? Show trials? Pretend charges? It is Barr’s DOJ, after all. Have we seen anything that would indicate that Barr won’t bring a “trumped-up” case against our candidate? Or declare some national emergency? It sounds ridiculous right now, but so did a Trump presidency, not that long ago. What changed? Well, we know that Russia got involved on Trump’s side. They aren’t leaving. Unless it is all exposed, Trump and Russia only get more emboldened. Obviously, I am not alone in this “insight” many of you have been there all along. Not just you. Speaker Pelosi argues Pres. Trump broke the law, but that is best addressed through the next election not impeachment. What happens to that argument when Trump’s conduct may undermine whether there even is a fair election? — Ari Melber (@AriMelber) September 23, 2019 Ari Melber is probably a better lawyer than me, and he has come to the same conclusion. However, I believe it is best put in a responsive tweet: His crime specifically targets the fairness of the upcoming election. Republicans would’ve impeached a Dem president for a speeding ticket. Why do we have to be so spineless? — Ed (@EdbrohamLincoln) September 23, 2019 Exactly. He commits crimes daily, in some form or fashion. He makes money on “being president” and that can constitute a crime. But it’s all a petty misdemeanor compared to his willingness to sell out democracy all together, just because he controls the presidency, and it benefits him. Even Mueller concluded that Trump committed obstruction of justice, that could well be considered an attack on fair elections in and of itself. We are talking […]

Pelosi Unchained, Drops the Hammer: “Dear Colleagues …”

Late in the day Sunday, Nancy Pelosi penned another letter, but this one slams the gavel down. Pelosi wrote an unequivocal ultimatum to the Trump Administration to turn over an explosive whistleblower complaint about presidential misconduct or face a “whole new stage of investigation” in a “Dear Colleague” open letter. A source familiar with the matter says that over the course of her forty years in Congress, today’s letter was “unprecedented.” Dear Colleague to All Members on Whistleblower Complaint Dear Colleague, On Thursday, Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire will appear before the House Intelligence Committee in an open hearing.  At that time, we expect him to obey the law and turn over the whistleblower’s full complaint to the Committee.  We also expect that he will establish a path for the whistleblower to speak directly to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees as required by law. The Intelligence Community Inspector General, who was appointed by President Trump, has determined that the complaint is both of “urgent concern and credible,” and its disclosure “relates to one of the most significant and important of the Director of National Intelligence’s responsibilities to the American people.” The Administration’s blocking of Acting DNI Maguire from providing Congress with the whistleblower complaint calls upon him to violate the federal statute, which unequivocally states that the DNI “shall” provide Congress this information.  The Administration is endangering our national security and having a chilling effect on any future whistleblower who sees wrongdoing. we must be sure that the President and his Administration are always conducting our national security and foreign policy in the best interest of the American people, not the President’s personal or political interest. I am calling on Republicans to join us in insisting that the Acting DNI obey the law as we seek the truth to protect the American people and our Constitution. This violation is about our national security.  The Inspector-General determined that the matter is “urgent” and therefore we face an emergency that must be addressed.  If the Administration persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to Congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties by the President, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation. Thank you for your patriotism. Best Regards, Nancy I do not believe it is an accident that this letter comes out this afternoon, after Adam Schiff noted this morning that the privilege claim over the whistleblower report would require a new level of investigation. Pelosi is following through. This is a shot across the bow, it truly is unprecedented, and it is that much more powerful given how intransigent Pelosi has been regarding impeachment. According to Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) ,today’s letter also indicates that House Democrats are going to use the congressional power of inherent contempt as a means of immediately punishing future witnesses who defy the committee after this week’s incomplete and hostile testimony from Corey Lewandowski, whom even the Speaker herself later said deserved to be held in contempt. I will have much more to say on this aspect later in the week, as I am highly weary of using “Inherent Contempt” as a means to enforce legislative authority, but that can be settled out later in the week. We […]

Pelosi Warns Trump “Stop!” as Trump Sends Troops, Arms to Saudi

While the Ukrainian matter dominated the news cycle over the last 48 hours, Trump edged the country closer to conflict in the Middle East, sending troops and arms to Saudi Arabia. From the Financial Times: The Pentagon is preparing to send weapons and hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia to help the nation boost its military defences following the alleged Iranian attack last weekend that knocked out half of the kingdom’s crude oil production. General Joe Dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs, and Mark Esper, defence secretary, said Donald Trump ordered the deployments after requests from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Maybe I am getting a little paranoid, but I find it highly odd that both the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs would note that Trump granted an order “requested by” Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Trump congratulated himself for granting Saudi Arabia’s request so perfectly: “The thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint,” Mr Trump said, before adding: “Iran knows that if they misbehave, they are on borrowed time.” Speaking alongside Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, the US president rejected criticisms that he was being weak: “Going into Iran would be a very easy decision . . . most people thought I would go in within two seconds . . . I’m showing great restraint.” Yes, “great restraint.” You did exactly as Saudi Arabia asked, and by that you showed “great restraint”? Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was not interested in answering requests from the Saudis, and let Trump know that he was in violation of yet another American law. “President Trump’s plan to accelerate the delivery of military equipment to Saudi Arabia and UAE, and to deploy additional U.S. forces to the region is the latest outrageous attempt by the Trump Administration to circumvent the bipartisan, bicameral will of Congress.  These unacceptable actions are cause for alarm. … “Once again, President Trump is turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s continued violence against innocent Yemenis, as well as its horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and its gross abuses of human rights, which represent a moral and humanitarian crisis.  The United States cannot enable more brutality and bloodshed.” I do not mean to sound defeatist, because I certainly am not admitting defeat. Nor am I stating that Pelosi is wrong in her strongly-worded statement. It all just seems “quaint” to be discussing “laws” and “restraint” when we suspect that Trump is following Saudi Arabia’s “requests” to the letter. Because that is what Trump does. He puts U.S. foreign policy up for sale to the highest bidder and few can beat Saudi purchasing power. This coming week will be the most consequential yet in Trump’s presidency. We are on the edge of war, and the edge of fascism. We need our leaders to show leadership, and move resolutely. I do not know the “best” plan, I only know that they best have a plan. Because if this coming week shrinks back into accepting Trump’s actions from last week, the Ukrainian matter and ignoring the law to edge the U.S. closer to war, if it sounds like this last week was “just another scandal,” then it will be “just another scandal,” and we will have learned nothing with respect to controlling or checking Trump’s abuse of power. “Following […]

Strongest Signs Yet of Imminent Impeachment Inquiry: Real Signs

Our friend Jennifer Rubin, columnist for the Washington Post, whom we quoted earlier in the week as a conservative no longer tolerating any Trump supporter, has a piece documenting some fast-moving developments pertaining to Trump’s troubles. Undeniable signs jump out of a story gleaned from the Washington Post According to Rubin, the House Judiciary Committee has gone to federal court seeking an order to compel former White House counsel Donald McGahn’s testimony. McGahn, as you likely recall, seemed ready to testify to congress, but faced serious threats from a White House claiming “executive privilege.” This matters, because according to the story, House Democrats consider McGahn their most critical witness. McGahn witnessed firsthand Trump’s most desperate attempts to rid himself of that meddlesome “people’s House.” It’s right there in the complaint: “The Judiciary Committee is now determining whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the President based on the obstructive conduct described by the Special Counsel.”… …Let’s dispense with the nonsense that Pelosi is still blocking impeachment. “That process is underway,” the complaint plainly states.’ Wait, what? Pelosi blocking the impeachment process is nonsense? The process is well underway? That might well qualify as news. Of course, the fact that the House wants Executive privilege – as claimed in total by the Trump administration – sent to its room, which in this case is a courtroom, never to return – is not news. But … Let’s analyze. I have told everyone who would listen that litigation takes a tortuous length of time. It also requires several pre-litigation steps, including “oh so reasonable letters” that get mocked by the left as “worthless.” Believe me, nothing is worth more to some judges, whose attitude is often: “What in the ever-living hell are you doing here? (looking at the president’s defense council). “The Committee set out the law plainly in a letter to you and offered reasonable accommodation. Yet here you are, wasting my time.” In other words, those loathed letters matter. Judges actually do not like people who rush to court when the problem may have been solved by … well, a letter. The other thing that matters? Getting your damn ducks in formation prior to litigation. You do not file your complaint until you possess everything you believe you will need to succeed. Only then do you file the initial documents, which allows you to quickly file your “Motion to Win.” (Which don’t exist, except inside giggling lawyers’ heads. Little inside humor there.) The thing that matters most is the news of the day. Pelosi is on board with an impeachment inquiry? Fascinating, since she has done a marvelous job keeping that hidden, to the point where I am still unsure if it is actually true, or a courtroom tactic. Though, I gotta tell you, lying to a judge about your motivations or the facts behind it, is the quickest way to find yourself handed an “Order to lose” signed by a judge pondering whether you need further sanctions. I do not think they’re fcking around here. I find that appropriate, since it seems to me that Trump has been ffff, messing around the entire time. There IS a legitimate reason for executive privilege. A president must be able to discuss policy with his advisors without fear that those advisors will be forced to yak it up all […]

Pelosi Releases Update on Investigation: She Is Feeling the Heat to Impeach

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi’s office released a statement regarding the investigation(s)’s status. Earlier this week, I noted that a majority of House members now support an impeachment inquiry. Unless that new majority is factored in, this statement seems out of the blue. But accounting for the fact that Pelosi finds herself in the minority among her own caucus makes the timing near predictable. Regardless of motivation, the statement’s most relevant parts are noteworthy and need to be heard: Full Statement HERE: When we take the oath of office, we solemnly vow ‘to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’  The Mueller report states unequivocally that Russia interfered in the 2016 election ‘in sweeping and systematic fashion.’  And the Intelligence Community informs us that Russia is working 24/7 to undermine our elections.  This assault on our elections is a serious national security matter which the President chooses to ignore. “The Mueller report and his testimony last week confirmed that the President’s campaign welcomed Russian interference in the election, and laid out ten instances of the President’s obstruction of justice.  The President’s more recent attempts to prevent us from finding the facts is further evidence of obstruction of justice. “To protect our democracy and our Constitution, Democrats in the Congress continue to legislate, investigate and litigate… “The assault on our elections and our Constitution is a grave national security issue.  We owe it to our Founders to sustain our system of checks and balances and our democracy.  We owe it to our heroic men and women in uniform who risk their lives for freedom to defend our democracy at home.  We owe it to our children to ensure that no present or future president can dishonor the oath of office without being held accountable. In the actual statement, she lists the actions taken and the status of each effort. I will admit, the list is rather impressive. **** But that seems to be the point, and in making that point, Pelosi comes off as defensive. She realizes that a majority of her caucus now favors an impeachment inquiry, is she telling them anything they don’t already know? No. These are sitting members of Congress. They would learn updates on the investigations merely having lunch, their staff would hear from friends on others’ staffs, and then there are the more formal reports available only to them. Pelosi is not speaking to her own caucus. She is speaking to us. She wants us to know that she has been, and will continue to be, opposing Trump at every turn. She clearly feels some serious political heat. She is hoping that this statement appeases the most aggressive of us. She does not want to see those polls favoring impeachment to get above 50% and stay that way. In this, she comes off as weak and, again, defensive. **** She is saying all the right things except the right thing. An impeachment inquiry is needed, not because it will lead to Trump’s removal, but because we need Donald Trump running for president with all his garbage spilled out on the sidewalk. Removal comes through the election, when a majority cannot even hold their nose anymore and vote for a fraud. The only way to beat Trump and Trumpism as a […]

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