Trump bungling the coronavirus response was not an accident

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates and the federal government fails to take meaningful, coordinated action to arrest the spread, the political press has latched...

I. Am. Rejuvenated.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”   The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King I just finished watching the Biden and Harris victory speeches. I couldn’t stop laughing. I […]

My Favorite 2020 “Dark Horse” State

No, it’s not what you think. Thanks to current polling, and the historic unpopularity of Trump, many Democrats are once again indulging themselves in the dream of turning Texas at least purple, if not blue. And I’m right there with them. Jon Cornyn isn’t sleeping so well these nights, and most polls show the Trump-Biden […]

A Tale Of Two Protests

A couple of days ago I sent out a tweet that has been on my mind, and events tonight just kind of brought that tweet back into a clearer focus for me. In the tweet, I espoused that I found it not only slightly amusing, but hil-fucking-larious that while El Pendejo Presidente can pack in 15,000 mentally vacant fools into an arena to watch him lick his nuts for an hour, he can’t get more than 300 of them to show up to a protest in his name. But it turns out to be just a bit deeper than that. And right now I want to look at two different protests, and the wider social message that can be gleaned from them. The first protest took place in Wisconsin on April 7th. Oh sure, you can call it a special election for a state Supreme Court seat if you want to, but in reality it was social protest of the finest kind. The state GOP did everything that it could to suppress the vote in order to retain the seat, even going to court to stop the Democratic Governor, Tony Evers, from delaying the vote. And remember this, this wasn’t something that directly affected voters, the result wasn’t going to make or cost them any money, or have any immediate impact on their lives. And yet they came, each wearing the required masks, largely self policing to maintain the 6′ social distancing limit in lines, and they voted. And some of them may have turned out to have contracted the coronavirus for their efforts. Yet the GOP is still putting ice bags on the black eye they got from the coverage, but more importantly from losing the damn seat anyway. For the second protest, you can take your pick. Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota. You have protesters coming out to rally to force the sitting governors to rescind their stay at home orders so that they can go back to making a living again. Since the aim of the protest was to get the governor to lift the Stay-at-home orders to let people get back to work, you’d think this was critical to their well being. We’re talking about having the ability to keep a roof over their heads, pay the bills, feed their family. And yet, while tens of thousands of Wisconsinites showed up to vote, I have yet to see a pro Trump protest rally that was projected at a measly 500 people. Which should tell you something about Trump’s true hold over his base. But let’s look a little closer to the actual crowds themselves. While tens of thousands of Wisconsinites stood patiently in line, wearing protective gear, and at least attempting to maintain the social distancing guidelines, in all of the other protests, you had a mere tiny fraction of that many people, mostly between 300-300 people, easily capable of maintaining social distancing guidelines, all hammed together, proudly wearing their idiotic MAGA hats, waving their Trump 2020 placards, fist bumping and shouting into each others airspace. At the rally at the Michigan state house today, pro 2nd amendment puddleheads stood around with their AT-15’s slung over their shoulders, a veiled but implicit of what could come if they aren’t acceded to. Now, let me ask you a question. Look at […]

An American Tragedy

You see, this is the thing about a crisis. When you’re in one, it tends to be all encompassing. And since most crises are seldom monolithic, they tend to have arms that shoot off in all directions. And so you end up juggling a bunch of balls, desperately trying to keep all of the balls in the air while you try to find a way to remove the toxic balls, one at a time, without dropping any others. Coming from me, this may surprise you, but I wish President Donald Trump a long and healthy life. Personally, I hope he hits at least 90 years of age, and that he retains fill cognitive powers. And here’s why. Because some blessed day, please Dios, make it soon, this coronavirus is finally going to recede, and the world, as well as the United States, will attempt to return to some sense of normalcy. And starting in the days that follow, the history of the coronavirus will be written. And when it is, I want Donald Trump still here and aware, and ready to hear it. Done properly, the history of the coronavirus in the United States will not be a political document, nor even a social document, it will be a historical document, based on hard facts and data driven. And if it is written that way, the history of the coronavirus in the United States is going to be a stinging, recriminatory, cold-slap-in-the-face rebuke of the Trump administration, and their response to the virus. From day one, Trump and his administration looked at the coronavirus not as a potential national healthcare crisis, but as a purely political calculation, with only two considerations, the effect on his vaunted economy, and the potential effect on his reelection chances. And as a result, there were no considerations given to the potential healthcare ramifications of the coronavirus, instead only the potential political ramifications were considered. From day one Trump minimized the potential risk of the virus, and it’s potential risk to the normalcy of everyday life in the United States. Instead, he minimized the risk, and lionized the American medical community, which was already screaming in his ear that they were woefully unprepared for this assault, as being more than capable of handling the task. And he puffed his chest, touting the overpowering might of the American industrial base, which he steadfastly refused to tap and shift to the job of preparing for the incoming onslaught, as making child’s play of the virus. When the virus finally struck, and hard, in Washington state, Trump stuck his fingers in his ears and said LA_LA_LA, I can’t HEAR you! Trump comported the outbreak as an isolated event, and left the Democratic governor to deal with it on his own. And when the virus exploded nationwide, to major population centers like Los Angeles and New York, Trump pulled fanciful numbers and facts out of his ass like a magician with a bottomless hat to show that everything was under control. And Americans died. And when governors, especially New York Governor Andrew Cuomo started decrying the loss of life in their states, and the untenable stress being placed on their hospitals and front line emergency first responders, Trump, ever the man of action, appointed Vice President Mike Pence to head some shadow task force. And Trump made it crystal […]

Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen!

I’m 63 years old, and my heart breaks just a little bit more every time I wake up in the morning. It breaks for the perils of today, that our current administration is so damn piss poor equipped to handle, it breaks for the future of my children and grandchildren, but it also breaks for the promise of the past. We used to dream big as a nation, and then we damn well followed through and delivered on those dreams. Franklin Delano Roosevelt steered us through the depression, and for an encore he steered us through World War II. Dwight David Eisenhower won the war against Hitler in Europe, and then came home as a celebrated war hero, ran for president, and instituted the interstate highway program that joined a nation. John Fitzgerald Kennedy dared the nation to give back instead of asking for things, and took us to the moon inside of a decade just to show the Russians who was boss. And President Ronald Reagan helped to bring down the Berlin wall, spoke of a shining city on a hill, and eloquently eulogized the courageous members of the shuttle Challenger after the disaster. And that is why my heart breaks just a little bit more every time I wake up in the morning. We are now governed by an obsessive narcissist with delusional tendencies, a man who has absolutely no empathy for the constituents that he swore to govern, nor the ability to effectively govern them. We are currently governed by a man whose own self interest far outweighs any responsibility he feels for the very people who elected him in the first place. And we are governed by a man whose desire for self glorification far outmatches his desire to do right by his people. Make no mistake, we deserve everything we’re currently getting. And I don’t want to hear any shit about the electoral college, we’ve been living under the shadow of that misguided constitutional error for 240 years. We fell asleep, Trump’s voters remained motivated, and the bare number of votes were there to seal the deal in the electoral college. Trump counted electoral votes instead of popular votes, and got the job done. Which is why I go to bed every night praying that we have learned the lessons of the past, because another four years of the status quo is intolerable. To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

The Scales Are Falling

Notwithstanding the sudden stoppage forced by the coronavirus, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to work in an office with more than ten people, or a factory with more than ten employees, or a job site with at least that many in attendance, then you are highly likely to come into close contact with a pesky species known as the Trump supporter. Oddly enough, if you can get past that almost fatal character flaw, they are often really nice people, and almost considered sane in normal company. But something is going on with them right now. As so many other people, Teri is off on furlough right now. But the workers at Teri’s store are actually quite close for the most part, almost a family atmosphere, and so the workers are trying to stay in touch, especially since there’s not a whole helluva a lot else they can do locked up at home. Facebook is the preferred method, at least in this group, with closer co-workers augmenting their contacts with text messages. And there’s some frigging in the rigging. When Teri “likes” one of my articles on FB, she isn’t getting anywhere the “never Trumper” backlash that she used to. And just yesterday a coworker, a firm and solid Trump supporter, told her that she was getting sick and tired of Trump’s bullshit about this whole coronavirus crisis. And a couple of days ago, I stood in line at the local gas station picking up a 15 pack of beer, and listening to a couple of guys in front of me talk politics. The guy in the baseball cap and a denim vest told his buddy, I can’t believe I actually voted for that asshole Trump, and even worse, I sent him money! A rather damning indictment from a guy who looked like he was about to drive a trailer load full of pork bellies to Wichita. The cracks are finally starting to show. Trump’s approval ratings are down, as are his job approval ratings, as well as his handling of the coronavirus crisis. I have said repeatedly that I believe that Trump’s hold requires not only mass rallies for Trump to feed the beast, but the communal sense of spirit among his supporters. And now, they don’t have Trump friendly bars, or bowling alleys, or whatever to go to in order to congregate. And as a result, they’re left all alone, to watch their savior on television, with no soundtrack of cheering. In the past, when discussing such matters, I have related my favorite Catholic nursery rhyme, In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it stays unsullied by fact. These days, Trump supporters have nothing but his rambling, disjointed press briefings, with no populist crowd background. Offsetting that, they are besieged on the local news by their own governors, state leaders, and mayors, all giving out grim warnings and demands to stay at home and shelter in place. Their support structure is gone. And once that first scale falls from their eyes, there is no way on God’s green earth to glue it back in place again. To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of […]

April 7, 2020. The Day The GOP Canary Hit The Cage Floor.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having a corona-virus pandemic? Geez, it seems like barely a week ago when I was writing an article about the courage of the citizens of Wisconsin, lining up for hours in face masks just to cast a ballot in an election. Shit, wait a minute, it was just about a week ago when I wrote that. The GOP, not only the Wisconsin GOP, but the entire national GOP went whole hog on this effort. They went all in even before the flop card was turned over. Democratic Governor Tony Evers delayed the election until June for public health concerns. The GOP legislature went to the state Supreme Court to block Evers, which it did. And then, because apparently Chief Dipshit John Roberts learned nothing from 2000, the US Supreme Court exposed itself as nothing less than a Justice League of Whores in ordering the election to proceed. And they lost! The Associated Press is reporting that the liberal Supreme Court challenger has defeated the GOP incumbent that the entire Republican party was hell bent for leather to keep on the court. And all of the hypocritical, dirty, underhanded, double dealing for which the GOP is world renowned came for naught. The good guys won. You all remember the images that were broadcast on your television. Thousands of people in Milwaukee and elsewhere, wearing masks and trying to observe the 6′ social distancing guidelines in line, standing in hours because less than 10 % of the polling places were open, and just to cast a ballot. But here’s the critical thing to remember. This wasn’t a national election. Trump and Biden weren’t on the ticket, not a single US Senator or US House member was on the ballot. And it wasn’t even about the Democratic primary. This was all about a lousy seat on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court, held by a Republican. That’s it. They forced their own constituents to make a decision between casting a ballot in a free and fair election, and possibly suffering a slow and painful death, or staying home instead. And as I said, it wasn’t just Wisconsin. Trump himself touted the conservative candidate, and insisted that the election go forward. And Senate Majority Leader Bitch McConnell himself spoke frequently about how the maximum way to ensure retaining the seat was to force the lowest possible turnout. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that at the core, they were nothing but a bunch of craven, cowardly power sluts. And they lost! April 7th, 2020 was the day that the GOP canary landed feet up on the bottom of the bird cage. This is a watershed moment that was more than three years in the making. The Women’s March on Washington. The mass protests over the insane Muslim ban. The 2017 Virginia elections. The mass protests over the child separation policy at the southern border. The mass protests and congressional office takeovers to protest the attempted repeal of the ACA. The 2018 midterm elections. The 2019 Kentucky and Virginia state elections. If I’m a GOP incumbent anywhere but in Mississippi or Alabama, I’m not just fearing for my seat, I’m fearing for my immortal soul. For three long years, Trump and the GOP have been sitting around, waiting for this fire to burn itself […]

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