The Downside Of Victimhood. Why Trump Can’t Win.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken Let’s face it, Donald Trump is the ultimate victim. He was born on third base, but likes to believe that he hit a triple. And even with that, he has been fucked over his entire life. Classmates were against him, teachers were against him, inspectors were against him, competitors were against him, the IRS was against him. His success in business is even more miraculous, simply because the entire world was stacked against him. Donald Trump knows victim hood. And in 2016, he played it like a symphony maestro. His base was the underclass of perpetual victims, those who had dropped out of politics, and mainly out of life, feeling sorry for themselves, and powerless to change their sad settings. If only they would vote for Donald Trump, he would be their tireless champion, he would be the dragon slayer that fought to bring them up to their proper place in the world. And with a little help from Vlad the Imp, it worked. But that’s the real problem with the permanent victims. They don’t tend to be introspective. If they were , they would look at their own lives, and their surroundings, and at least try to think of ways to improve their situation. The kind of people that Trump appealed to don’t want to roll their sleeves up, grab a shovel, and dig their way out, they want somebody else to come in and do the heavy lifting for them. In other words, they’re looking for a leader. And right now, according to reporting quoting White House insiders, Hair Twitler is throwing himself a world class pity party. He had the world by the nuts, people loved him, and the economy was doing great! But then the insidious Chinese dumped the coronavirus on him as a way of taking his reelection. And then a bunch of Democratic Governors shut down their own states to tank the economy to further fuck with Trump’s reelection. And if that wasn’t bad enough, then some black guy goes and gets himself killed, and suddenly half of the country is out in the streets, protesting police brutality towards blacks! Oh woe is poor little Donald! Wrong, wrong, wrong! The people who elected Trump President don’t care about that shit. There are 40 million of them who are unemployed, the forgiveness period on late mortgage and rent payments is running out, and their parents and grandparents are being sickened by, and dying from the coronavirus! They elected Trump to be a leader, to take care of this shit for them! Think of yourself as a soldier in a foxhole, surrounded by other soldiers, with shells going off and bullets whizzing overhead. Everybody looks at Trump, because he’s the one with captains bars on his helmet, and he scream at them, Waddaya looking at ME for?!? Nobody at West Point said shit about actual bullets! I’m outta here! Trump has already abdicated his leadership role by starting the new White House policy that everybody should learn to live with the coronavirus. Remember this number. And not just for this article,  but for the next 4 months, because it’s important. 32% In a recent poll, only 32% of Americans thought that Donald Trump was doing a good job at handling the coronavirus crisis. And in another recent poll, only 32% of Americans […]

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