Is Devin Nunes really that stupid?

First, let me say that I am so happy for my fellow Californians. Nunes no longer represents us, well, not that he ever has,...

on 1/6, even Julian Assange's Dana Rohrabacher was at the Capitol

Former GOP “Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told Assange “on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr. Assange...

Nunes, Top Republican on Intelligence, Is a Principle in Conspiracy

Sometimes one has to sit back and remind oneself of what reality is supposed to look like. It is especially important when one learns that the second highest member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence admits he was in contact with Parnas. Parnas is a man who is charged with felonies and has evidence to back it up. Nunes made the admission despite previously stating he did not know Parnas. Yes, Devin Nunes now admits he at least was in contact with a main witness and is deeply involved in the entire matter. Parnas admitted that he had only limited direct contact with Nunes, but only because Nunes worried about the appearance of his conflict (Nunes knows about the appearances of a conflict given he has already been caught carrying the White House’s water). Thus Nunes did his work with Parnas through an aide. Via Rawstory: “We don’t have too much of a relationship,” Parnas said of Nunes. “We met several times at the Trump Hotel, but our relationship started getting — basically where it expanded was when I was introduced to his aide, Derek Harvey, and the reason why Derek Harvey I was told because Devin Nunes had an ethics — something to do with the Ethics Committee, he couldn’t be in the spotlight. He was kind of shunned a little bit and that he was looking into this Ukraine stuff also, wanted to help out. And they gave me Derek Harvey to deal with.”  This is surely true. Why would Parnas admit he had only a few contacts with Nunes, and how would Parnas know the name of Nunes’ aide? It is true, and even Nunes admitted last night on Fox that he actually had met with Parnas, countering his own lie from just months ago. If Nunes had to send an aide to assist Parnas, because of potential appearances of a conflict, there is no doubt that Nunes’ aide Harvey told Nunes of each new development, and probably got instructions. Parnas did note that he had limited involvement with Nunes because Nunes was already deeply involved in “opposition research,” the euphemism utilized to cover the whole Biden operation: Maddow asked if Parnas got the idea that Rudy Giuliani had briefed Nunes, but Parnas said he didn’t think so, because there was a group of people working on opposition research for the campaigns. Nunes was running a similar operation parallel to the work done by Rudy and Lev? It certainly appears so, and that fits with what we know about Nunes’s strange travel to Eastern Europe. But even parallel involvement is still shocking involvement. In fact, it may be more shocking, as Nunes may be more culpable for his own ideas and own independent actions. Meanwhile, Nunes’ aide Harvey plunged even deeper into the scandal, undoubtedly keeping Nunes informed every step of the way: Parnas went on to say that he set up “several Skype interviews” with people for Harvey including a key anti-corruption prosecutor in Ukraine as well as Konstantin Kulik, deputy head of the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the General Prosecutor’s Office in Ukraine. The top Republican congressional official charged with minority oversight into the entire Ukraine crime is now confirmed to have known of the crime and was involved – or at […]

New Ethics Complaint Slammed Down Against Devin Nunes

It sure appears that Trump and his closest “advisors” rely heavily upon the presumption that nothing they do will ever see the light of day as evidence, and if it does they will just deny that reality’s existence, or application to this reality. It is the only explanation for how Nunes sat through the committee hearings without blurting out: “Before we go any further, I’d like the record to reflect that I’m ass deep in this shit.” Now it appears that Nunes might actually have to explain himself, as a new ethics complaint was filed against him Wednesday afternoon: “The House Intelligence Committee’s Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Report dated December 3, 2019 used a subpoena to obtain phone records which plainly demonstrate that ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) has an actual conflict of interest with an ongoing impeachment hearing he oversees … “That is because Rep. Nunes is currently engaged in overseeing aninvestigation in which it appears he is a fact witness, and which may examine his own activities and meetings with agents and lawyers of the President who solicited foreign election assistance, as well as potentially into his own contacts with foreign government officials.” The rule itself couldn’t be vaguer: “A member must behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Now, because I personally don’t use “creditably” as a word, I looked it up: “Worthy of belief: a creditable story.” Guilty. With such a ridiculously general standard, it is no wonder that few complaints are filed. Still; “Under House Intel Committee rules, Rep. Nunes could have known that record production had revealed his phone contacts with the persons under subpoena before the general public was informed with the release of the Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report,” the complaint continues. “Yet, the Congressman never disclosed his potential conflict of interest overseeing the investigation to the public, nor did he recuse himself from any of its activities, including the drafting of an official 120-page HPSCI Minority report.” There is no doubt Nunes now has a terrible conflict of interest. We know what Trump thinks of “recusals.” Recusal is for pusssss, it’s a doctrine reserved for countries that follow laws. And now we move into troubled waters. Because Trump has near torpedoed the entire idea of a “conflict” or that recusal should ever be considered. He has normalized having conflicted interests as part of the American political landscape. Can you imagine Trump not having some kind of personal conflict in something? Do we even have laws or rules anymore? It seems perilous, in part because it is so obvious. When Nunes was caught, when the records came to light, he went on Hannity to say that he might have spoken to Parnas, but denied “knowing” Parnas. Turns out, Nunes spoke to the guy he doesn’t know at least four times. I don’t see anything in the media about Nunes resigning in shame, do you? Trump has forced the entire right into a corner where no facts or crimes matter. Nunes can say “I don’t know a guy” in spite of records showing at least four phone calls minimum, and no one on the right cares. It is like they have a group suicide pact they have with Trump, whereby if none of them turn on each other, they […]

Oops. Nunes Used PAC Money to Spoil Himself With NBA Tickets, Limos and Big Steaks

Devin, Devin, Devin, come on, man. This is embarrassing. It appears that you are going to go through some things, if you know what I mean, Ace. Per ABC News, mooo: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., used funds from New PAC, his leadership political action committee, to purchase steak dinners, limo rides, and nearly $15,000 in Boston Celtics basketball games tickets, Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show. Now, none of this is  illegal, don’t be silly. But just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good idea. Apparently Nunes needs a refresher course on “appearances,” especially when one spends so much time engaged in attacking others’ integrity and corrupt nature. New PAC dropped an additional $3,593 at the 4-star Omni Parker House hotel on May 8, the same day that the fund purchased tickets for the Celtics’ playoffs against the Washington Wizards. 2018 quarterly filings for New PAC show a number of more recent luxury expenditures. On March 9, bills at seven different restaurants in Las Vegas totaled over $7,000. Devin, good freeeeking luck next time you beg those PTA members for the $50.00 check that is so desperately needed. Nunes likely spent years assuring his donors that they should give him money because he is so effective in “owning the libs!” and the money will be used to “beat Elizabeth Warren and stop socialism.” Now Devin’s donors will respond with; “How does going to an NBA playoff game on my dime end-up beating Elizabeth Warren?” Unless Nunes took Warren to the game … True, much of the money is raised through wealthy corporate donations, but even corporate donors with loads of cash know that cash doesn’t grow on trees. They want to know that their money is well invested to maximize the return they sought. Treating oneself to NBA play-off games and one hundred dollar steaks may be alright once a year to celebrate a giant tax cut, but living the high life generally will not be seen as “maximizing” the value of the corporate donation. It looks like nothing more than luxuriating because one can.  It is one thing for a regular asshole like Donald Trump to gorge himself on other peoples’ money. It is quite another for someone charged with investigating “corruption” to do it. It looks bad. Apparently, Devin Nunes either never factored “appearances” into the equation, or simply doesn’t care. At this point, it doesn’t matter. He is going to have to justify what he did that deserved such fantastic self-rewards. But more importantly, it will make his fund raising much more difficult in the future, and that is what is really going to infuriate Devin. Having had a taste of the good life, hot dogs eaten in the cheap seats can feel like real punishment. But it actually isn’t real punishment. We will find out soon enough whether Nunes will face real consequences. For now, we can safely say that he most certainly will “go through some things.” **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

Republicans Are Unmoved by the Evidence, So Keep Inquiry Going Until They Are Moved

With respect to how the impeachment inquiry has been run, and the evidence gleaned, it could not be going more solidly for the Democrats. Each witness – with one exception, Morrison, party man – has overdelivered on what we had hoped to hear. Indeed, not only did each witness affirm the facts we needed to hear, each witness affirmed what we needed to see and hear as “Americans.” They let us see that good people still work in this country, indeed, some of the best people. This is still a place with good people. Republicans, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be utterly immune to the very best evidence as to the very best impeachment case that could ever be made. They have made a group decision, that if they simply deny reality, and hold tight, no one wavering, they will make it through all this. They believe they can point at the sky, say; “it’s a brilliant color pink today!” and at least 40% of the nation will agree; “Why yes, it is a fantastic shade of pink!” Bear witness: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told me that he was not going to lose any GOP votes during impeachment. “I think we are going to gain Dems,” McCarthy said. He also rejected Fiona Hill’s testimony and said he thinks Ukraine meddled in 2016 elections. “I think they did.” — Manu Raju (@mkraju) November 21, 2019 See, Ukraine did meddle in the 2016 elections, because Kevin McCarthy “believes” they did, and thus it is so. But it goes much deeper. We no longer run our own country so long as Trump sits in the Oval Office. After today, POTUS is beyond legitimate rescue. The testimony by Fiona Hill and David Holmes ties down all loose ends and leaves Senators who have a shred of love for what America at its best represents no way to acquit the criminal in the Oval Office after the inevitable trial. — Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) November 21, 2019 So long as Trump remains president – and it appears that the Republicans will leave him there, the nation is run according to Trump’s personal needs and biases. Ahem, Russia. It doesn’t just end there. If Republicans are willing to suspend their belief as to Ukraine, what gives us any faith that they’ll object when Donald Trump suspends the elections, or the vote-counting upon finding a “national emergency,” to oversee? Republicans are ignoring witnesses like Gordon Sondland stating “It was a quid pro quo, and everyone was in on it.” Are they are going to oppose Trump when he determines that there are 10 million “illegal voters” that “some say voted in the election?” Republicans are going to stand up and oppose him? No, they are not. We have heard the possibility that up to thirty senators might vote to convict if the vote were to be anonymous. I am losing hope that such an action will happen. I am losing hope about a lot of things. Right now, the Republican party has refused to take the matter seriously enough to even ask real questions, saving precious Republican time to ask about Hunter Biden. I have yet to hear a real question asked of the witnesses by Republicans. It gets down to this: Kent/Vindman/Taylor/Cooper/Hale/Williams/Hill/Holmes/Yovanovitch/Sondland have […]

That’s “Lt. Colonel Vindman” to you, Nunes …. The Line of the Inquiry So Far

What can one do if one is Devin Nunes, cowman. He cannot help it, he is who he is. He stepped right on a rake in speaking to “Mr. Vindman.” It led to the line of the hearing so far. “Mr. Ranking Member, it’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman please.” — Preet Bharara (@PreetBharara) November 19, 2019 And the internet erupted: pic.twitter.com/YJ0Vh1ykeQ — kevin (@KevINthe406) November 19, 2019 And erupted: pic.twitter.com/2iprmEmL60 — Betsy Fleming ????✊✌????#EqualityAct (@Betsypoo62) November 19, 2019 And erupted: pic.twitter.com/TET8k9yFfn — Chris Piekenbrock (@ChrisPiekenbro2) November 19, 2019 More: pic.twitter.com/nMvwIcSCPO — Rod Morrow (@rodmo71) November 19, 2019 And I’ll do one more, because I like y’all. pic.twitter.com/c33NX0i22l — Tony (@tony15202) November 19, 2019 There will certainly be far more substantive analysis down the line, as the testimony being held today is critical to this nation’s future. But there are certain things, things like elephants choosing to mourn a good man, and an epic take down of Devin Nunes that are simply too good to let pass by without due recognition of the fact that little things – like this – make the world a livable place, even in times like this. **** Peace, y’all Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

Devin Nunes Goes To London For Dirt On Steele. Gets Squat.

Today we learn from Natasha Bertrand at the Atlantic that Rep Devin Nunes went to the UK early this August to get dirt on Christopher Steele from M15, M16 and GCHQ but they weren’t home when he called. Womp! Womp! And this in addition to Nunes sending...

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