The “Dagger To The Heart” Of Trump’s Ego

Oh, this one has to cut. Deep. You guys and gals may remember that a couple of years ago, David Fahrenthold , the checkbook savant at the Washington Post, spurred by Trump’s rather lengthy and inexplicable delay in parceling out the millions he had raised for vets in his bogus “telethon” to chickenshit his way out of a debate, took a little closer peekie-see into an enterprise named The Donald J Trump Foundation. Fahrenthold found a couple of fascinating things when he started turning over rocks. First of all, for a charitable foundation started by and run by a billionaire named Trump, it sure didn’t seem to have much of Trump’s personal moolah sitting around in it, and never had. It was stuffed with OPM, Other Peoples Money. And second, for a recognized ad chartered charity, it didn’t seem to be doing much charitable work. Instead, the charity did it’s good deeds by purchasing at auction a Tim Tebow signed University of Florida football helmet which Trump displayed in one of his cheesy goof resorts. It also bought several life size portraits of Trump, by artists whose “shows” were normally stalls at the Holiday Inn Stanton this Friday and Saturday only! It also made a $10,000 political donation to then Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who then decided that Florida didn’t need to pile on and enter the Trump U fraud lawsuit. Oh, and it paid to settle a couple of judgments in personal suits against Trump too. Trump’s response was predictable, he viciously attacked both Fahrenthold as well as the Washington Post for the reporting, but it was too late. The New York Attorney Generals office read the reporting, took a little peekie-see of their own, grinned like wolves, rubbed their hands together until they smoked, and slapped Trump with a hella civil fraud suit. Which Trump immediately vowed by Twitter that he would never settle! It’s funny how never seems to arrive sooner than you would expect it to with Trump. Rachel Maddow reported last night that guess what? Trump settled the lawsuit. But while this seems at first blush like just another Trump cop out after months of bluff and bluster, there’s something in this settlement that as far as I know, we’ve never seen before, and it’s gotta be killing Trump. The settlement seems to run along what are normally pretty standard terms for a cheap Trump con job. The Trump Foundation, already closed by consent agreement, must remain permanently shuttered. Trump is barred from starting or administering in any way another charitable foundation. And this time it’s going to cost His Lowness $2 million out of his personal poke, which will be donated to actual, legitimate charities. But here’s the part we’ve never seen with Trump before, and it has to sting like iodine on a scrape. As a part of the settlement, Trump is going to have to sign a statement, in which he accepts responsibility for, and admits guilt in the violation alleged by the NY Attorney General in the lawsuit! Holy shit! Are you kidding me?!? For 73 years, Donald Trump has led a guiltless and responsibility free life. His business failures were always somebody else’s fault. He’s settled plenty of lawsuits, both personal as well as government inspired, but none of the things which the cash bought was […]

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