It’s not your imagination: There really is a MAGA migration to Florida

First published in The Paradise Progressive May 17, 2021 by David Silverberg If you had the impression that all the debris and detritus of the Trump...

Newt Gingrich: ‘Republicans Simply Have To Turn Out More Votes Than Stacey Abrams Can Steal’

Newt Gingrich is not a happy camper these days. He’s got to leave Italy, where his mistress of six years turned third wife is the Ambassador to the Vatican. Gotta love them family values. Go to 5:45 on this video and listen to Gingrich’s fantastically specious claim that Stacey Abrams is going to steal votes […]

‘Nation’ reporter slaps Newt Gingrich silly over history of slavery

Let's start off by saying that The New York Times' 1619 Project is a great read.  So go read that after your eyes are...

Mark Meadows Out, Newt Gingrich Now Front Runner For Trump Chief Of Staff

Remember the TV show “Charlie’s Angels” where the cast was continually changing, due to resignations and firings, and it became a popular insider guessing game who was actually going to be on the set when the cameras turned? That level of Hollywood puerility is being replicated in the White House, as filling the post of Trump chief of staff takes on all the gravitas of a TV game show. Rep. Mark Meadows says that he was never seriously considered for the post, it was all rumor, and now Newt Gingrich is being floated as a possible front runner — but he says he just dropped by the White House to look at the Christmas trees. Think this through for a moment: Gingrich might be the perfect fit in this slot, because if there is one thing that this administration is genius at, it is hiring the man or woman with qualifications which are dead opposite to the ones needed for the job. It’s too bad that Jarvanka’s ploy to oust John Kelly and replace him with Nick Ayers, “a generational peer and ally who would increase their influence in the West Wing,” blew up in their faces. Ivanka, naturally, is flame proof, but her hubby is not and so he’s been feeling the full force of the Trump heat, and Daddy went into meltdown big time after Ayers humiliated him. Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair: Ayers’s surprise decision to walk away from Trump’s offer has blown open the chief-of-staff search and, according to sources familiar with the situation, damaged Kushner’s standing with the president. “This was a big repudiation of Jared,” a prominent Republican close to the White House said. According to a source, Trump instructed Kushner, who almost never speaks publicly, to appear on Sean Hannity’s show on Monday night to be the face of the chief-of-staff debacle. “Trump said, ‘You’re going to go on there and defend me and take blame for chief of staff as punishment,’” a source briefed on the conversation said. (Kushner’s hit was spun externally as a discussion of prison reform.) With Ayers out, Trump appears to be taking a hard look at candidates with vastly different politics and style than Kushner and Ivanka. According to two sources, Trump is scheduled to interview Citizens United president Dave Bossie at the White House on Friday. (Bossie declined to comment.) Bossie, who served as deputy campaign manager of Trump’s 2016 campaign, is known as a political street fighter and is a close confidant of Corey Lewandowski and Steve Bannon. With House Democrats poised to launch investigations of Trump in January, Bossie’s experience in political trench warfare is viewed by Trump as a plus. “Trump is all over how Bossie knows investigations,” one Republican briefed on the search said. So, take a look at the lineup so far: Matt Whitaker, David “Citizens United” Bossie, Newt Gingrich, plus Kushner and Ivanka are racing to inject a new horse into the race. Politico reported they have recommended Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for the job, but Mnuchin is said to be not interested. One source said they’ve suggested former deputy national-security adviser Dina Powell, but a source close to Powell said she wants to remain at Goldman Sachs. Has anybody talked to Dick Cheney or Darth Vader about the job? Mike […]

Hyde to Hastert to Kavanaugh, a simple thread connecting decades of Republican hypocrisy

Supreme Court nominee and likely drinking-problem sufferer Brett Kavanaugh made most of his Republican bones under Ken Starr. Starr ran the famously insane Clinton-Whitewater investigation that mostly just led to exposing Clinton’s affair with Monica...

Russian Bots Are Targeting Midterms With Full Blessing Of The GOP

Tuesday was a major news day, with both the Manafort and Cohen stories breaking within the same hour along with news of developments in the Mollie Tibbets case. Not surprisingly, Russian bots began to tout the latter in order to quash interest in the former, the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD), a group which tracks […]

Uh Oh, Newt! Mollie Tibbets’ Family Doesn’t Want Her Murder Politicized To Save GOP Bacon

Always the sensitive, classy guy, Newt Gingrich wrote Axios’ Mike Allen, “We are living in two alternative political universes. In one, Manafort-Cohen is dispositive. In the other, illegal immigrants killing Mollie Tibbetts is dispositive.” “If Mollie Tibbetts is a household name by October, Democrats will be in deep trouble. If we can be blocked by […]

“Stay Out Of A Room With 15 Hostile Lawyers” Newt Gingrich Tells Trump

Newt Gingrich, Mr. Impeachment Himself, told CBS News: “If a president was dumb enough to pardon himself, that would be such an arrogant statement of power that the House would probably impeach him in a week and the Senate would convict him.” Rudy Giuliani defended Trump’s “absolute power” tweet by saying, “He’s not a lawyer.” […]

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Not a Rerun, Just Yet Another Week of Republican Insanity Gettin’ Folks Killed

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One story triggered an eye roll so strong I almost fell over backwards

Just because I omitted political news in this report doesn’t mean all the news is upbeat. We still have drought, crime,...

Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Smuggling ivermectin into a hospital full of 'crisis actors'

Facebook is a menace. COVID-19 is a menace. Conservatism is a cesspool. Together, those three ingredients have created a...

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