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Evidence Trickles Out that Mulvaney Readying to Dump Trump

No one would fault Mick Mulvaney for sweating a bit over his exposure in the whole Ukraine matter. Makes sense. After all, if the worst happens, and Trump is deposed, Pence will surely pardon Trump “for the good of the nation.” But the pardon wouldn’t likely extend to Mulvaney, who may well end-up being blamed for the entire damned thing, inside a nation dearly wanting someone to suffer “real punishment” for the matter. Mulvaney seems to realize this, and is attempting to take subtle steps to distance himself from Trump, fooling absolutely no one. Wanna know what all this means? It means that the last chapters in the impeachment book haven’t been written yet, Kinda like the sequel to my novel, which has been 90% done for two years. I just cannot figure out if one of the characters has to die. Trump won’t die in this chapter in American history, but his dream of being the “chosen one” who is president for life, or even another year, might. Anyway, Salon has Mick figured out, quoting parts of the New York Times article that I told y’all was a paradigm shift, just this morning: From the NYTimes as quoted by Salon: Mr. Mulvaney is said by associates to have stepped out of the room whenever Mr. Trump would talk with [Rudy] Giuliani to preserve Mr. Trump’s attorney-client privilege, leaving him with limited knowledge about their efforts regarding Ukraine. Mr. Mulvaney has told associates he learned of the substance of Mr. Trump’s July 25 call [with Zelensky] weeks after the fact. Let’s all say it together, both parts. First: Bullshit. Second: So what? Doesn’t mean he didn’t know everything and kept the plan moving. Salon notes: It sure sounds like Mulvaney is setting up the possibility of throwing the president under the bus, by suggesting that he was simply following orders, and that Trump and Giuliani were the only people who knew why those orders were being issued. Riiight. Mulvaney not knowing “why” the orders were issued is about as likely as me winning the Nobel Prize for literature. Actually, I might well win it if I keep writing such clever analogies. Onward. Salon dispenses with the bullshit by noting: That story (Mulvaney knew nothing) rests on the premise that Mulvaney, Trump’s top aide, had no curiosity about why his boss was bucking a legal requirement to release aid that would boost Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Moreover, we’re asked to believe that Mulvaney continued not to be curious, even though Trump was already under a cloud of suspicion for his enthusiastic support of Russia, a hostile foreign power that just so happened to have illegally interfered with the 2016 election on Trump’s behalf. To say nothing of the fact that Mulvaney stood at a podium, admitted what happened (after the fact, true) and told everyone to “get over it.” He did not, in point of fact, stand there and say; “Look guys, I wasn’t personally there, and I know that some of the appearances are not quite right, but there is going to be some politics in foreign policy, and I think that is all that happened here.” (If I were Trump’s press secretary he would get in far less trouble) Salon noticed the same thing, while noting that […]

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