On Golfing, Trump Tweets, and Insanity. And Yeah, They’re All Related.

First, let’s get an quick update on Trump golf days while in office because, yeah….we are keeping track. President Trump is at his New Jersey golf club, marking his 133rd day at a Trump golf property and his 176th day at a Trump property since taking office. https://t.co/afYXEUiHBm pic.twitter.com/XF9r3cLnuE — MSNBC (@MSNBC) July 28, 2018 […]

Tweet-struction: Mueller considering Trump’s tweets in investigation of obstruction

The New York Times is reporting that Robert Mueller is looking at a wide-ranging obstruction investigation, including a review of how Trump may have used his Twitter account to harm the investigation and mislead investigators. Included in this review...

Michael Cohen hints he might flip on Trump: ‘I put family and country first’

Michael Cohen sure sounds like a man ready to flip on Donald Trump—and one who thinks he has some things to say that matter beyond hush money to adult film actresses. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer spoke to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, telling him...

McClatchy: Trump Plan to Lift Russian Sanctions was Hatched in February 2016 with Putin Pal

From McClatchy: A controversial peace plan for Ukraine and Russia that has drawn headlines and scrutiny from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was initially devised in early 2016 with significant input from an ex-congressman and a Ukrainian-American...

Trump Associate Roger Stone Reveals New Contact w/Russian National. Mike Caputo Arranged The Meeting

Roger Stone reveals another new meeting with a Russian national. Texts reveal former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo wanted to know if there was “anything at all interesting”. It’s obvious Caputo was looking for dirt on Hillary. Caputo...

McConnell whines: ‘Why can’t the Mueller investigation finally wrap up?’

According to The Hill, McConnell is complaining that the Mueller probe has gone on “forever,” and says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “ought to wrap it up”. McConnell said, “What I think about the Mueller investigation is, they ought to wrap it up. It’s gone on seemingly forever and I don’t know how much more […]

New Filing in Cohen Case: Avenatti tweets on new filing and warns that Cohen and Trump could have a “huge problem”

It’s Friday afternoon and Avenatti may have just changed the game. He just sent out a tweet containing a picture of a new filing submitted today in the Cohen search warrant case.  He foreshadows some very interesting news that will come to light by saying, “The second and third bullets could pose a huge problem […]

Manafort violates bail but the reasons he did it are now more interesting

Robert Mueller accuses Paul Manafort of attempting to shape potential witnesses' testimony and asks to send him to jail as he awaits his trial  More interesting is Trump bleating about Manafort coincident to his getting caught attempting...

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Can I just say: Ashli Babbitt is the culprit responsible for the death of Ashli Babbitt

Monday night on Tucker Carlson, Aaron Babbitt demanded the name and identification of the Capitol officer who shot his wife,...
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Cartoon: The Rich


Yet another Republican realizes his political ambitions require embracing Trump's Big Lie

Add Arizona attorney general and Senate hopeful Mark Brnovich to the list of Republicans who’ve decided that their political...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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