Deranged Trump Syndrome: said he “never suggested it,” except he then did for three years

An entirely circular public relations stunt aided by the NY Times. Trump wasn’t accountable because one of his minions approached the South Dakota government...

Trump Impersonator Does Comic Preview Of Mt. Rushmore Speech: ‘Mike, ya said you liked rock hard men…’

If this is new information to you, Team Trump has decided on a “strategy” for reelection. They have no platform, the economy is tanked, so “greatest economy in history” is out. “Transition to Greatness” doesn’t seem to be holding water. Every few days the polls slide a little more. So what does that leave? Culture war. Trump, in insult comic mode, is going to try and scare everybody into fearing Joe Biden and the Libs will do something worse than what he’s already done. This is the Trump card, the only one he’s got, demonize Uncle Joe and monger fear. Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin nails it. He’s got Trump’s voice down to a tee. Listen with your eyes closed, it’s almost scary. Donald Trump at Mt Rushmore preview. Have a tremendous 4th. pic.twitter.com/tRhdmfIaFy — J-L Cauvin (@JLCauvin) July 3, 2020

Trump’s On His Way To Play With Fireworks At Mt. Rushmore, Fires, Water Pollution and COVID-19 Be Damned

Here we go again. Donald Trump wants a reeely big shoo, so 7,500 tickets to a fireworks display at Mt. Rushmore have been given out — and of course, it’s been reported that 125,000 people wanted to come. Not saying that they didn’t, merely noting that it wouldn’t be a Trump event without the obligatory report that so many more people were dying to breath the same air as the Great Orange One, coronavirus saturated or not. Neither federal nor state officials are imposing social distancing requirements, so we’ll see how this goes. Washington Post: “It’s a bad idea based on the wildland fire risk, the impact to the water quality of the memorial, the fact that is going to occur during a pandemic without social distancing guidelines and the emergency evacuation issues,” Schreier said, adding that all other tourists will be barred from the park on July 3. “And you’re closing off the memorial to visitors who might not normally have a chance to visit Mount Rushmore.” […] On Tuesday, Anthony S. Fauci,…testified before a House committee that Americans should not participate in large-scale gatherings if they can avoid doing so, because such activities could widen the spread of the novel coronavirus. […] Trump’s reelection campaign is also leveraging the South Dakota trip to fill its coffers, according to fundraising invitations obtained by The Washington Post. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway will appear as “special guests” at two high-dollar fundraisers in the days before the event in Rapid City, S.D., and Gallatin Gateway, Mont., along with Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, campaign senior adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle. Now here’s a classic Trump quote. Another one for the ages. Trump said in January that when it came to barring fireworks at Mount Rushmore, “nobody knew why, they just said environmental reasons.” And he dismissed the idea that the event would pose any risks to the massive statue depicting the images of four U.S. presidents. “What can burn? It’s stone,” he said. It’s stone surrounded by 1,200 acres of forest, you unforgivable weapons grade twit. And a wildfire already started Wednesday. The Post reports it burned “about 60 acres and requiring about 117 firefighters — including some from Colorado and Wyoming — and eight aircraft before it was extinguished Thursday.” Plus there are other environmental dangers. Fireworks shows had been held at the memorial between 1998 and 2009, until U.S. Geological Survey scientists determined the activities left high levels of a toxic chemical called perchlorate in drinking water used by the 3 million people who visit the memorial annually. Agency analyses, including a December 2017 presentation obtained by The Post, suggest that resuming fireworks could pollute local drinking water supplies, pose possible safety risks and potentially damage the monument itself. […] Schreier said she was particularly concerned whether visitors would be able to leave quickly enough in an emergency, especially because so many people without entrance passes might end up parking on the side of the road to watch the display. “These are winding roadways, and if people are not familiar with Black Hills of South Dakota, it can be very challenging,” she said. While the 2017 Park Service briefing said the agency “could find no direct evidence or link between ignition of fireworks and cracking of the sculpture,” Schreier said her […]

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