One chart shows the dramatic difference between Biden’s American Rescue Plan and the Trump tax scam

I still remember when Donald Trump got up in front of a throng of masochistic fools and said, of his plutocrat-friendly 2017 tax cut...

A Message for Morning Joe: Why the booing and the “Lock Him Up!” chant were necessary

I am not a fan of Morning Joe, but occasionally I listen to the show because it gives me a sense of how moderates...

Publicist who set up Trump Tower meeting insists Jared Kushner was present for full meeting

In an interview Tuesday on Morning Joe, publicist Rob Goldstone contradicted statements from Jared Kushner that he left the Trump Tower meeting early, saying that everyone left the room together. This is consistent with Goldstone’s earlier testimony....

Trump Tower Became “A Cathedral to Russian Mafia Money Laundering”

Investigative journalist Craig Unger holds nothing back in his new book House of Putin, House of Trump. In the book, Unger finds that Trump was targeted by the Russian mob long ago, as far back as 1984. This is not the first time I have heard these allegations, having seen them in Vanity Fair and New York […]

Joe-Mika, Slam Back at Ingraham: What It Really Means to be American

I just wrote a column highlighting all the evidence that we’ve fallen into fascism already – though certainly not too far as to be beyond digging ourselves out. I premised it, in part, upon what is now acceptable commentary on Fox, regarding demographics, a fancy way of saying that “real America” is white, and the […]

Scarborough Finally Calls Out Criminals: Republican Obstructionists Are Russian Conspirators

It is nice to finally hear some people sum up where we stand as a nation, someone state some hard truths. It is nice to hear that the “R’s” we stick in front of some politicians names may as well now stand for “Russia.” That with the evidence at hand, any Republican who continues to […]

Holy Spit!! NY Times Con-Columnist Acknowledges That GOP is “The Stupid Party”

Oh wow, “truth in news” can be so damn refreshing it feels like a great shower after some sweaty … As many of you know, there is an unreasonably smart, way-too-young-to-be-this-conservative Op-Ed columnist at the New York Times named Brett Stephens. Some of you might read into the fact that I’m noting that he’s too […]

Awwww. Mike Huckabee has the sadz for his poor baby girl. Guess what Mike, she deserves it!

Poor Mike Huckabee is so upset that that mean, old Mika Brzezinski dared to call his daughter out on national television the other day. He can't believe that Mika would dare...

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Nobody Wants to Work Anymore (For A Crappy Boss)

The onslaught of news accounts purporting to blame workers for not rushing back to their former jobs continues. This is...
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Trainer says Kentucky Derby winner who tested positive for drug is victim of 'cancel culture'

So the winner of the Kentucky Derby is a “junky” now, according to our clammy, languorous yam-in-exile. (I won’t...

What is your favorite song that tells a story? Any genre or year works.

As I have stated before, I used to be in love with Harry Chapin.. a legend with too many...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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