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Clint Watts Tells Why Trump Ignores White Nationalist Mass Killers: ‘Domestic terrorists vote’.

Morning Joe Scarborough, who himself was targeted by the recently released Coast Guard wannabe mass killer, had former FBI agent Clint Watts on his show to discuss this dangerous segment of the Mango Misanthrope’s deplorable base and Clint also dropped the dime on why Trump never decries  RW mass killers: Raw Story ‘Former FBI counterintelligence agent Clint Watts has been sounding the alarm for years about white nationalist terrorism — and he scorched the Trump administration’s lackluster response to the growing threat. Watts appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss the Poway, California, synagogue shooting that left one dead and three injured, and he said these massacres were clearly linked — and deserved pre-emptive intervention, rather than just a reactive response. “What we do is wait for an attack right now, we go and see the damage and act like, ‘Oh, it’s just some bad apple,’” Watts said. “These are not bad apples, in fact, they know each other. They’re inspired each other and the pace has quickened.” Host Joe Scarborough, who has been threatened by a white nationalist Coast Guard officer, said the Trump administration has done “nothing” about this domestic threat, and Watts offered an alarming explanation. “International terrorists don’t vote, and domestic terrorists do vote,” Watts said. You can hear Watts’ theory below… (close captioned, title remark is at about 2:40 but the entire discussion is good) This is a terrible, frightening assessment of our future under this *resident. Democrats should immediately initiate the process, win or lose, to remove the arch fiend from the Oval Office, otherwise ordinary non-RWNJ voters may conclude that their lives mean as little to them as they do Trump. And that’s a place we do not want to be in, folks.

Morning Joe Posts Great Take Down of Trump on Twitter. Responses Tell the Rest of the Story…

Joe is no one’s favorite here, but credit when it is due… Please follow me on Twitter @durrati

Major Media Finally Saying Trump Is Plainly Putin Puppet

It has been obvious since the days after the inauguration, it’s been danced around on serious media, people have dipped a tepid toe in the water. But this morning, on the show watched by every serious person in DC and throughout the nation – Morning Joe, Trump was called out specifically and expressly as a […]

Joe Eviscerates McConnell on Private Trump Complaints/”It Is NOT a Great Conserv Era”

One can say a great many things about Joe Scarbarough, and I could play at how cool I am and spend an hour listing his sins, but I’d rather point out one of Joe’s strong points. Joe’s show is watched almost exclusively inside D.C., in the way Imus was before him. Forget the “Today Show” […]

Brennan, Ex-CIA Director, Shows No Mercy in Description of Trump and Need to Speak

John Brennan penned his first Op-Ed since retiring, one written for the Washington Post. But the article was not as interesting as his answer on Morning Joe, when asked why he feels the need to speak out now. His candor was refreshing, the accuracy – impossible to argue. Via Raw Story:  …because of the abnormal […]

Joe Scarborough Uniquely Positioned to Note Trump Supporters Hold President to Lower Standard

Joe Scarborough used his Monday morning platform to note some breaking news: Trump's most ardent supporters are now very much against mean-spirited personal attacks....

Morning Joe: Trump Could Start a War to Save His Hide

Joe Scarborough and Donny Duestche have been friends with Donald Trump for years and neither likes what they see happening to their "friend" lately....

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