Paul Krugman Explains How The Only Thing That Is Going To Save Us From Trump Is Trump Himself

Donald Trump has been sounding nuttier and nuttier in recent days, no question, tweeting about everything from his “perfect” “beautiful telephone call” to Zelensky, to talking about a soldier “with his face in a thousand fragments,” who wanted to “rebuild his nose.” But he really pulled out all the stops in his recent Minneapolis MAGA rally. Chuck Todd announced that Trump’s worst comments were not going to be broadcast on his network, because to do so would only amplify them and that would not be good journalism to do so, because they were so inappropriate. This is similar to the decision Nicole Wallace made a while back not to re-broadcast Trump tweets, for the same reason. It goes without saying that in the history of our country, journalists have never made a judgement call to withhold broadcasting a president’s words out of circumspection and good taste. However, I am going to quote a few pertinent portions of Trump’s travesty of a Minneapolis speech here, for two reasons: 1. It gives us a snapshot of what the 2020 election is going to look like, irregardless of who the Democratic nominee is: it’s going to make 2016 look sane and civil by comparison; and 2. it buttresses Paul Krugman’s argument, about how while we’re appalled on the one hand with Trump’s vulgar excess and unbelievable dialogue and rhetoric, on the other hand, we should be grateful for it, because Trump being Trump is in fact what is going to stop Trump — and that’s the only thing that matters, is that this madness stop. Full transcript of Trump’s Minneapolis speech, October 10, 2019 Donald Trump: (36:13) Two months after president Obama put Joe in charge of Ukraine policy, they put Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine policy. Listen to this. And the press will not write it. They say, “In totally unsubstantiated charges …” every time they talk about him. President Trump has said that his son walked away with a fortune. Now you know that’s a totally unsubstantiated charge. Really? It’s not an unsubstantiated, it’s fact. Joe’s son Hunter got thrown out of the Navy and then he became a genius on Wall Street in about two days. Donald Trump: (36:49) By the way, whatever happened to Hunter. Where the hell is he? Where’s Hunter? Hey fellows, I have an idea for a new t-shirt. I love the cops, but let’s do another t-shirt. Where’s Hunter? Where is he? Here’s Hunter, being examined by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd or some of these people. Hunter, it’s so great that you’re here, sir. Hunter, I know they’re giving you approximately $168,000 a month. I hear they paid you a big check of $3 million. I just want to speak on behalf of NBC who’s absolutely one of the worst. I just want to tell you … Hunter, Hunter I just want to tell you I couldn’t be happier for you and your family and I know you don’t know anything about energy and I know it’s an energy company, but I think they made a great deal, Hunter. And then they fly to China, and I’m dealing with people right now. They’re tough as hell, those Chinese negotiators, and Hunter, who’s not too smart, Hunter. He goes in, he has a meeting, he […]

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