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Mike Pence is homeless after leaving office and ‘couch-surfing’ with Indiana politicians

Namita Singh File Image: Former Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, after the inauguration of President Joe Biden on 20 January 2021...

Trump’s Possible Pardon Plans Hinge on Pence

Okay, folks, follow me on this one. Trump is gone from the White House as of January 20, even if he has to be thrown out. (I volunteer for that duty!) And we all know Trump is hot for a presidential pardon. It’s pretty clear that Trump cannot legally pardon himself. So, to get a presidential pardon […]

Sailors Told To ‘Clap Like You’re At A Strip Club’ — for Mike Pence?? Yes, This is Real!

The USS Harry Truman is based in Norfolk, VA. I had a pal there once who told me a drill ditty of theirs, “We don’t drink and we don’t smoke, Norfolk, Norfolk.” (If the joke isn’t obvious, “Norfolk” is pronounced “Nor fkk.”) In any event, Mike Pence visited with these comical lads and lasses, and they were coached on the proper way to greet the vice president upon his arrival. Sailors being instructed to “clap like we’re at a strip club” when VP arrives (not kidding) https://t.co/7NquC4wNxw pic.twitter.com/gUqYtOGiuc — Brendan Ponton (@brendanponton) April 30, 2019 Pence is there to assure the troops of how much the Trump administration loves them. He also will share that the USS Harry Truman is not going to be decommissioned. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine went on record, endorsing that position — but nobody cued the audience to greet the news from Kaine like they were three sheets to the wind and watching naked women gyrate. Another day, another photo op for the Trump administration. What’s next, Pence doing a lap dance while the troops stuff dollars in his g-string and roar? And where is Mother in all this? The hypocrisy here is staggering. Pence will not attend an outing where alcohol is being served without Mother at his side, such is his distaste for the indelicacy of that which is known as “nightlife” — but he has no compunctions, apparently, about some public relations handler ginning up a crowd to behave like inebriated spectators in a strip club — with Pence as the stimulation? Something here is very very wrong.

George Will’s Column: “Pence the Worst Person in Government” Has a Message We ALL Need to Hear

The damnably brilliant conservative writer George F’in Will has penned a piece in the Post that is making news, mostly because it has an eyeball grabbing headline. But, anyone who simply reads the headline is missing a critical message that this country needs to hear and absorb, because George takes on the single greatest threat […]

Joe Scarborough and I Want to Know Why Mike Pence Is Afraid of Robert Mueller?

Joe Scarborough went on a bit of a rant (below) this morning, long overdue, about why it is that our boy scout Vice President is out stumping to get Mueller to end the investigation, like he is trying-out for a Fox News evening slot. This is our god-fearing Vice President interviewing with Andrea Mitchell: “Our […]

Mike Pence Tells Olympian That Stories Of Endorsing Gay Conversion Therapy Are ‘Fake News’

Deny, double down and tweet are Donald Trump’s coping mechanisms and it appears that Mike Pence is now a member of that school of...

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Cartoon: 2020 Told-Ya-So: Election Defense Task Force

x Vimeo Video Okay, I’m not saying I told you so, but I told you so. (The New York Times told...

Democratic senator says he's halting border nominee's hearing until he gets answers about Portland

More than six months into the Biden administration, Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said he’s failed to receive adequate answers...

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