Merry Christmas Mr. President is Trending — Directed At Obama

Donald Trump is going to pop a vessel when he hears this. A trending hashtag this Christmas Day, 2019 is #MerryChristmasMrPresident — only it’s not directed at him. It’s meant to honor the man whose legacy he is sworn to undo, the anti-Trump, Barack Obama, the last real American president, before the huckster snake oil salesmen took occupancy of the Peoples’ House. Merry Christmas Mr. President. For you, I give a #Dimerick (A Donald Limerick) There once was an #IMPOTUS from QueensWho asked Ukraine to intervene A quid pro quo he soughtOh but he got caught Now he rage tweets from the latrine #MerryChristmasMrPresident — Emily Brandwin (@CIAspygirl) December 25, 2019 #Dimerick equals Donald plus limerick. That’s good word play, putting us in mind of Dimwit Donnie and limerick, both. Let’s give it a whirl. We once had a prez named Barack, with character and brains like a rock, then he got replaced, by a real disgrace, and we pray to be rid of the dumb fuk. Here’s a tape showing the sham of the War on Christmas — which has as much tangible reality as Trump’s mythical wall. Merry Christmas Mr. President. ✌️???????? (First time I’ve been able to use ‘President’ in a tweet in 3 years.) pic.twitter.com/aqG2tKaQsi — WᴶEᴼBᴱB ✌???? (@thewebbix) December 25, 2019 The captcha test is interesting, is it not? Not to mention the fact that nobody in Obama’s administration got indicted, nor did any of his campaign people go to prison, nor does he have to distance himself from and disparage any former colleague as a “coffee boy.” Oh well. You know how the song lyric goes, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone, they take paradise and they put up a parking lot.”  

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