Cartoon: The USPS's new and improved truck

ICE and the Postal Service are still run by rogue Trumpers. Seems like something a party with a trifecta could undo.

Texas Supreme Court Upholds ‘Shameful, Naked Voter Suppression’ With Ruling Allowing State to Limit Counties to One Ballot Drop Box

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‘Has President Trump Written All Over It’: Outrage as Texas Gov Slashes Ballot Drop-Off Sites to Just One Per County

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Trump’s Manic Twitter Tantrum Displays Contempt for the Constitution and Democracy

The United States is currently being tested in a manner that no one could ever have anticipated. During a global pandemic that has been...

Sound The Horn. Saddle Up. Ride Into Battle.

I seldom do this. Politizoom, and our sister site Daily Sound And Fury give me a nice little megaphone, and as most of you have noticed, I seldom run out of things to say. But something has come up, and this time I need your help. A few days ago, I wrote an article in which I said that once we had this coronacirus licked, and the postmortem on the response began, so would a national discussion on the wisdom of having nationwide mail in voting. This only makes sense, as the outbreak isn’t just affecting the Democratic primaries, but could yet affect the general election as well. Well. Holy shit, and shove me in it, that moment is already freakin’ here! Democratic Senators Ron Wyden and Amy Klobuchar are about to introduce legislation in the Senate that would free up federal funding to equip every state for, and pay for mail in balloting for the 2020 election! They are using the disruption to the Democratic primaries, as well as President Trump’s own admission that the crisis could go into the fall, as a cause celebre to deal with the issue proactively. If I heard MSNBC correctly, there are only 15 states that have absolutely no provisions for mail ballot voting, so bringing the majority of the country up to speed should be doable. I strongly suspect that the majority of those 15 hold out states are GOP dominated, and using it as a voter suppression tool. Ironically, as I previously pointed out, this is actually a nightmare scenario for the GOP, since their largest core base is comprised of white, older, scared Americans, the very ones who would be most likely to skip voting in November if it turns out that the coronavirus has staying power. Obviously there is a narrow window of time in which to get this done, with sufficient time to implement the necessary components to make it happen. And God knows that Moscow Mitch would love nothing more than to sweep this under the rug, using the coronavirus crisis as a diversion. So, here’s what I need you guys to do. Get on the blower ASAP to both of your Senators. If they’re Democrats, tell them you expect them to cosponsor the bill. and you’ll be watching. If they’re GOP, tell them you expect them to support the bill, and you’ll be watching. And call more than once, please. A single phone call can be disregarded, but multiple phone calls means a pain in the ass who’s serious. The Capitol Hill switchboard number is.202 224-3121. There are two more simple things you can do to help. One, spread the word to like minded souls that you know, and encourage them to call their Senators as well. You can refer to my previous article as to why this is such a common sense solution, and give them the Senate phone numbers if they agree. Second, if you have fundamental typing skills, and can string coherent thoughts together, which you obviously can if you’re reading this, please take 10 minutes to write a Letter To The Editor of your local newspaper. There are tons of people out there who would be gung-ho about this, but they simply don’t know about it. A letter to the editor is a quick way to educate people, and most newspapers with online editions have online submissions. Look, […]

Coronavirus And The Future Of Elections

MSNBC just reported that the state of Louisiana has pushed their Democratic primary back from April 7th to June 4th over fears for public safety due to the coronavirus outbreak.Personally, I don’t believe that any of the states scheduled to hold primaries in the next two weeks will follow suit, simply because early voting is underway and the train has left the station, it would not surprise me at all of other states further out in the calendar follow suit, leaving the Democrats with an unexpectedly jammed calendar at the end all of a sudden. At the moment, the maximum focus is exactly where it should be, on minimizing the damage and long term effects to the citizens and the country from the virus. But as the old saying goes, Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass. But once this pandemic is under control, and we engage in the usual end of crisis postmortem, in addition to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the truly pathetic response from the Trump administration, I believe we’ll be having another conversation in this country about something else. I think that this country will end up engaging in a serious discussion about our future elections, and how they will be held. Right now, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday this November, we are going to be having what is shaping up to be the most consequential presidential election in our lifetime. But even granting that as the weather warms, we get a handle on coronavirus, and the crisis abates, what happens before election day rolls around? Well, for one thing, starting in mid to late September, the weather turns cooler, the colors on the leaves start to change, it gets colder at night, and it tends to rain a lot more. In other words, we will once again welcome the official start of the cold and flu season! According to Dr Fauci pf the CDC, even with advanced technology and medical procedures, we are 12-18 months from a vaccine. And just because we get a handle on the coronavirus over the summer, there’s no guarantee that the little fucker won’t decide to hold an encore performance in the fall. I think that if enough Democratic primaries are affected, once the coronavirus is under control, and the hysteria has passed, you’re going to see a serious discussion break about over the wisdom of making some form of mail-in ballots a standard part of federal elections going forward. Not for this election, it’s too late for that, but for all elections going forward at some time in the future. Two of my daughters and their husbands live in the Portland, Oregon area, and voting in Oregon is so ridiculously easy that the only way to avoid voting is either to die, or to move to an unheated shack in Idaho. Not only are voters automatically registered, and not only do the ballots go out automatically, but if you think that your mailman is secretly a part of the deep state, they even have drop off kiosks! No shit, you just pull up to what looks like a toll booth at the curb, hand the dude or dudette your sealed envelope, and you’re on your way. Mail in voting is cheaper, because you don’t have to hire, train, and […]

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Cartoon: Vaccine mandates

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