That Ain’t The Lunch Whistle You Hear.

You know, if you’re just a regular, garden variety congressional slob with an (R) after your name, right now you’ve got to be feeling like a passenger in Murder on the Orient Express. You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, it’s colder than hell outside, and you have no idea where the honeymoon went off the rails. But if you’re a card carrying Trumpkins disciple, you’ve got to be feeling like one of the suspects, just sitting around helplessly, and waiting for Hercule Poirot to drop the hammer on yo’ dumb ass. So, daddy’s widdle man drank his cold Nestle’s Quik too fast again, and had another brain belch. Now a constitutionally enshrined clause the emoluments clause, is just a “phony” emoluments clause, kind of like a constitutional equivalent of drawing a Sharpie balloon around Alabama.And now, another constitutional enshrinement, the impeachment clause, is nothing more than a “lynching.” That one about the emoluments clauses is a simple one, there for convenient use by the pillow headed commentators at FUX News, simple enough for their point drooling IQ’s to understand, and also to impart to their equally sense-impaired viewers. But the line comparing impeachment to a lynching is much deeper and darker, and potentially troubling too. For more than a year now, many people, including me, have made increasing comparisons between Trump’s scandals and Nixon’s Watergate affair. They’re all valid, but recently, I’m finding myself comparing Trump’s Waterloo to Berlin in the spring of 1945. In today’s screeching broadcast from deep underneath the Chancellery, Hair Twitler demands that the faithful of the GOP defend him harder, standing their ground to the last man, while they look to the west for the blessed “phantom army” of Trump voters next November, who will sweep in to save the day. There’s a good reason why Trump suddenly blathered out the word “lynching” today, in his verbal Trumper tantrum. It’s because the other shit isn’t working. From day one, the Mueller investigation was a WITCH HUNT! and a HOAX! and that’s all Trump ever referred to it as, in order to reinforce the image as part of The Big Lie. And since the serious impeachment inquiry began a month ago, Trump has branded it as exactly the same thing, a WITCH HUNT! and a HOAX! The problem is that with facts in evidence publicly, it becomes harder to carry that lame shit off. So, His Lowness needs a new buzz word to martyr himself as an innocent victim, so why not call t a “lynching?” After all, what could be more tragic and heroic than being compared to a lynching victim? And it’s absolutely perfect for the pocket racists over at FUX, there should be enough hair on fire over there to be smelled all the way out in Lincoln. In using this particular word, Trump probably honestly feels like he’s going to get a twofer. Trump uses dog whistles for two separate purposes. First, he uses them as what he thinks is a sneaky and devious signal to his supporters, specifically to evoke an emotional response in how they think of him or the issue du jour. But just as importantly, Trump uses these dog whistles as a distraction. The testimony today in the House is damning, and impeachment is taking off in popularity, but the old pap isn’t working. therefore, if […]

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