Woodward Tapes Reveal Trump’s Epic Failure With North Korea and His Inability To Grasp It

In poring over the Trump-Woodward tapes and parsing through all the damning material contained therein, the story of Donald Trump’s fascination with Kim Jong-Un, and how Kim played him like a fiddle, laughing all the way, stands out. As Johnathan Last at The Bulwark puts it, “After the Woodward tapes, anyone still deluding themselves about […]

Rumors fly that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died after botched heart surgery

Media outlets in Japan and Taiwan are reporting that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has died. This has not been confirmed by the North...

Rumors and Fake #KimJongUnDead Hashtag Spark Concern Over Health, Whereabouts of North Korean Leader

Global speculation spiked further Saturday over the health condition and whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after his lack of public appearances...

Report that Kim Jong Un is gravely ill comes after series of missed events and COVID-19 speculation

North Korean founder Kim Il-sung was known as the "Great Leader." When his son Kim Jong Il took over the leadership in 1997, he was known as...

Trump’s BFF Little Rocket Man Shoots Off Missile

It will be interesting to see what Donald Trump says about this, since he and Kim Jong Un “fell on love” and all nuclear proliferation stopped — according to him. The truth is probably closer to Kim Jong Un had a great laugh over the whole thing and today he’s laughing even harder. Little Rocket Man launched a missile from North Korea in the early hours of Monday, local time. CNBC: Pyongyang has repeatedly fired projectiles over the past year and bragged about developing a new strategic weapon as relations with the Trump administration have soured. North Korea and the U.S. failed to restart talks at the end of last year, after Washington refused to respond to Kim Jong-Un’s demands for concessions. President Donald Trump has sought to convince the North to give up its nuclear arsenal, banking on a personal relationship he has tried to develop with Kim as well as pressure through sanctions. Trump has held two summits with Kim and met him at the de-militarized zone between the North and South. However, Washington and Pyongyang have proven unable to strike a deal, with the North refusing to give up its nuclear arsenal and the U.S. refusing to roll back sanctions. It’s going to take more than a photo op to set this one straight. Trump starting war with North Korea has always topped my list of Trump phuque ups. Which is not to say that those of you who are thinking that his withdrawal from the Paris agreement, or his dismantling the nuclear deal with Iran, or his screwing with NATO, or any of the business with Russia are wrong if those are your favorites. Korea is mine, because it was such a spectacular flop. But you know what has crossed my mind? i’m wondering about the timing of this. I’m wondering if Kim doesn’t want to mess with Trump’s mind, or if launching the missile right when the coronavirus is exploding, and Trump is due to start his reelection campaign in earnest on Monday, is simply coincidence. Hard to say.

Trump gets South Korean president to carry birthday note to Kim Jong Un, other gift still expected

Donald Trump has bragged in the past about his terrific relationship with brutal family-murdering dictator Kim Jong Un and swooned over the “beautiful” letters...

Kim Jong Un Just Blew Off Moratorium On Nuclear Weapons and Announces He’s Got A New One

Kim Jong Un is doubtlessly belly laughing at how he has played Donald Trump, and not for the first time. The great bromance of legend and lore, the “beautiful letters” the announcement, “we fell in love” must tickle him silly, as he finally lays his cards down and shows us where the game really is at. New York Times: SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, ​said his country no longer felt bound by its self-imposed moratorium on testing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles, its official media reported on Wednesday in the strongest indication yet that the country could soon resume such testing. Mr. Kim also said the world would witness a new strategic weapon “in the near future,” according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, though no details were provided. North Korea has not conducted a long-range missile test or a nuclear test in more than two years. Mr. Kim had announced his moratorium at a time when he hoped negotiations with the United States — and his budding personal relationship with President Trump — would prompt the United States to begin lifting crippling sanctions. Meanwhile, Trump is busy retweeting comments and articles about his greatest achievements in office, as he stands “poised to lead America into the New Roaring Twenties.” And we are simply dying to follow, with the embassy in Iraq under attack, Kim Jong Un literally getting on his high (white) horse and taunting us, Iran backing the militia that’s chanting “Death To America” outside the embassy, and the Very Stable Genius is completely impotent to deal with any of this, so he is resorting to his knee jerk posture of preening and asking for praise. I’m not a shrink, but I can only assume that that’s a defense against mounting terror, which any sane person in his position would have right about now. Trump is clueless and he is cornered and his adversaries know they’re holding the high cards in a game where Trump hasn’t even figured out that he’s the mark yet. Kim Jong Un will give his annual New Year’s Day address in a few hours and it’s not known at this time whether he intends to test an intercontinental ballistic missile, but that is very likely. And while America’s foreign policy is collapsing before our eyes, we’re getting ready for an impeachment trial at home. This is life in the era of Trump — and he seriously wants you to celebrate how sweet it is.  

Retired four-star admiral: 100 percent chance that Trump got played by North Korea

So there was no Christmas “gift” as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned, but the situation on the Korean Peninsula remains decidedly unsettled. And...

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