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Trump Might Have Lost Michigan by Being a “Sick Human Being”

Sometimes I think Trump soaks up so much applause at his rallies that he feels invulnerable and doesn’t realize that he is capable of saying devastating things, even through the cheers. Trump must have felt particularly unhinged the night of his impeachment when he spoke in Michigan, and inferred that Michigan’s beloved former Rep. Dingell might have been looking up from hell. Even the Trumpers in the audience booed. Kathleen Parker, conservative columnist for the Washington Post also boos, but does so a little “louder,” in her column: “No news here, but the president of the United States is a sick human being — charitably speaking,” Parker asserts. “His recent behavior at a campaign rally in Michigan on the very night of his impeachment was several notches below even his usual flair for giving offense.” Zoomers, I stand here today, on Christmas 2019, to tell you that Trump might well have lost Michigan in 2020, with that one comment. John Dingell was not just “any” Congressman, as I’m sure our astute readers know. He was the longest serving representative in Congress. He died at age 92, serving Michigan from 1955 (for godsake) until 2015. He also happened to be a sweet, humble and loving man, adored by the people of Michigan because he always had the auto-industry’s back, including the unions. Hence the boos. Because even Trumpers at the rally realized that Trump touched upon something sacred, party lines didn’t matter when it came to Representative John Dingell and an inference that he was in hell. Parker writes that Trump’s inner pain resulted in a need to inflict a deep wound in the person most closely associated with his pain in that moment and at that place (Michigan): Trump’s attack on John Dingell, Parker writes, was motivated by a desire for “revenge.” Parker explains, “Trump no doubt expected Debbie Dingell to reward his beneficence by voting ‘no’ on impeachment, which didn’t happen. He was angry. But Trump’s is no ordinary anger. When he lashes out, he goes for the kill. He clearly wants to inflict pain and then spit on his prey’s grave.” When Trump is angry, nothing is out of bounds. Let this sink in for all of us. If my column angered Trump, and he believed that he would gain a huge advantage in money or power by releasing false information on me, he would do it without a second thought. He would put me in grave danger, possible false arrest, possible attacks by Trumpers, possible harm to my family. Trump would do it, and then order fried chicken. That is who he is. Parker recognizes the danger that I am in: “It’s apparent by now that Trump has a problem with men who are his superiors — and in Debbie Dingell’s case, he relishes torturing their spouses,” Parker writes. “One needn’t be a psychologist to sort out such odious, misogynist behavior.” I will just state right now that being superior to Trump was not an especially difficult accomplishment for me, but if he reacted to my superiority by going after my wife, daughter, Nicole, any of them, it wouldn’t matter how dead I was, Trump would be hearing from me. Another person who has endured the taunts of loved ones who have passed noticed Trump’s latest: This is […]

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