Trump’s Self-Centered Christmas Cheer To Troops, ‘They’ve Treated’ Me ‘Very Unfairly’

Christmas is a magical time when people will put aside differences and call a truce, if even just for the day. I am put in mind of a battleground in France in WWI, where Allied and German troops declared a cease fire, emerged from the trenches and shared holiday food with one another, and then the next day went back to war. Would that we had a leader in the Oval Office who could grasp that much of the concept of peace on earth and good will to men. But no, not Donald Trump. He can’t put aside his personal grievances for even a day. Here’s Trump’s message of holiday cheer. It’s beyond a lump of coal in the stocking, it’s closer to a turd in a punch bowl.  “She [Nancy Pelosi] hates the Republican Party. She hates all of the people that voted for me and the Republican Party. She got thrown out as speaker once before. I think it’s going to happen again. She’s doing a tremendous disservice to the country, and she’s not doing a great job. And some people think she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” … “We’re in a very good position. Ultimately that decision is going to be made by Mitch McConnell and he will make it…he has the right to do whatever he wants. He’s the head of the senate. People remember they treated us very unfairly, didn’t give us due process. Didn’t give us a lawyer, didn’t give us anything. Now they come to the Senate and they want everything.” Trump can't even talk to the troops at Christmas without attacking Nancy Pelosi. pic.twitter.com/I8lAue2ppz — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 24, 2019 I particularly like this naive see-Spot-run interpretation of the powers of the Senate Majority Leader. “He can do whatever he wants?” Oh, yeah? Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw was interviewed by Chris Matthews Monday night and he said that, “Nixon was always aware of being presidential, Trump plays from the gutter frankly.”  Newsweek: Brokaw told Matthews that this public display of support for Trump is a different situation from when Representatives pursued impeaching Nixon. At the time, Brokaw said, the Republican Party didn’t speak out against impeaching the president the way they are today. “Most of them stayed quietly in their office and took in the evidence as it came in,” Brokaw said. “They didn’t stick out their elbows and say, ‘this is outrageous,’ about how the president’s being treated. They waited until they saw things.” They didn’t have the cameras of Fox News and the cult peanut gallery to play to. That’s the difference. As a White House correspondent for NBC, Brokaw covered the scandal and Nixon’s impending impeachment. When Nixon spoke about the impeachment process, either during a speech or fielding questions from reporters, Brokaw said he always maintained his role as president. Trump approaches it from a “ready, draw, shoot” position, making it a “different time.” It is a different time indeed. For one thing, Richard Nixon was never terrified of House speaker Carl Albert, from Oklahoma, like Trump is petrified of Pelosi. Psychiatrist Justin Frank has authored a new book about Trump, “Trump on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President.” Frank discusses the now-famous epistle to Pelosi and explains the significance of Trump’s delusional projection. Salon: Fear is […]

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