This Is How Close We Came

Let’s not pop any corks just yet. We still have 53 days left in the Banana Republic of Trump. And if we don’t keep our eyes and ears open for the next 53 days, Trump’Jango Unchained is capable of creating more havoc than we want to clean up. I told you that Trump was just […]

It Could Be SO Much Worse

I’ll be blunt, right about now, we should be totally fucked. I mean, we should be fucked six ways to Sunday. Our entire system of government is based on the founding principle of three separate and coequal branches of government, each acting as a check and balance on the other two. But what’s happening right now? We have an orangutan in an Armani suit running around the White House treating the chandeliers like a jungle gym, and the GOP led Senate that is supposed to put him back in his cage when play time is over is instead clapping their hands and chucking bananas at him. It isn’t supposed to work like this. One of the brightest flashing red lights that a democracy is sliding towards an autocratic government instead is when the Glorious Bleater starts using his justice department as a weapon against opposition party leaders, and those who displease him by defying him. We have been sliding down this slippery slope ever since KKKeebler the Elf showed a shred of dignity and ethics by recusing himself from the Trump-Russia investigation, only to be summarily fired and replaced by William “Cage” Barr. And what has happened since then? We’re learning more as the media uncovers more every day, but here’s a brief synopsis. In the last year His Lowness has bellowed from rally stage and Twitter that his enemies from the Russia investigation should be investigated, charged, and imprisoned. Since that time, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Andrew McCabe, Peter Stzrok, and Lisa Page have all been investigated by prosecutors assigned by “Pry” Barr. So why are they still walking around free? The answer is simple. A truly independent judiciary. The way it’s supposed to work in any truly respectable banana republic is that the leader orders a prosecution, the justice department cobbles up some lame bullshit, the target is picked up and clapped behind bars, and the case is brought before a hand picked and appointed judge, who conducts a quick, predetermined kangaroo court, and off the prisoner goes to durance vile. Quick, simple, easy, and guaranteed to work. So again, why are Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Stzrok and Page still wandering around loose? Because the judiciary won’t play ball! As Rachel Maddow pointed out Friday night, the Justice Department spent well over a year investigating Andrew McCabe. In fact, twice the prosecutors went in front of the grand jury to try to indict McCabe, and both times the grand jury declined to return a true bill of indictment. It got so bad that the federal judge in the case finally told the prosecutors it was time to shit or get off of the pot, and the prosecutors dropped the investigation into McCabe on Thursday, much to the outrage of Traitor Tot. Trump and Barr’s problem is that while they can trump up any bogus charges they want, if the judges refuse to allow the case to go to trial on such palsied evidence, then it’s all for naught. So what does The Pampers President do when people defy him? Why, he fires them of course! He fired Rex Tillerson for calling him a fucking idiot, along with telling him he couldn’t nuke Sweden. He fired John Kelly for putting limits on playpen time in the Oval Office, and he fired Jeff Sessions for not […]

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