BOOM! Ernst implodes in Iowa Senate debate

Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield were asked a basic question by the moderators of Thursday night’s Iowa U.S. Senate debate: the...

Sen. Joni Ernst says 130,000 American deaths show Trump is ‘stepping forward’

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Survivors call out Joni Ernst for sticking with the NRA to block the Violence Against Women Act

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‘Code for Massive Cuts’: Audio Shows GOP Sen. Joni Ernst Telling Donors She Wants ‘Changes’ to Medicare, Medicaid

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa told donors at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. last March that federal spending on non-discretionary programs like Medicare,...

Joni Ernst Walks Back Remarks Attacking Biden, Blames Democrats and Media for Misquoting Her

Iowans have got to send Joni Ernst to the cornfield this November. She is a candidate for the Nunes/Jordan/Collins/Gaetz wingnuttia branch of the GOP — which, in all truth, looks to be the majority of the GOP these days, so strike the word “branch.” Joni Ernst made threatening remarks about Joe Biden recently, where she said he could be impeached his first day as president, should he win. Since she’s caught nothing but hell for the remarks, of course she’s walking them back, and also as a matter of course she’s blaming the media for misquoting her and most of all the Democrats, for “lowering the bar.” The Hill: Speaking with reporters just off the Senate floor, Ernst said her weekend remarks were overblown and that she was trying to argue that Democrats have made impeachment — once a political tool reserved for extreme circumstances — the new normal in today’s partisan warfare. “That was taken entirely out of context. The point is that the Democrats have lowered the bar so far that … regardless of who it is, if you have a different party in the House than that of an elected president, you can have just random comments thrown out there with folks saying we’re going to impeach,” Ernst said when asked by The Hill about her earlier Biden comments. “So, no, it was taken out of context. I didn’t say what the headlines [said] but simply that we‘ve lowered the bar so much, is this really what the American people want? And I would say no, it’s not,” she continued. Once again, and from all sides, GOP dogma is blasting in quadraphonic sound: the press is reporting lies and the Democrats are on a partisan witch hunt. This is how Donald Trump has lowered the bar. Before he was in office, politicians and the press had a lively relationship, but it was never all out warfare, like you see now. Richard Nixon never saw fit to revoke Dan Rather’s press credentials or to attack him openly in the White House as the “enemy of the people” or “fake news.” Yet we have seen that precise thing occur between Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta. Ernst is on Trump’s level, which is abysmal. She’s an example of the bar that has been lowered and getting her out of office will do a lot to raise that bar, in and of itself. Iowa deserves better and so does the Senate. Joni Ernst is, to use Trump’s favorite descriptor, a disgrace.  

Joni Ernst Announces Plans To Impeach Joe Biden ‘Right the Day After He Would Be Elected’

Joni Ernst just took another dive off the deep end. This is the kind of dialogue that I would expect to hear from the batshit Michelle Bachmann, a congresswoman so far out there that her own party told her not to run for reelection, but I have to admit, I didn’t expect this from Ernst. She’s either lost it, or she’s been playing everybody all along and this is who she really is. Bloomberg: Iowa Senator Joni Ernst warned Sunday that Republicans would immediately push to impeach Joe Biden over his work in Ukraine as vice president if he win the White House. “I think this door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” Ernst said in an interview with Bloomberg News. “Joe Biden should be very careful what he’s asking for because, you know, we can have a situation where if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people, right the day after he would be elected would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him.’” The grounds for impeachment, the first-term Republican said, would be “for being assigned to take on Ukrainian corruption yet turning a blind eye to Burisma because his son was on the board making over a million dollars a year.” Ernst is still proselytizing this thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory. The entire European Union was calling for the removal of corrupt prosecutor Viktor Shokin, in addition to the United States. All that Joe Biden did was follow an order from Barack Obama to go to Ukraine and carry out the formality. Then Shokin spun it into a personal vendetta, linked to Hunter Biden, and then Rudy Giuliani spun it into a conspiracy theory, along with the equally non-existent DNC server, and ran with it. And now Joni Ernst won’t let it go. Here’s Biden’s bottom line: “You can ruin Donald Trump’s night by caucusing with me and ruin Joni Ernst’s night as well,” he’s told Iowa crowds this week. Biden communications director Kate Bedingfield responded to Ernst’s latest comments by again encouraging Iowans to caucus for Biden. “Iowans have the chance tomorrow to say the words that Donald Trump and Joni Ernst fear most: I’m here to caucus for Joe Biden,” she said. Iowa deserves better than Joni Ernst. Planet Dumbwa deserves better than Joni Ernst. Did Vladimir Putin do a Manchurian candidate brain washing number on the entire GOP and now they’ve collectively awakened? I can’t believe this, truly. But I guess this comes as no surprise from a senator who just voted to protect the most utterly corrupt, venal man to ever hold public office in America, let alone the nation’s highest. This is who Ernst really is. Iowans, please — send Joni Ernst to the cornfield.

With the primaries underway, don’t forget to watch this “summer sport.”

Ah, spring. Life is revitalized, and hope renewed. Winter is in the rear view mirror, and the promise of a long, lazy summer fills the windshield. Cast your mind back two years to the spring of 2017. The hopeful, sparkly dew of anticipation in a brand new administration, the smell of freshly cut corruption, and wafting in the breeze, the antiseptic odor of a looming Mueller wash down. But as spring faded into summer, an unexpected sound was heard. When a new baby comes home, the parents normally look forward to the “patter of little feet.” But, inexplicably, the Trump Crime Family was greeted with the thunderous sound of clomping elephants feet. Starting in the late summer of 2017, the GOP herd started stampeding for the exits, fleeing the onset of an unusually cold and long winter in 2018. The effect was especially chilling in the GOP dominated House, with a near record number of Trump induced “retirements.” The Senate fared considerably better, due simply to the fact that there were so few vulnerable GOP incumbents running in 2018. Well, ere we are, in the spring of 2019, and can late summer be that far off? Unlike 2018, there are 20_ GOP incumbents up for reelection in 2020, and if the 2018 midterms showed us nothing else, it rewrote the meaning of “vulnerable” when applied to Republican incumbents.We have already seen our first defection, Tennessee senior Senator Lamar Alexander is waving goom-bye to the walking cesspool that is the Trump Republican party.And I dare to say that he won’t be the last. Strangely enough, I am not looking to see a large number of forced retirements from the now minority GOP House. Most of the Republican House members with either a conscience, or a sense of shame, fled the 88 car pile up in 2018. What’s left are die hard Trumpistas, who will follow Glorious Bleater anywhere. Likewise, the handful of remaining “sane GOP House members who survived 2018 will likely feel that their constituencies were nuanced enough to separate them from Trump. They’re ignoring another two years of population migration, as well as the increasing stench emanating from Trumpenstein, but we shall see. The Senate is where the action is going to be, and it could be an entertaining show. What GOP incumbents fear most in crossing Trump is the backlash of a primary from the right. But what they’re ignoring is the fact that Trump’s base is not big enough to win a general election. As Trump continues to become more and more unhinged as the pressure on him increases, vulnerable senators are going to be forced into more and more votes in which they have to choose between paying tithe to the graven idol of Trump, or maintaining face with the mainstream voters they are going to require for reelection. The Senate vote on the resolution to block Trumps national emergency was a perfect example. Susan Collins voted to stop Trump, but this is nothing new. Collins has bucked Trump before, but without consequence due to her strong appeal to her voters. But Collins is especially vulnerable this year, the women in her state are highly unlikely to forgive her for her Kavanaugh vote, and any Democratic challenger will make that a centerpiece argument. John Cornyn isn’t exactly […]

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