The GOP is losing the forest among all those pesky trees again.

Hey! The game’s not hard and nobody’s barred. Start out fast and you can’t last. Take it slow and watch it grow.   “Kid” Sally Palumbo   The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight A few days ago, I was rereading a book by my all time favorite author, Donald E Westlake, and coming towards the end, I suddenly realized that in a funny way, the plot was kind of mirroring the current meshugass in the Republican party. Very briefly, the main character, an affable burglar named Dortmunder, gets a “lucky ring” from his girlfriend, and sets off to rob a rich billionaire. Not only does he get caught, but the rich guy tells the cops that the ring is actually his, and the cops make Dortmunder hand it over. Dortmunder escapes, goes on a quest to get the ring, and keeps missing the rich guy, but robbing him blind along the way. At the end, the billionaire has the entire security detail at his hotel-casino in Vegas so wrapped up in guarding him and the ring, it allows Dortmunder’s gang to rob the casino money room as a diversion, and Dortmunder gets his ring back in the confusion. This is the current state of the GOP. Donald Trump, the master of distraction, has become the ultimate distraction, and the GOP is so busy chasing their tails around trying to protect him that they’re all taking their eyes off of the casino money room, the 2020 election. And there are plenty of warning signs that the locks are about to be picked. The open impeachment hearings will begin next Wednesday, with three very sober, serious, qualified witnesses with serious, sober stories to tell. And bless my heart, there will be a couple of guest panelists! Mark “Tweedledumb” Meadows and Jim “Tweedledumber” Jordan will be taking a prime time crack at the witnesses.And we all know what they’re going to do. They’re going to complain their asses off. But they’re going to complain about everything but the witnesses and the testimony. They’ll whine about Schiff’s tie, they’ll whine about the temperature in the hearing room, they’ll whine about the deposition transcripts being released, and about the order they were released in, because they can’t attack the witnesses and the testimony, they’ll attack everything else, and hope that the distraction hides the testimony behind the smokescreen. This is actually counter productive, but it’s all they got. A scandal is a scandal to the GOP, and they’re treating this like the Mueller investigation. Basically they’re using a pre season playbook for the Super Bowl, hoping that like a pre season game, nobody is watching, so the mistakes won’t be noticed. But there’s growing evidence that it won’t work, because people are watching, for the halftime show if nothing else. When these hearings start, they will be covered live on every network, as well as live streamed, and as far as I know, The Animal Channel is not planning on broadcasting a “Puppy Bowl” to offset the coverage. And people will watch. They’ll watch because while polling shows that public support for removal from office is nowhere near the Nixonian levels needed to ditch His Lowness, basically all polls show a national plurality, and several show outright majority support for the impeachment inquiry to proceed. This issue is simple enough for the majority of the public to understand, it has […]

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