Trump chafes over some Senate Republicans avoiding him like the plague

Donald Trump didn't name names, but he clearly thinks the Senate Republicans who haven't proven sufficiently loyal to him know who they are. "We have...

Sen. Joni Ernst Warns GOP Could Weaponize Impeachment ‘Immediately’ If Democrat Wins White House

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst warned Sunday that the GOP could swiftly move to weaponize the impeachment process if a Democrat wins the presidency in...

‘Screaming the Quiet Part Into a Bullhorn’: Sen. Joni Ernst Admits GOP Using Impeachment Trial to Damage Biden in 2020

After President Donald Trump's legal team on Monday completed the second day of their impeachment defense—which largely consisted of attacks on former Vice President...

Trump reverts to form. Hopefully with the historical results.

Let a smile be your umbrella…And your dumb ass is gonna get soaked!   Lawrence Sanders   Timothy’s Game This was never supposed to happen. Talk of impeachment has been ebbing and glowing in the halls of congress since 4 months after The Great Pumpkin took office in 2017. But that was never a concern for Trump, for three reasons. one, he was Trump. ‘Nuff said. Two, Trump’s GOP controlled both the House and the Senate, and they weren’t about to stir up trouble. Three, the Democrats are such pathetic wimps. The GOP has been cuffing them around since Obama took office, they couldn’t put a Blues Clues jigsaw puzzle together, much less impeach him. Fast forward to today. The Democratic led House of Representatives just codified the steps going forward for public hearings on the road to drafting articles of impeachment against His Lowness. Even Mitch McConnell is openly preparing for the eventuality of a trial in the Senate. The House bottle throwers are fine, safe and snug in their gerrymandered districts. But the Senate is a bigger problem, because Senators don’t have the luxury of gerrymandered states. What, oh what is a self respecting despot to do? Well, if you’re Donald Trump, you revert to historical form. You reach deep into your DNA, and you go back to the well that got you where you are in the first place. After all, this isn’t the first time in his sad, pampered, misbegotten life that Trup has been in a bind.How did he scurry out of those tight spots with his orangutan ass unscathed? How else? Throw around copious amounts of money, of course! Need to look like a jet setting, swinging billionaire when you’re not? Spread cash around Studio 54. City inspectors giving you grief? The right amount, in the right envelope, palmed into the right hand, makes the inspector disappear. Need to make a personally embarrassing Trump U fraud case disappear? Throw some money at it! Got a pron star and a Playboy bunny with big mouths putting the screws to you? Funnel a bunch of green to Mikey to make it go away. Trump’s answer to every problem is to throw money at it, when he isn’t busy telling a bankruptcy court that he doesn’t have any money instead. And according to new reporting, that’s how Traitor Tot is prepared to deal with the problem of potentially recalcitrant GOP Senators facing tough elections in 2020 as well. Throw money at them. God knows he’s got enough of it, he’s been fund raising since January 22, 2017, and the suckers are ponying up to empty their pockets. So the plan is, Trump will use the carrot-and-the-stick of GOP donations to vulnerable 2020 Senators to keep them in line. And he just did a dry run to see how it would go. Ass Kisser Lindsey “Trump’s being lynched!” Graham put out a totally useless Senate resolution condemning the Democratic House’s impeachment inquiry process. There were eight Senate GOP holdouts who refused to sign. So, Trump dangled donations to their 2020 reelection campaigns in return for their signatures on the resolution. And why not? After all, look how well that shit worked out with the Ukraine? Trump’s test shakedown concerned four vulnerable GOP Senators, in states where Trump’s job approval is under water. Martha McSally in Arizona, Trump’s favorite Senator, […]

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