The Sequel To Pool Boy, Jerry Falwell Jr. Shares Pic Of Himself Drinking With His Pants Open On Instagram

What say we have some good, clean, Christian fun right now? I mean, we come here everyday and read about the woes of the world and how Donald Trump has managed to trash the country more today than he did yesterday, so we need a break, right? In that vein, let’s look at vacation pictures […]

WaPo: ‘Conservatism Has Become A Racket and Trump Is The Grifter In Chief’

I’m sure that you join me in my relief that the party of small government, the Republican Lords of Fiscal Conservatism, are at the helm of the ship of state. That means that everything with the federal budget should be neat and tidy, right, not like what you have when one of those profligate Democrats is in office, buying pork barrels and setting fire to cash? Take a look at this stat, shared by none other than Kellyanne’s hubby, and see where our economy really is at, under Donald Trump. yet another national disgrace https://t.co/ZrlA6QX6c0 — George Conway (@gtconway3d) May 13, 2019 Now George Conway sounding the alarm is interesting, being that he’s not only married to Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne and a Republican — but guess what’s stranger still? He’s not the only Republican playing Paul Revere at this moment in time, when because of Trump’s moronic foreign policy gambits, the country is teetering on a brink of economic disaster that we haven’t seen since Dubya drove us over the cliff. If you read nothing else today, columnist Max Boot blows the lid off the conservative racket, and delineates how we got to where we are in this country. Washington Post: You can debate when the conservative movement became a racket — I nominate 1996, the year Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes created Fox News Channel to monetize right-wing outrage — but there is no doubt it has long since passed that point. If you have any doubt, look at the recent revelations about the National Rifle Association, probably the single most powerful conservative lobbying group in America. The NRA’s long-serving executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, told his followers: “It’s up to us to speak out against the three most dangerous voices in America: academic elites, political elites and media elites. These are America’s greatest domestic threats.” So LaPierre must be a man of the people, selflessly dedicated to the goal of two assault weapons in every house and a bazooka in every garage, right? Actually, protecting the “right” of anyone to buy any gun at any time turns out to be a lucrative racket. The NRA paid LaPierre $927,863 in 2014, $5,051,249 in 2015 and $1,358,966 in 2016, according to the group’s tax returns. In 2016, eight other NRA executives also made more than $500,000. But that is only the beginning of their compensation. […] LaPierre’s reported compensation is just part of a larger, troubling pattern at the NRA that could threaten its tax-exempt status. An investigation by the New Yorker and the Trace found that “a small group of N.R.A. executives, contractors, and venders has extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from the nonprofit’s budget, through gratuitous payments, sweetheart deals, and opaque financial arrangements. Memos created by a senior N.R.A. employee describe a workplace distinguished by secrecy, self-dealing, and greed, whose leaders have encouraged disastrous business ventures and questionable partnerships, and have marginalized those who object.” […] A similar culture of impunity exists across the right. Leaders are being lavishly rewarded, and their misdeeds are being covered up as long as they rile up the rubes. Fox News host Sean Hannity makes a reported $36 million a year and owns his own airplane while railing, like LaPierre, against “elites.” Fox News’s parent company, meanwhile, became notorious for paying tens of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits regarding sexual harassment charges brought against some of its biggest stars, including Ailes […]

Michael Cohen Paid A Tech Firm Owned By Jerry Falwell To Manipulate Online Polls In Trump’s Favor

If Mike Pence has any sense, he’ll stock up on the antacid pills and the motion sickness bags, because the stories coming out foreshadowing what Michael Cohen will say when he “sings” on February 7, in his testimony to the House Oversight Committee, indicate that it will be quite an opera indeed. At least one major aria will be all about Pence’s evangelical wingnut crony, Jerry Falwell, Jr., a man, whose sheer hypocrisy is matched only by Pence’s own. Simply, what Michael Cohen has to do with Jerry Falwell, Jr. is this: a man named John Gauger is the Chief Information Officer for Liberty University.  Gauger also owns RedFinch Solutions, LLC. Part of the eight felonies which Cohen pleaded guilty to last year, involved alleged financial dealings with Gauger. Cohen asked Gauger to rig polls in Donald Trump’s favor, among other things. Wall Street Journal: In January 2014, Mr. Cohen asked Mr. Gauger to help Mr. Trump score well in a CNBC online poll to identify the country’s top business leaders by writing a computer script to repeatedly vote for him. Mr. Gauger was unable to get Mr. Trump into the top 100 candidates. In February 2015, as Mr. Trump prepared to enter the presidential race, Mr. Cohen asked him to do the same for a Drudge Report poll of potential Republican candidates, Mr. Gauger said. Mr. Trump ranked fifth, with about 24,000 votes, or 5% of the total. […] Prosecutors wrote in a charging document that when Mr. Cohen asked Trump Organization executives for a $130,000 reimbursement for a hush payment he made to Stephanie Clifford, the porn actress known as Stormy Daniels, he also scrawled a handwritten note asking for $50,000 he said he spent on “tech services” to aid Mr. Trump’s campaign. Prosecutors didn’t name the company providing those services, but people familiar with the matter say it was RedFinch. Faking poll results was actually the least fantastic thing that Cohen paid Gauger to do. Cohen had quite an imagination back in the day, apparently. During the presidential race, Mr. Cohen also asked Mr. Gauger to create a Twitter account called @WomenForCohen. The account, created in May 2016 and run by a female friend of Mr. Gauger, described Mr. Cohen as a “sex symbol,” praised his looks and character, and promoted his appearances and statements boosting Mr. Trump’s candidacy. […] Mr. Cohen asked Mr. Gauger to create the @WomenForCohen account, still active in 2019, to elevate his profile. The account’s profile says it is run by “Women who love and support Michael Cohen. Strong, pit bull, sex symbol, no nonsense, business oriented and ready to make a difference!” Sex symbols are in the eye of the beholder, are they not? As to the “ready to make a difference” it would appear that that part is true. Michael Cohen will make quite a difference February 7, when he tells the world, “what it’s like to work for a madman.” The shoddy bookkeeping, including payments in cash in satchel bags, will be discussed. Money and relationships look to be the order of the day, not just Trump’s relationships with former lovers that needed to be bought off, but relationships between Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and all his evangelical cronies will possibly be on the table, and in a perfect world, Donald Trump’s goose will be that much closer to being […]

Jerry Falwell Jr and the Pool Boy

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