It’s Official, Jeff Sessions’ Political Career Is Finished and It’s the Best Thing That Could Happen To Doug Jones

In GOP land tonight, corks are coming out of bottles and not to celebrate. Oh, no. Republican senators running for reelection are pouring a stiff one and trying to figure out what to do.Jeff Sessions’ efforts to kiss and make up with Donald Trump went catastrophically south. Trump just doubled and tripled down and humiliated the man, whatever he said. So the message Republican senators have now is, the wrath of Trump will destroy you. However, common sense is saying, as Trump’s polls continue to crater, that being aligned with Trump is not the most desirable thing either. So what to do? This is quite a pickle and I certainly wouldn’t want to be Susan Collins, Martha McSally, Thom Tillis or Cory Gardner tonight. But it would be nice to be Doug Jones. Jones’ senate seat is said to be the most vulnerable seat up for election, but I disagree and I’m going to tell you why in just a moment. As you recall, Jones ran against Humbert Humbert imitator Roy Moore in a special election to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacant senate seat. And won. And it was expected when Trump and Sessions parted company that Sessions would run for his old senate seat and handily regain it. That did not take place. Sessions lost to contender Tommy Tuberville. This is no small matter. A very big deal went down tonight in Alabama. Former football coach Tommy Tuberville has no experience in politics and his platform consists entirely of supporting Donald Trump. Sessions may have had four terms as a senator from Alabama and been part of that political establishment but he blew his campaign by reiterating how supportive he was of Donald Trump’s agenda, at a time when Trump was telling Alabamians that Sessions had stabbed him in the back, in so many words. Sessions’ key error was to try and smooth over the damage done by his contretemps with Trump and in so doing, he looked like a man of zero integrity, one, and even worse, as a man who believed his constituents were so stupid that they would believe that yes, Trump hated him, but it didn’t matter because he was supporting Trump anyway. It did not fly. So where does that leave the Jones v. Tuberville match? Far better off than you might surmise, the reason being that Sessions going down in flames may just be a sign of the times. The Republican party is about to undergo a major transformation. The election of Trump has only uncovered the rot and corruption in the party and there will be a new cast of characters in the future, as some form of the GOP rises from the ashes after Trump finishes burning it to the ground. Doug Jones might be sitting pretty. I’m not the only one who thinks so. Read this piece from Matthew Stokes, The Bulwark: Tuberville’s rise has something of the scent of smoke-filled back rooms. Without the support of numerous leaders in the state’s agricultural sector, it’s likely that the former coach would have disappeared as a vanity candidate months ago. Yet some institutional guardrails might have existed to prevent a candidate bereft of policy ideas from winning a seat in the world’s greatest deliberative body. In the absence of a powerful party, leaders fall […]

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