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Racist Keebler Elf Tells Amherst Students to “Accept the Results” of Mueller Probe. They Walk Out.

Former Attorney General and part time cookie maker Jeff Sessions Wednesday joined the liar’s chorus of Republican voices falsely harmonizing that The Mueller report exonerated Trump, when in fact it did not, but his young audience of Amherst college students wasn’t buying his half baked confections and walked out en masse. CBS News Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday said it is time to move past special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and “get on with the business of America.” Sessions urged confidence in the system during a lecture at Amherst College, a private liberal arts school in western Massachusetts. “The process was followed and a decision has now been rendered. I think it deserves respect,” he said. “I think it’s about time to accept the results and let’s get on with the business of America… He said Congress does have oversight power but he believes it is time to accept that Mueller declined to recommend criminal charges against the president. Some Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings against Trump in light of the report that left open whether the president broke the law. The event in a campus chapel was hosted by Amherst College Republicans, and it was interrupted numerous times by demonstrators who stood up in the front rows and walked out soon after Sessions began speaking. According to a student attending the event, the walkout was highly publicized throughout flyers on campus and on Facebook, and the students planned to do it five minutes into Sessions’ speech. It was a silent walkout, and a vast majority of the spectators left. The Johnson Chapel, which seats over 500, was left almost completely empty as a result.” Nice of the former chief law enforcement officer to admit that Congress that Congress does in fact have oversight power over his former boss, though he urges them not to use it. Left out of his talking points were the facts that Mueller failed to charge collusion chiefly because proof of collusion might that have been obtained but might have been had evidence not been deleted and obstruction, certainly, because he followed Justice Department protocol that holds that a sitting president cannot be indicted, effectively placing Trump above the law. And, of course, he whinged that conservatives cannot spew their invective efficiently enough at liberal arts colleges. Here’s video of the walk out: Students walked out of a talk by former AG Jeff Sessions, leaving nearly half the venue empty pic.twitter.com/6tnfXwzDph — NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 26, 2019   Good on ye, Amherst, I concur with this Now This follower: Hope they walk straight to the polls — Yohn B ☮️???? (@Gunnerak47) April 26, 2019  

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