Is a Democratic resurgence in 2022 possible? Hell yes!

Many, if not most political analysts are painting a daunting picture for Democrats retaining their House or Senate majorities in 2022. Even those who acknowledge...

The Media Needs To Step It Up

Dogs and cats! Living together! Mass Hysteria!   Bill Murray   Ghostbusters I’ll be blunt, the media is really starting to Piss. Me. Off! First they sit there and opine solemnly about how this is the most critical election of our lifetime, and then, there they go, as frothy as a cappuccino, chasing some insubstantial piece of fluff all over hell’s half acre again. I wanna get me a t-shirt that says I’m with Carville. I love James Carville, personally I think that It’s the economy, stupid! are the greatest political words ever spoken. Carville spent the weekend on a self righteous rant that brought tears of joy to my eyes. First, he went of on the Democrats themselves for getting sidetracked chasing rabbits down holes instead of taking care of business. He did everything but beg them to stick to the issues that resonate. I said the same thing last week, begging Democratic down ticket candidates to leave Trump to the presidential nominee, and stick with the issues that got them elected in the first place. And then Carville hit a bulls eye near and dear to my own heart. He ripped the media, especially the alleged liberal media, for their nonsensical coverage of Trump. How many times have I said, kicking and screaming, that there aren’t enough fucking Trump supporters to get him reelected?!? Even GOP strategist Rick Wilson says bluntly that Trump can’t win reelection, but the Democrats can certainly hand it to him. Carville jumped the media’s shit about continuing to cover Trump like he has this sleeping colossus behind him, that if awakened will roll over everything in its path. That’s pure, unadulterated bullshit, and Carville called it out for what it was. And now the media is pissing me off even more. It’s a funny thing about a primary. If you have, like five candidates, it’s pretty well guaranteed that each of them are going to have supporters, that’s why they’re candidates, people like them. And they’ll go right on being candidates until not enough people like them anymore. That’s how it goes. We just came out of a cluster fuck caucus in Iowa, and the voters are just today going to the polls in New Hampshire. And yet for the last couple of days, on both CNN and MSNBC, on almost an hourly basis, I have seen and heard squeaky voiced, hand wringing, hair pulling near panic as somebody frets over which of these candidates can unite the party! Are you kidding me?!? Before the second vote tally is even counted? Here’s a news flash for the media. Fuckin’ fuggedaboudit! The real score is this. The Democratic party is already united behind one candidate. And that candidate is Donald John Trump! 73% of Democratic and independent voters still insist that their number one priority in a candidate is anybody who can fucking beat Trump! It really is that simple! Folks, you can’t get much more united than that. Normally, Democratic voters fall in love with a candidate, go in, and pull a lever. This time, they’re all sitting around wringing their hands, like they’re on The Bachelorette, terrified that they’ll make the wrong choice, and everybody will think that they’re an idiot. I wrote the other day that the Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic party said that he felt that if turnout was down, it wasn’t because […]

A little sage advice for our 2020 hopefuls.

Hola Democratic contenders! You guys and gals are knocking my socks off out there. You’re in all kinds of weather, all  kinds of diners and town halls, making all kinds of great first impressions. Just a quick couple of shout outs. Senator Klobuchar? I love what you’re doing, and by getting an early start, you’re getting some nice coverage to enhance your name recognition on national coverage. But one little thing. That folksy, down home, shy, smiling, shiv-in-the-back thing is my shtick, and I can’t afford to lose this gig, so knock it off, OK? And Senator Gillibrand? Don’t worry about that little fork-or-fingers thing in South Carolina. It happens to the best of us. One time, in a fancy, high hat restaurant, I dipped my bread stick in the finger bowl, and then, to cover it up, I dipped my fingers into the wasabi after using them to eat my sushi. And if any of those MAGA morons give you a ration of shit about it, just show them that picture of the Great Pumpkin using a plastic knife and fork to eat New York Style pizza about 4 years ago when he had his pizza summit with Caribou Barbie when she was angling for another VP chance. You’re all out there right now, 20 months before the 2020 election, and 15 months before the convention for the same reason, the early bird gets the worm. You’re all out there, taking your message to the streets, banking that early media coverage, defining yourself now, before the field gets too crowded, and face time on the networks becomes scarce. That’s the ticket, but in watching the coverage, I notice that there’s one message I’m not hearing from anybody, and I think it’s a  golden opportunity being squandered. By all of you. James Carville nailed it to the wall a generation ago when he drawled out “It’s the economy, stupid!” And he was right, it always comes down to the economy, one way or the other. That was true then, and it’s just as true now. Incumbent Presidents use a good economy as a display of their stewardship, and challengers use a bad economy to hit the incumbent President over the head with. But guess what? Taxes are a part of the economy. And right now, if there’s one thing that the Republicans don’t want to talk about, it’s taxes. Especially not Trump’s “big, beautiful Christmas present” tax cuts. Any time is not a good time for the GOP to be ta king about taxes, and right now is the worst time of all for them to be hearing anybody talk about taxes, especially you. Because right now it’s tax time. Trump took sole ownership of, and saddled the GOP with his disastrous tax plan because he’s an idiot, and so are his advisers. They know that Trump can’t count to 20 without taking off his shoes and socks, and he has the attention span of a newt, so they explained why these tax cuts were so good for him. They never bothered to explain how everybody else was going to take it in the shorts, and it didn’t matter anyway. Narcissist that he is, what was good for Trump was good for everybody, case closed. And that’s how he sold it. Trump and the GOP started […]

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