Reporters uncover pile of receipts that question honesty of Junior’s deposition testimony

The news cycle during the last White House administration was a never-ending stream of corruption and nepotism. The Trumps (and Kushners) participated in such transparent...

Ivanka & Jared Pushing Trump’s Agenda Under New Name

It seems Ivanka Trump has followed her own 2020 advice to unemployed workers to “find something new.” Jobless since her father former President Donald Trump left office in...

This Week in Hell: Bad Things Happen to Bad People, FINALLY (And the MyPillow Guy Was There)

It’s fascinating, looking at how folks’ politics evolved and changed over the last four years. Take me, for example: I used to consider myself...

Ivanka Poses With Bean Can While Don Junior Drags Barron Into the Campaign

The novel “Skinny Legs and All” is a surrealistic farce about artists who create psychedelic art and features a pilgrimage through the desert by inanimate characters named Can O’Beans, Painted Stick and Dirty Sock. Whether you dropped acid today or not, if you’re a fan of the book you will see that Can O’Beans has made the journey from the pages of fiction to join the surrealistic farce in the White House, probably because it isn’t one jot weirder than the story he was in, where he rolled out of a trailer welded in the shape of a giant aluminum turkey. In all events, Ivanka took a moment out of her demanding schedule with Find Something New, which come to think of it, is not only the name of her governmental employment program, but is also her sole coping mechanism to deal with life, i.e., go shopping. Hey, new shoes, new career, what’s the diff, just Find Something New. We have, Ivanka, and delivery is November 3. Ivanka did a photo op with Can O’Beans, because the owner of Goya Beans said something nice about her father in the Rose Garden. Anyone having a good word to say about Donald Trump these days is so remarkable as to constitute a religious experience and so it was in that vein that Ivanka gratefully repaid the devotional. If it’s Goya, it has to be good. Si es Goya, tiene que ser bueno. pic.twitter.com/9tjVrfmo9z — Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) July 15, 2020 Ladies and gentleman, a message from a senior White House advisor at one of the most tragic moments in America history. I dont think I have seen anything since this nightmare began that more thoroughly underscores how unfit this entire Administration is to serve. — Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) July 15, 2020 @IvankaTrump is taking her own advice, and looking for a different career. She's now the Vanna White of Beans.#VannaWhiteOfBeans — Archivist1000 (@Archivist1000) July 15, 2020 She's wearing a $5000 outfit as well while telling people who've lost their jobs due the pandemic chaos to "find something new." — Louise Donnelly (@LouisaLaPisa) July 15, 2020 She’s also in breach of the Hatch Act, not that that is anything new, for this gang. It’s a knee jerk reaction of mine to mention obvious illegalities, even though in this administration it’s like mentioning that the room has air. Now, while this farce is going on in Ivanka’s Zoom room, her brother Donald Junior is breaching ethics a plenty as well, by dragging his 14-year-old half brother into the 2020 campaign. That is a total no no and it is being treated as such. Plus, in vintage Junior form, he’s only made things worse for himself and for the old man. In all fairness, Joe Biden is not capable of debating Barron Trump let alone Donald Trump. Rasmussen: Is Joe Biden Capable Of Debating Donald Trump? Only 54% Say Yes – The Daily Caller https://t.co/U1AGZj9xiQ — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) July 14, 2020 Daddy thinks it's ok to look into an eclipse. Daddy can't hold a glass of water.Daddy can't spell.Daddy can't walk ramps. Daddy can't answer simple questions.Daddy changed a hurricane trajectory with a sharpie marker. Sit down, junior. pic.twitter.com/xyt9bMkNc4 — Snark Biscuit (@snark_biscuit) July 15, 2020 Daddy thinks Kansas City is in Kansas. […]

‘Find Something New’ Is Ivanka’s ‘Let ‘Em Eat Cake Moment’ As She Cluelessly Advises the Unemployed

If you are one of the forty million unemployed, take heart. Daddy doesn’t have time to deal with such tackiness as the largest unemployment figures since the Great Depression, he’s too busy watching TV and running for reelection. But Princess Ivanka, the poster child of privilege, has figured out the answer to your problem — just go Find Something New. Seriously. This is a real thing that Ivanka just came up with. One line of work is like another, and if you lost your job at the Tastee Freeze, well, there are openings in aerospace engineering, so WTH is wrong with you, just go get that job. Ivanka is your personal cheerleader in this endeavor and she has put together the following “tools” to assist you. Here’s the website that will save you. And take a look at the meaningless platitudes in this PSA. Zero information, but you do get the impression that if you’re unemployed it’s your fault, don’t you? Remember, the GOP is the party of personal responsibility — except when they drive the economy over a cliff, again. Then it’s your fault and you fix it. And don’t bother any Republican lawmakers right now. They’re all too busy running for reelection, and their stock portfolios took a hit, and have a little class, will you, and just take care of yourself. Now the beauty of this, is that Ivanka is directing you philosophically to self-improvement, when the fact of the matter is, it’s not a philosophical question and it’s not about self-improvement. The issue, to anybody but the completely oblivious, is that a lot of jobs were simply permanently wiped out in March and April when COVID-19 struck, and there are a great many more people needing a job than there are jobs right now. Therefore, the logical and sane solution would be a program to create jobs, perhaps along the lines of the WPA, an employment and infrastructure program, which over an eight year period starting in 1935 put over eight million Americans back to work during the Great Depression. In this administration the word “infrastructure” is a running joke and while Trump blatantly lies about Ivanka creating “15 million jobs” she hasn’t created a one. And now she’s doing the equivalent of telling you to look in the phone book to see what businesses exist in your area and just go “find something new.” Those are her words to you, verbatim. I think it’s a swell idea, personally. I think that if you were flipping pancakes a few months ago, you could now enter the world of high fashion design, maybe even design a few knock offs for Ivanka, what do you say? And if you were changing oil on cars, and got laid off from that, well, there’s always a shortage of brain surgeons. Maybe you could write a letter to Ben Carson and he could advise you. Ivanka and the Republicans want you to know, that it’s up to you, and if you’re starving, don’t blame Donald Trump’s egregious mishandling of coronavirus and don’t blame the complicit GOP-led senate for keeping him in power so it could happen. No, you need to get off your a$$ and Find Something New! Hey, if Ivanka can do it, so can you. She’s changed careers many times, from […]

Just Today, New Evidence on Ivanka as Center of Criminal Probe into Inauguration Money

Rolling Stone is out with a new report stating that New York prosecutors are honing in on events that occurred just prior to Trump’s inauguration, and specifically money paid from the inauguration committee to the Trump organization for “space rented.” The most delicious part? It looks like Ivanka is the one up to her eyeballs in criminality. Per Rolling Stone: According to reporting by WNYC and ProPublica, President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee paid large sums of money to the Trump organization to host events at the Trump-owned property, and the president’s daughter discussed charging $175,000 per day for the space, despite organizers’ concerns that it would look like the Trumps were lining their pockets. Yes, back then they worried what it would “look like,” not that they actually were lining their pockets, which was the entire point of being elected in the first place. They never cared about making America great, they cared about getting as rich as possible, even as president. (Which is just so inconceivable if you think about it. For 99.9% of the world, if elected to the highest office in existence, one’s only “worry” would be whether one could do a job that history would look upon as successful in guiding the nation. These people worried about haggling an extra couple hundred thousand.). “These events are in PE’s [the president-elect’s] honor at his hotel and one of them is for family and close friends. Please take into consideration that when this is audited it will become public knowledge. I understand that compared to the original pricing this is great but we should look at the whole context. In my opinion the max rental fee should be $85,000 per day,” Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, an event planner who helped with the inauguration, wrote to caution Ivanka and others involved with the planning. For those of you scoring at home, you will note that the $175K proposed, and the $85K insisted upon as “market value” (and that’s puffed-up market value to begin with), look suspiciously like “doubling” the amount that should have been paid, or what lazy people who are simply looking to take advantage of rubes do as a rule of thumb, “double it.” A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump’s ethics lawyer denied the first daughter’s involvement in the negotiations: “When contacted by someone working on the inauguration, Ms. Trump passed the inquiry on to a hotel official and said only that any resulting discussions should be at a ‘fair market rate.’ Ms. Trump was not involved in any additional discussions.” Riiiight. Suckers! And that’s why she was prominently mentioned in the emails concerning what they will damn well charge. Let us be assured of one thing. The Trump Inauguration Committee raised more than double what any previous president-elect had raised, and organized about one-quarter of the number events typical. Yet, the money is gone. Given what we know about the Trumps, not a single person doubts that the money went straight into Trump pockets. Republicans will simply adopt a new position. They will suddenly believe that presidents have the right to personally profit off whatever they damn well please, breaking whatever laws they damn well please, and f-you for believing otherwise, as it would be un-American and socialist to not do so. But, you – Ivanka, should be […]

New Report Shows Ivanka Specializes in Money Laundering, Too

If there is a lawless hotspot on the globe, the Trumps are there. Increasingly, it looks like the Trump organization specializes in one business more than any other, money laundering. They don’t even try to hide it much, either. Ivanka might be worse at it than her daddy. A deep investigation carried out by Global Witness, an anti-corruption organization, and reported upon by Talking Points Memo, reveals that Ivanka Trump followed Don’s pattern to a “T” in the two projects most identified as “hers,” the building projects in Azerbaijan and Panama. Both projects suffered from shitty construction (duh) and “untimely bonuses” (double duh). Of course they did, Trump projects are internationally renowned for shoddy construction and untimely cash-vacuums, cash being perhaps the only thing regularly “vacuumed” at all in Trump projects, if the rumors are to be believed. So there is no breaking news to be gleaned from an investigation showing that Ivanka branded a building architecturally-inspired by Walmart, built from military surplus supplies, nor news in hearing the Ivanka was last seen heaving two garbage bags of money into a helicopter and jumping aboard. The story is in where “the money” came from to begin with. It is a story that is becoming just as associated with Trump properties as the bedbugs. It seems Trumps have a hard time taking-in “good money,” if you know what I mean: “Trump’s business approach,” wrote anti-corruption group Global Witness in a recent report, “has been to lease his name and for him and his family to drum up sales in some of the world’s dirty money hotspots, in some instances aided — knowingly or unwittingly — by networks of money launderers. The result is that Trump’s current wealth has depended in part on securing significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds.” Yes. Well, alright, people that rely heavily upon “significant infusions of untraceable foreign funds” are highly sensitive to having their taxes released that does sure seem to fit. The real story, however, is in how brazen these people are. To fully appreciate just how little the Trumps care about their obvious association with criminality requires us to “pretend” for a moment. Let’s pretend we are someone bright, but we have no business or legal background or acumen. Indeed, we have NO interest in business, law, politics … We are … veterinarians. We specialize in puppies. We are the best puppy specialists on Earth and cannot spell “IRS” if we were spotted the vowel. We are just good normal people who rely on experts when it comes to business and law. Our aunt left us a big real estate investment in Panama! We attend a meeting about our investment and learn the things that Ivanka knew. Would we not go into the street screaming upon learning that our customers for these multi-million dollar condos: Paid in cash, millions in cash. Units purchased in bulk, in cash. Purchased by shell companies just created the week before and without any other assets. Purchased in “Bearer Shares” (illegal in the Bahamas and U.K., these are, like, worse than cash in some ways.) And a highly disproportionate number of purchasers were Colombian or Russian. Now, puppy doctor with a great aunt, would you not go to your accountants and lawyers and ask: “Hey, how come we are paying a fortune to armed guards to […]

Ivanka congratulates new PM of the United ‘Kingston’

Like father, like daughter, I guess. Pour yourself a piping hot mug of covfefe and take a gander at this: https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1153642175743369217 Whoa, this is already the...

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