Get to know who your friends are, Mr President

In the Big Rock Candy Mountains, all the cops have wooden legs. All the bulldogs there have rubber teeth, and the hens lay soft boiled eggs   The Big Rock Candy Mountains It was always a standard pap line of Trump media creepy-crawlies like KellyAnne Con-way and Sarah Slanders to respond to the latest Trumper tantrum by saying, “When this president gets hit, he hits back 10 times harder.” Well, Trumpenstein is backed into the corner now, and this ain’t no rope-a-dope we’re seeing. He’s gettinf the shit kicked out of him. Take the whistle blower for instance. All of the little Trombies, at least the ones who will still appear on camera to get cuffed around by reporters, slam the whistle blower complaint as “second hand knowledge,” based on “hearsay.” Yet Trump’s own hand picked acting Director of Intelligence appeared before the House Intelligence committee, and testified that the complaint was valid, and urgent, his only reason for stonewalling it was procedural as defined by the DOJ. Trump’s hand picked Inspector General not only found the claim had merit, he investigated the claim, and found corroboration. And the release of the phone call transcript matches the whistle blowers complaint word for word. Trump and his misfit minions then haul off on the whistle blower instead, claiming that he or she is a “spy,” and a “traitor,” who is lawless, and should be “dealt with the old fashioned way.” Yet Trump’s acting DNI said that the whistle blower acted in faith, followed the guidelines, and must be protected. Ditto for Trump’s own IC IG, who dealt with the whistle blower, and handled the initial complaint. And then today, in a rather stunning rebuke to Trump, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley, who wrote the Senate whistle blowers bill, stated that the whistle blower had complied with all guidelines, should be thanked for coming forward, and must be protected. I have been waiting three long years for this moment, and it has finally happened. This is what happens when Trump loses control of the narrative. Up until now, Trump has found a patsy, whacked away at said patsy, and everybody else runs around with their hair on fire, trying to respond to Trump. The shoe is finally on the other foot. Now it’s everybody else who’s taking pot shots at Trump, while he runs around with his hair on fire, trying to keep up with all of them. And hes doing a piss poor job of it. For example, former milquetoast GOP Senator Jeff Flake came out with an op-ed, warning his Senate brethren that time was short, but that there was still time to save their eternal souls. Even if they couldn’t convict Trump, they knew that Trump didn’t deserve a second term, and must oppose him. Flake was one of His Lowness’ favorite chew toys when he was a Senator, but Trump is so distracted that he couldn’t spare even one outraged tweet at Flakes “treason!” But I’ll bet a couple of incumbent GOP Senators read that and thoughtfully stroked their own chins. And it gets even worse. In the last couple of days, a small handful of incumbent GOP House members have gently slapped back at Trump, rebuking him both for his treatment of the whistle blower, as well as rebuking him for his comments and retweeting the insane nonsense of […]

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