Do Yourselves A Favor Democrats. Leave John Bolton Alone.

Dear Lord, this has got to be a record. Not even an hour ago, I complimented the Democrats on their discipline in their messaging, and here they go again, wanting to snatch-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory. Hopefully they get their shit together again before it’s too late. So, the impeachment committee wants to get a sneak peek at John Bolton’s upcoming kiss-and-dismember book about His Lowness, huh? So much so that they’ve sent him an engraved invitation for next Thursday to give them an advance audio version of the book. Personally, I don’t see Bolton accepting that invitation, since his publisher would be uber pissed at having all of the books thunder stolen, but there’s always the threat of a good old fashioned subpoena. My question to Democrats on the committee is Fer Crissakes, why?!? Calling Bolton to give a deposition to the committee is a suicidal thing to do, for a host of reasons. But the biggest one is that they don’t need him! Bolton is mot a central figure in this scandal, shit, he wasn’t even listening in on the phone call between Trump and Zelensky. The Democrats already have enough fact and corroboration witnesses to tie that pretty pink bow, and this impeachment is supposed to be a one-trick-pony by design. There are three main reasons why calling Bolton in is a slow motion train wreck. First, calling Bolton will allow the GOP to immediately brand the Democrats on the committee, as well as Democrats at large as brazen hypocrites. John Bolton, the ultimate chickenshit neo-con hawk, has been a divisive and corrosive figure for his entire career. Democrats have spent the last 30 years heating up tar, plucking chickens, and polishing up the rail that they want to ride him out of town on every time he opens his mouth. But now, because he has a bucket of shit that he wants to dump on Trump’s head, he becomes a fact witness of sterling character? GOP slugs will gleefully queue up in a line longer than the front doors of an Arianna Grande concert to read direct quotes from Democrats slamming Bolton in the past. Second, Bolton is a terrible witness, fact or otherwise, simply because he already has a public, predisposed bias to Trump. Bolton could criticize Trump for sneezing by going ah-CHOO! instead of AH-choo! and the GOP could airily explain it away as nothing more than sour grapes from Bolton, because Trump shit canned him for being a crappy National Security Adviser. And you know what? They’ll have plenty of White House and NSC staffers fired up and ready to go on FUX News and tell horror stories about what a mean, argumentative, opinionated prick Bolton was to work for and with. And the third, and most important reason is a combination of one and two above. And that’s because either or both of the scenarios I just outlined above brings Christmas early for the GOP this year, because it takes the fucking attention off of Trump! Right now, the Republicans are flopping around like a carp in the bottom of a boat, because the Democrats are keeping the attention laser focused on Trump! It doesn’t matter who the witness is, or what the testimony is, the Democrats keep bringing it back around to what a naughty little sod His Lowness is. And that’s exactly where the Democrats want the attention to […]

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