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The day of reckoning approaches.

Ain’t this a helluva  mess Sheriff? If it isn’t, it’ll sure do until the mess gets here   Tommy Lee Jones   No Country For Old Men When I watch Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and the House Democrats bounce the GOP around like a yo-yo on a string, with their masterful control of the public narrative on this whole Trump-Ukraine scandal, I can only shake my head in disappointment. No, not in bemused disappointment at the political Peltdown Man that the current crop of GOP incumbents represent, but in the Democrats themselves. Just think, if those long ago Democrats of 2009 had brought an A-game like this to the messaging wars over the Affordable Care Act, we’d almost certainly have universal coverage with a public option by now, and the 2020 Presidential candidates wouldn’t be spending so much time squabbling over it.  That is the difference that effective messaging makes in politics. Greg Jarrett of FUX News was pathetic to watch yesterday afternoon. Talking to Neil Cavuto to pitch his latest lame ass POS screed, now available and collecting dust on bookstore shelves everywhere, Jarrett parroted the latest GOP iine about the Democratic House impeachment inquiry being a witch hunt. He lamented that the Democratic inquiry was a partisan witch hunt, because it was totally one sided, with no GOP representation, and no fairness or equity in the process. This is pure, unadulterated bullshit, and Jarrett well knows it, but his secret is safe, in the post Shep Smith FUX News, nobody is going to call hi out on it. Greg Jarrett is supposed to be a legal expert for FUX, but if he has even the rudimentary legal skills of a jailhouse lawyer, he knows he’s being purposefully deceitful.  House impeachment is the political equivalent of a grand jury proceeding in a criminal matter. One side is bringing forth evidence and testimony, for the sole purpose of determining if there is enough evidence to take the defendant, in this case the President to trial. It is in the trial in the Senate where the more normal rules of evidence and procedure take place, to ensure as fair of a process as possible. Jarrett and the GOP are trying to poison the process to cast the evidence in doubt. But it won’t work, and Jarrett and the GOP know it. Their time is running out. So far, GOP mental Cabbage Patch Kids like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz. and Mark Meadows have been decrying the fact that the testimony gleaned in these closed door deposition sessions has been kept secret, and out of public view. This is nothing more than pure bluff and bluster. As Democratic House Intel member Denny Heck said outside of the hearing room two days ago, the Republicans are damn lucky that this stuff is coming out without the public seeing it. But we will. House Intel Chair Adam Schiff has already publicly promised that after the depositions are completed, full transcripts, with only redactions of classified information will be made available to the public and media. This is bad news for the GOP on two fronts. First, it leaves talking Port-O-Sans like Gaetz and Jordan making shit up as possible responses witness would have given to GOP questions, if there had been any. And second, the transcripts will show that, despite desperate bleatings and protests from the Trumplets, GOP staff […]

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