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Trump’s Message of Peace Lasts 12 hrs, Broken by Hysterically Ironic Tweet

Trump gave me a giant Christmas present just a day late. That’s okay, I’ll take this type of gift on a Tuesday in March. Some mornings it can be a struggle trying to find something worth my loyal readers’ time. And then there are mornings like today. First, the easiest part. Trump issued some ridiculous Christmas day message that some people believed indicated that he absorbed at least some of the message in the Christianity Today editorial blasting his immorality. Not us, of course, but some did mumble words about Trump’s “new tone” and how it might relate to the editorial. First, Trump’s Christmas message: “Together, we must strive to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect—traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ,” Trump said in his Christmas video to the nation. Rawstory even stated: It was so unlike what Trump has ever said before. For a brief moment, Americans could sigh a relief that perhaps the president learned something from the Christianity Today editorial. Oh, come on. When has Trump once demonstrated an ability or desire to learn anything? That is an absurd line. I use Rawstory a lot because they’re great at finding breaking headlines that lack commentary, leaving the analysis to me and the commenters below. This line proves that the folks at Rawstory …  are best at just bringing the breaking news. Okay, back on track here. Obviously Trump’s message didn’t reflect a new tone or that he’d learned anything. The Christmas message was nothing more than a “president-like” statement, written by some staffer. Still, it is funny that less than twelve hours later, Trump was pumping out the oldies like that radio station you can’t skip by fast enough: Twelve hours ago, Trump sent out this Christmas message: “Together, we must strive to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect—traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ.” https://t.co/bIRSPf2dpR — Manu Raju (@mkraju) December 26, 2019 Okay, now we get to do the analysis thing that hopefully is the basis for all the wonderful support I receive from y’all. If there was ever a person who had no basis to complain about an elected-official utilizing constitutionally-endowed powers, despite having a “slight” majority in the House, it would be Donald Jessica Trump, first runner-up to popular vote winner Hillary Clinton. Indeed, one could note that Clinton’s popular vote victory over Trump wasn’t even “slight,” coming in at near three million votes. But people like us believe in the constitution and thus Trump “won” the electoral college, giving him the right to exercise the powers of the presidency. despite that more than slight loss. Trump had the opposite of a mandate, yet he walked-in and attempted to destroy this beautiful country, the one in which he saw only carnage. He acted like he won a unanimous vote of the people. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi has more than a “slight” majority in the House. Indeed, she has that “more than slight majority” in the House because she flipped more seats than at any point since the last time the Republicans saw fit to elect a thoroughly corrupt president. It should be noted that the last Republican president that the nation forced out of office, Nixon, actually did win in a landslide, two years before being unceremoniously removed for being […]

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