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So, What Happens Next?

At this point, I think that the only military officer President Trump still likes is Colonel Sanders   General James Mattis It was nice to see the military finally stand up for itself. Don’t get me wrong, a “code of honor” in the active military backing its Commander in Chief’s play is one thing, but to have retired flag officers like Mattis and McRaven make it clear that not only is the President a moron, but when he’s making our military look like a bunch of craven, cowardly weasels, is important to the morale of the troops, to know somebody will do the public bitching that they can’t. And author Stephen King is rapidly becoming a national treasure every time he opens his mouth. You’ll notice that King didn’t compare Giuliani to any of his famous monsters, sadly The Ghoul Man lacks the moral character to make the grade. And just an FYI, if the upcoming Dr. Sleep movie is anywhere near as good as the novel, it should become a classic. So, the impeachment inquiry is now a whopping three weeks old, huh? Congratulations Democrats, the impeachment inquiry has now officially lasted as long as the “happy days” in any one of Trump’s marriages. Or, knowing him, as long as all three combined. But since after three long years of nonstop Trump scandals, the public’s attention span is about as long as Trump’s marital bliss ratio, it might be time to kick things into another gear. So, what happens next? Well, if the Democrats are smart, this week in the House investigation will be “housekeeping week.” Look, you already have every diplomat that ever set foot in the Ukraine testifying that “the Three Amigos” looked more like “The Three Stooges” bumbling around Zelensky and Kiev, and that it was His Lowness that ordered them to work around and outside of the State Department. You already have Trump’s signed confession in the phone log, and Mulvaney fingered Trump at the scene of the crime. Wrap it up, after all, while the Harry Potter gooks were great, The Deathly Hallows dragged on longer than my divorce, and was about as satisfying at the end. Wrap it up. Use this week to get your ducks in a row. Start laying out the parameters for the impeachment hearings in the House, and start deciding how many actual articles of impeachment you want to draft. And for God’s sake, start releasing some of the earlier, redacted depositions to the public. Right now all the public has is your word for how damaging the testimony was, and the GOP is still making the “secret partisan proceeding” argument. Put it out there, let the media start breaking it down for people, and let the Republicans start ruing the day they were born. And by the end of the week, announce the start of the schedule for open hearing witness testimony to start the next week. Because tempus does fugit, and right now it’s fugiting quickly. All of the media poli-sci empty vessels are busy gabbling about how the Democrats in the House are up against a strict time limit, and time limit is the upcoming 2020 primaries next year. Boy, that just goes to show you what $100k in education combined with $0 in common sense will get you. Because the time limit they’re actually up against is […]

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