Rick Wilson Riffs On ‘Clown’ Trump ‘Bumbling Us Into A Shooting War w/Iran’ — But the Matter Is Anything But Laughing

Donald Trump did another one of his “Sir” stories Monday at the White House. As you know, when Trump tells an anecdote wherein advisers appear as obsequious mice and beg for the Great Negotiator’s wisdom and guidance, calling him “Sir’ it is a lie of the first magnitude. The star of Trump’s story yesterday was none other than James Mattis, and if you believe this interchange took place between them, wherein Mattis assured Trump that the United States military was out of stores for it’s ordnance, I have some triangular buildings in Egypt I could sell you. Raw Story: “I’m not blaming anybody.. But that is what he told me. Because we were in a position where with a certain country, I won’t say which one, we may have had conflict. And he said to me, sir, if you could delay it because we’re very low on ammunition. And I said, you know what, general? I never want to hear that again from another general.” “No president should ever, ever hear that statement, we’re low on ammunition. And we now have more ammunition, more missiles, more rockets, more tanks. We have more of in everything than we’ve had before,” he added, before pausing to praise the F-16 fighter jet. Trump concluded: “So we are very high on ammunition now. That is a story I’ve never told before. Breaking news. But we were very low. I could even say it stronger. I don’t want to say no ammunition but that gets a lot closer.” That’s a believable conversation isn’t it? I mean, didn’t FDR and George Patton have the same interchange all the time? Trump’s idiocy may appeal to his cult, who are conditioned to believe Fox News over the CIA, but in the real world, breaths are held and the mood is somber, watching what this idiot does, and worrying, justifiably, about what he might do next. Rick Wilson, Daily Beast: Having butted up against every American presidential administration since Carter, Iran is not inexperienced in the kind of political and intelligence warfare even a competent and determined American president would need to face in a competition like this. As our long, long engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan has proven, asymmetric warfare is tough on modern-era great powers. Iran is deeply skilled at the art, and in using terror, third-party actors and transitory alliances to offset the power deployed against it by the West. The JCPOA Iran nuclear deal had its flaws, but one thing it did accomplish was to push back the risks of kinetic conflict in the Gulf. The U.S. withdrawal from the agreement and the subsequent “maximum pressure” campaign was a perverse incentive of the highest order: Iran sees the withdrawal as a chance to exercise its power for disruptive, asymmetric warfare in the region. If the withdrawal didn’t give the Iranians a reason, it at least gave them an excuse. Like so many degenerate gamblers before him, Trump decided he could bluff his way past the canny and determined adversary. The world economy will pay a brutal price if the Greatest Negotiator In History™ bumbles into a shooting war in the Gulf. The costs to American influence and power are incalculable. The human cost could be nightmarish. Given his failure in every other international contest to date, expect […]

Trump Hilariously Fumbles Medal of Honor Award, the Same Day Rhouani Calls Him ‘Mentally Retarded’

Hurry, lock up your wardrobes, chastity belts included! Donald Trump says that that’s where the terrorists are hiding — or, something. Former Army Staff Sgt. David Bellavia became the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor, Tuesday, for his distinguished service in Iraq. Bellavia cleared out a house of insurgents in the Second Battle […]

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