The forgotten piece of the “Trump Economy.”

You know, there’s a good reason why The Pampers President always seems so calm, decisive, and self assured when acting as our President. For most men, no matter what their previous history, when they walk into the Oval Office for the first time, and sit down behind that desk, they realize that they now are the most important and powerful man in the entire free world, and that responsibility can be crushing. But Donald Juan Trump has spent his entire life as the most important and powerful man in the world, at least his world, and since no other world matters, what’s the sweat? Thank God that His Lowness is an economic savant, since he has the entire world economy to oversee. And that’s because, as the U.S. economy goes, so goes the world, right? And what is Trump’s grand economic master plan for the U.S.? Well, let’s see, he has Jamie Dimon predicting that every U.S. family is gonna blow an extra grand a year on necessities thanks to his trade war, he’s busy pretending that U.S. farmers are Stormy Daniels, and paying them off $18 billion to shut them up about his tariff effects, and he’s making U.S. consumers foot the bill for the Chinese to find out how good Mexican soy beans, Argentine beef, and Canadian seafood really is. Meanwhile, tariffs on imported steel and aluminum mean that the manufacturing sector is actually contracting instead of expanding. Iz genius I tells ya, iz genius! But as much as Trump may like to believe that the entire world revolves around his own, plump and overstuffed self, the truth is different. The world has become interconnected economically. Bill Clinton understood that when he negotiated NAFTA, and Barack Obama bloody well knew it when he negotiated the TPP, as a way to contain China in the Pacific rim. Not only can U.S. economic issues affect the global economy, so can global economic issues affect the U.S. economy. Right now, The $1 Store Caligula seems hell bent for leather to drive the US economy head first into a recession at 100 mph, but he isn’t the only thing that economists have to worry about. Right now, there’s this little kerfuffle going on in The United Kingdom. You might have heard of it, a little thing called Brexit, and it’s the biggest rage over there right now since the Beatles. A few years ago, Vlad the Imp took a fancy to the idea that a great way to demolish the European Union would be to have Great Britain suddenly pull up stakes and bail out of the EU the way that Trump bails out of Atlantic City casinos. He subliminally convinced a wacky white haired Brit with a Moe Howard haircut that this was the coolest idea since sliced bread, and the rest is history as it’s being written. The cherry on top was having the bowl topped dotard end up running the whole shebang, ensuring the maximum damage possible. The Brits who can count to twenty without removing their shoes and socks, and can remember to go inside when it rains are fighting BoJo tooth and nail. But the damage is already done. Even if Johnson and his pirates are made to walk the plank in the upcoming snap election, it is difficult […]

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