Just Sayn' BooHoo: 'Constantly rubbing dirt in our face': GOP senators complain about Biden

I have to say this was an inspiring story, in fact it inspired me to write a comment. Mine was rather polite. Others, not...

Why Trump And The Senate GOP Are In So Much Trouble

Only 37 days left. Man, for how long did it feel like it would never get here, and here we are literally on the doorstep. Mail in balloting is chugging along, and more states are opening up for early, in person voting. The decision is already being rendered. And right now, it looks more and more like […]

If I Tell You The Answer, Will You Stop Asking The Question?

Like so many things Trump, it’s almost reached the point where they’re making a drinking game out of it. Whenever His Lowness says or does something stupid, insensitive, or politically damaging, the same question keeps ringing forth from the mountaintops of punditry land, How long can the GOP continue to keep chugging along on the Trump train before they pull the emergency brake? Why? Why does this question keep coming up when we already know the answer. Actually, there are two answers, one for the House, and one for the Senate, but it’s the Senate that everybody’s thinking about, since the Democrats appear to have a solid hold on the House. Nevertheless, I’ll give you a twofer, and answer both questions. On the House side, the answer is plain and simple, there is absolutely nothing that Trump can do that will cause that pack of rabid dogs to desert him. That’s because the Blue Tsunami of 2018 pretty much wiped out any remaining moderate Republicans who may have felt compelled to make a moral stand here or there. What was left over was largely ideological whack jobs in safely gerrymandered districts, so there is no reason for them to buck Trump. And the small number of remaining moderates that survived 2018 by the skin of their teeth, took one look at the thought of sharing a ticket with Trump in 2020, and retired instead. The GOP House will ride this on out all the way through the bunker scene. In the Senate, the answer is exactly the same, there is absolutely nothing that Trump can say or do that will force GOP Senators, even vulnerable 2020 incumbents away from him. But in the Senate, the reasoning is markedly different. In the last few days, both CNN and MSNBC have reported that according to anonymous aides and advisors around various GOP Senators, they are basically trapped. The feeling is that they tolerated so much shit from Trump thus far, that any attempt to jettison him at this point would be seen by their constituents as an act of craven cowardice. Better at this point to just soft peddle Trump as much as possible, and hope to at least keep his supporters on board. And actually, there is a pretty clear example of what these GOP Senators are thinking of. Going all the way back to the “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Maine Senator Susan Collins has tried to play the centrist card. She has been concerned, and alarmed, and disappointed by Trump so often it’s a wonder that she’s not getting therapy for her issues. And yet, at every moment that it was time to stand up and be counted, especially on the Kavanaugh issue, Collins folded like a pair of threes and backed Trump and McConnell. And as a result, Susan Collins is so far underwater right now that she has to wear scuba gear every time she gets off of the plane in Bangor. Although unstated, the general feeling seems to be that the watershed moment for the GOP Senate and its vulnerable incumbents was the impeachment trial. There was no way that Trump was going to be convicted and removed from office, so any defections were for show only. But even though the vast majority of Americans wanted documents and witnesses at the trial, Moscow Mitch’s caucus held firm on the line to speed […]

It Was Pathetic

OK, so I’m a slacker. I should have gotten to this earlier, especially since I made a federal stink about it on Saturday, but I spent most of Monday stomping around the house, high fiveing myself in the mirror, and singing We are the champions! and then this little distraction called the Iowa caucuses came up. So sue me. I was right, the Sunday morning talk shows this week were not the Republicans’ friends, and they knew it. For starters, the line up seemed a little off to me. From what I saw, the surrogates largely sat this one out, leaving the senators to take their lumps rather than interfere. And the attitude was off too. Usually, when defending Trump, GOP shills and incumbents like to use that sarcastically condescending attitude, like they’re trying to teach quantum physics to the dog. This time there was no attitude, in fact they acted like a nerd on a first date. But the performances of the senators exceeded expectations, if by that you mean covering yourself in the mud at the bottom of the river instead of just digging around in it. Squeaky Susan Collins and her backup sob sisters singers were terrible. Collins actually defended letting Trump off by saying that he had learned his lesson, and that he was chastised. When asked why he would feel chastised, Collins replied, Because he was impeached. Surely you jest Madame Senator. Trump has already made it clear that with your rigged “exoneration,” he considers the impeachment null and void. You know what Susan Collins reminded me of in her interview? A woman in her early or mid 40’s, a single mom. In response to a phone call, she goes down to the police station to pick up her teenage son. She screams at him all the way home in the car, and then cries and pleads with him all through dinner. After dinner, while she’s telling him he’s grounded, he picks up the car keys and burns rubber out of the driveway. When her neighbor comes over to console her, Collins tells her, “Oh no, it’s good. He’ll be fine now, he’s been chastised.” The male Senators, led by “Grumpy” Lamar Alexander fared no better. They came on all solemn and stern, saying how they had made their displeasure loud and clear to Trump, and he knows he’s out of second chances. Yeah, right. They came off looking like Charles Grodin in Midnight Run, leaning over the backyard fence, telling a neighbor how they had to teach the kid a lesson. Except the “kid” is 6’5″, weighs 255 pounds, and is the high school varsity starting middle linebacker. The last time the old man taught that kid a lesson was when he helped him with his math homework in 3rd grade. But mostly what those GOP senators looked like, at least to me, was shell shocked and ashamed. This all started out as a prank, a stupid practical joke, like egging somebody’s house on Halloween, but then a window got broken, and now they’re all standing in front of the judge. They know there’s no good excuse, and they know that their story sucks, but it’s either hang together, or hang separately. But if what they told their interrogators on Sunday is their best story, then when they get home this time, I think they’re gonna […]

It Ends As It Began. But The Middle Is What Matters

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is ending exactly the way that it began. The Trump defense began the day, and their arguments were the same pathetic, thin gruel that they led off with. They blamed the Democrats for a purely partisan impeachment, claimed that they failed to prove their case, and trotted out a literal plethora of phony, nonsensical reasons why the presidents power was all encompassing enough to allow him to abuse it. The Democrats response has been superb, and it’s because of their delivery and attitude. The Democrats are not wasting their time retrying the case against Trump in their closing arguments, from their point of view, they have already convicted Trump, on all charges. When they refer to their case, they’ve referred to it only generally, using words like proven, and guilty. Instead, they are drawing references to Alexander Hamilton, Nixon. morality, fairness, truth. and the constitution. And they are tying the GOP Senate caucus to Donald Trump, with barbed wire. They are remind every GOP Senator that their vote will tie them to Trump for all of history, making them accessories to his crimes. And so, it ends the same way that it began. But the arguments, while almost identical in content are different this time around. It’s different this time around. It’s different because of context. And in any serious argument, or critical decision, context is everything. Here’s how it’s different this time. When the two sides gave the same basic opening arguments, they were nothing more than a bunch of lawyers bickering back and forth. Because, when they made those arguments, the jury, and in this case I’m referring to the American people, there was no context. It was just an argument, empty words with nothing to back them up. But now there is context to those arguments, and a ton of it. The Democrats spent 24 hours presenting a powerful, compelling, blow-the-doors-off indictment of Donald Trump, rich with documents, testimony, people, places, and times. They didn’t replay their case in their closing arguments because they didn’t have to, people got it the first time. And in response, the Trump defense spent less than half of their allotted time presenting their case. And in their case, they never touched a single piece of evidence, never contested a single fact laid forward. Instead, they whined about the process, and blamed the Democrats for being a bunch of partisan hacks. And their closing argument was only more of the same. And their contempt for the American people was manifest, simply because the fix was in. Adam Schiff’s closing summation was a tour de force, one likely to be played in future law classes on how closing summations should be done. But Schiff’s closing argument was actually geared as much, if not more for the jury of the American people than the GOP Senate. Schiff hammered at justice, he hammered at fairness, he hammered at decency, he hammered at the rule of law, and  he excoriated Trump as lacking in all of them. Schiff hammered the GOP Senate for their expected upcoming votes, making them co=conspirators in Trump’s crimes. And he came right out and said it, Trump is a bad guy who cheats, and he’ll cheat again. Schiff’s argument was aimed at the American jury, not the GOP Senate jury, and it was pitch perfect. […]

Super Sunday!

Because if it’s Sunday, it’s Meet The Press I was 12 years old a half a century ago, the last time my Kansas City Chiefs played in a Super Bowl, so you know where I’m going to be at 3:30 PST tomorrow. But I’m going to be just as glued to the set tomorrow morning for the Sunday morning blatherfests, because as Teri likes to say, Dis gwan be sum fun, choo bet! See, the GOP’s shit is all fucked up, and it’s fucked up for every right reason that I can think of. It’s fucked up because the Democratic House vase managers did their job. They put on an airtight case over three days painting a masterpiece of evidence, testimony, logic, and timelines that chained Trump to the crime the way that you chain a pit bull out in the back yard so he can’t get at the kids. And the Republican defense knew it too. Why do you think that they kept sending Patrick Philbin out there to answer every question. None of them wanted their names, voices, and faces tied to this steaming pile of shit. The old rule is if the law is against you, argue the facts. If the facts are against you, argue the law. And if the law and the facts are against you, yell and pound the table. But the Republican lawyers couldn’t argue at all, because they had another rule cast upon them by Emperor Numbus Nuttus. Thou shalt not doubt! No, it was a perfect call, under perfect circumstances, by a perfect President, and we’re in a perfect world. Only Alan Dirtyshitz dared to try that on the floor, and he came off looking like a perfect fucking idiot. We’ve all known all along that the GOP Senates defense, if not His Lowness, was that maybe it wasn’t a perfect call, but the result didn’t reach the level of a high crime or misdemeanor. And we all kept waiting for somebody to make that argument, but it never came. And so it fell to poor old Lamar Alexander, addled, fed up, and on his way out the door to finally say what needed to be said, although maybe a wee more succinctly than the GOP might have hoped, I don’t need to see or hear anymore, cuz it’s obvious. We Republicans have another Nixon on our hands, just another cheap crook! But don’t look to me to do anything about it, I ain’t that stupid! See, this is a problem for the Republican Senate. It was bad enough when they knew that everybody on the planet who isn’t named Trump knows that he’s guilty. But up to a certain point they could plod along, blaming the process, and avoiding the 600 lb orangutan in the room. But once Alexander came right out and said it, that time was over. After all, if everybody already knew it, and Alexander said it, they’d look pretty fucking stupid saying that Alexander was full of shit, even for Republican Senators. We’ve already seen the first fallout. Li’l Marco from Florida, remember him? Yeah, the one who drinks water like your two year old with his Tommee Tippee cup. He said something along the lines that even if Trump did it, that didn’t necessarily mean that he should be removed from office. No, actually shit-for-brains, […]

It Isn’t Just Arrogance

As I’m sitting here listening to Trump’s low rent mouthpieces squeaking on television like one of my cat’s toys, and making protozoa look intelligent, I’m thinking to myself, What if they’re not the dummies, what if we are? Let’s look at this weekend, and what happened, shall we? I along with a whole lot of other people, had a ball this weekend with the Trump defense team’s atrociously short presentation to the Senate on Saturday, which took under 2 hours from start to finish. Dear Lord, a $250 an hour, $450 an hour court time lawyer is just finishing introducing himself and his client to the jury at the two hour mark, but these guys are off for a sauna and a massage. No great loss though, since they didn’t have much of anything to say. But then look what happened on Sunday. The Sunday morning talk shows hit the air, starring the GOP talking heads, especially the supposedly “neutral” GOP Senate jury members. Sweet Jesus, you could almost see the Australian sheepdog, running around behind them and barking to herd them into their seats at the table. And sure enough, Baa-baa-baa, Trump’s defense team is brilliant! Baa-baa-baa, they demolished the Democrats feeble case with their powerful arguments. And that’s when it hit me. I’ve spent a good deal of time, and a couple of articles over the last week, blasting Trump and the GOP Senate for their arrogance. Arrogance against the constitution, arrogance against the rule of law, and arrogance towards us. But after the events of this weekend, I realized that it isn’t just arrogance. It’s much more. What we’re seeing on the part of Trump, his low loge defense team, and the GOP Senate is nothing less than total fucking contempt. Contempt for the constitution, contempt for the rule of law, and contempt for us. Trump has total contempt because he honestly believes that his vaunted base of mouth breathers and bed wetters is enough to get him back into office in November. The GOP Senate caucus has nothing but contempt for the process, because His Lowness is leading them around by the balls, and his contempt is their contempt. And Trump’s defense team is filled with contempt because they realized that they actually didn’t have to put up a valid defense. They could stand there at the podium for 24 hours and read Ulysses, and it wouldn’t matter. Although they’d embarrass themselves by tripping over the larger words. It doesn’t really matter what they say or don’t say, because the fix is in. So, fuck it. Once this pathetic kangaroo court fiasco is over with, this is what the Democratic candidates, all of them, have to hammer home to the voting public. The simple fact that the GOP has nothing but contempt. Contempt for the constitution, contempt for the law, contempt for the process, and most importantly, contempt for them. The Democrats spent three days putting up a compelling case of conclusive evidence, and the GOP’s only response was Fuck all a y’all. Cuz there’s nothing you can do about it! It’s funny when you think about it, but a sleazy little weasel like Mick Mulvaney could actually end up playing a pivotal role in the election. Because, come the fall, when the Democrats play their devastating commercials showing the GOP’s utter contempt for everything but their power, the Democrats […]

About Those Opinions

In America, all of us, both the mainstream media, as well as the rest of us goofs, have a real love-hate relationship with polling. When a poll agrees with us, it’s scientific proof of our mental superiority on an issue. And when a poll doesn’t agree with us, it’s nothing more than a “snapshot of a moment in time,” which is English means There’ll be a new poll out next week, and it’ll show that I’m right, and you’re stupid. But what is a poll? A poll is a lot of things, but one thing that it isn’t is a fact. While the poll topic may be fact based, and while the questions may contain facts, the replies that the poll taker gets are anything but facts. The responses that a poll taker gets are nothing more than a bunch of opinions. Yours and mine. Which makes a poll a bunch of opinions broken down into groups. Nothing moire, nothing less. And we Americans absolutely wubs us some opinions! Because we have freedom of thought, and freedom of speech, and freedom to opinions, hell, we got freedom to pretty much everything but leaving the toilet seat up, we Americans have opinions about everything! And they’re all ours. Yours and mine. And you know the funny thing about our opinions? They almost never, ever change. Once we have them, they’re ours for good. Ask yourself this honest question, once you made your mind up about something, when is the last time you changed that opinion. If you’re being honest, I’m guessing not very often. I know I don’t. The reason I bring all of this up, is that the Republicans have got some very serious problems right now, and I don’t know if they even know it. We all agree that polls are nothing more than opinions, right? Well, polling right now shows that 72% of Americans want witnesses and documents in a full and fair Senate trial. Not only that, but 71% of Americans say that Donald Trump broke the law. Since Trump’s popularity rating is currently in the low 40’s, this means that at least 15% of Trump’s supporters, while maybe being willing to cut him a pass, freely admit that he fucked up. And remember, opinions are incredibly stable things. Here’s the GOP’s dream plan. Next Friday, the GOP Senate will vote to allow His Lowness to slither back underneath whatever rock he crawled out from under in the first place. And five minutes later, in the Senate hallways, GOP Senators are going to start talking about something else, hell anything else! Hell, do you realize that we’ve skipped 27 consecutive infrastructure weeks dealing with thus nonsense? This must cease! Because the GOP knows that starting one week from today, if they play their cards right, no pollsters will be asking Should Donald Trump be impeached? Should Donald Trump be removed from office? Do you believe that Donald Trump broke the law? Those questions are now moot, the issue is settled. Problem solved. Except no, probably not. We have an emotional attachment to our opinions. Just because a particular question stops being asked, and we don’t think about it anymore, doesn’t mean that those opinions disappear, like the morning mist over a lake when the sun hits it. Oh, no, they’re still there. They’re over in that corner in our minds […]

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