House GOP group spending millions to beat up Democrats on impeachment

With Donald Trump's impeachment and removal gaining support with the voting public, what can Republicans do but throw money into attack ads against Democrats? Politico reports...

Home field advantage

You know, if I had to guess, I’d say that well over half of America doesn’t really like their job. But whatever the reason that they hate their job, they’re stuck with it. The uncertainty of finding a new job, the household disruption, the worry about the healthcare that a new job will bring, all are powerful reasons to stay put and just put up with it. Now, imagine that you have a job that pays a six figure salary, has a Cadillac healthcare plan, a generous pension program, and unlimited opportunity to pick up spare change on the side. And best of all, if you don’t get caught on camera sneaking into a motel room with a furry quadraped wearing fishnet stockings, your job is basically good for life. It would take some sky high dissatisfaction rating to make you walk away from a gig like that, right? Welcome to the world of being a Republican member of the House of Representatives. There are already nine GOP incumbents that have announced their retirement from congress after this term, including five from the state of Texas alone. They are on pace to break the record number of GOP legislators that threw up their hands and cried uncle in 2018, from the high paying, basically part-time gig I described above. WTF?!? As in 2018, almost all of them are multi-term incumbents who have decided that being a portable gas bag with no discernible record of accomplishment just isn’t much fun anymore. And little wonder. In 2018, the GOP incumbents who survived the bloodletting went for the first time in eight years from being a member of the majority, to being in the minority. And unlike the Senate, where a soulless ghoul with no morals can cause unlimited trouble, there is almost nothing a party in the minority in the House can do to disrupt the flow of the majority. As it stands right now, the GOP is taking solace that only 3 of the retiring incumbents are in what are perceived to be “competitive districts.” The remainder are retiring from districts that have recently been rated as R+10 or more, meaning that they feel those seats are most likely safe from harm of flipping. It also likely means that the retiring incumbents don’t care very much for the company they’re keeping these days, and also see little chance of returning to the majority in 2020. But there are two small potential problems with the Republicans’ feeling of confidence in holding onto those seats. The first is the numbers themselves. While the majority of sudden vacancies are in R+10 or better districts, one needs to keep in mind that starting with the special elections in 2017, and continuing on through the scheduled off-year elections of 2017, and the 2018 midterms, the Democrats tended very strongly to overperform by about +12-15 over their previous cycle performance in the same districts. This means that many of those seats may not be as safe as the GOP imagines them to be, especially with the shifting demographics in the last year of a 10-year-old redistricting map. The second reason is the candidates themselves. Almost all of the retiring incumbents are mainline, establishment GOP House members. Either they see the sands shifting under their feet in the […]

Wrestling with alligators.

Well, well, well, isn’t this special? Axios is reporting that GOP Ohio Representative, and all around piece of work Jim Jordan has sent a letter to his colleagues, officially advising them that he is in the running to be the next Speaker of the House. I can only hope and pray that Jordan is referring to […]

The GOP “civil war” just spilled over onto the House floor. This could get interesting, real quick.

Well, I guess we’re about to find out just how “lame” of a duck Paul Ryan is as Speaker of the House pretty quickly. The rift between moderate GOP House members and the Tea Party caucus cost John Boehner his job, and it may well cost the GOP more than that very shortly. “Moderate” conservative House […]

The GOP Senate is rolling the dice on Trump in November. It’s an interesting gamble.

As most of you who drop in to visit me regularly know, I live is Vegas. And though I never play anything other than...

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