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John Kasich is a horses *ss. Part II

A few days ago, coming off of being down and out for a bit, I wrote an article taking John Kasich behind the woodshed. In the article, I referred to him as a condescending little prick, for his cavalier and pandering attitude in the way that he told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that there was […]

Roy Moore is kinda slow on the uptake, ain’t he?

I swear to God, you just cannot make this shit up. By now, even space aliens coming here to destroy planet earth, are aware of the tawdry allegations against Roy...

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N.C. judge tried to hit BLM protestors with car

From the Charlotte Observer: A Fayetteville activist has pressed assault charges against an N.C. Court of Appeals judge, alleging he...
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Proud Boys leader to former guy: 'F*ck you Trump. You left us on the battlefield bloody and alone'

Pat yourself on the back if you sized Donald Trump up in two minutes, like a normal person. You...

A surprisingly expansive proposal to protect voting rights from Senator… Manchin!

Just when you thought all hope was lost on Sen. Manchin (D-WTF), he comes up with a proposal that...

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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