short-pants Himmler, Chad ‘cryin’ Wolf huffs and puffs, but blows it for Trump’s plan

How does a president get us into a 1918 pandemic, 1930s depression, and 1968 race riot all in 6 months?  Answer: with no plans and...

‘Gestapo Trump’ Searing New Ad Shows Trump Weaponizing the Culture War

It’s no secret that Donald Trump intended to run on the economy, because that was all he had. Then he lost it. Then he decided to demonize Joe Biden. That hasn’t worked out so well. So now he’s down to campaign bedrock, which is to amplify the culture war. And he has done just that, with his unmarked troops in Portland, and now he’s looking to do the same in Chicago. Make no mistake, this is all just B-roll footage for Trump to pose against as he tries to sell the pitch that he is the law and order president and monger fear to his base. This ad calls out that pretense. He is pitting Americans against one another because that is what dictators do, when the people begin to turn on the dictator.

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Houston Must Secede From Texas, The Economic Argument

     I previously noted that recent actions by the Republican-dominated state legislature were clearly designed to thwart Harris County’s...

Cartoon: End of the Roe

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The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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