Trump Signs Stimulus Bill Purportedly To Avert Catastrophe in Georgia Runoffs

Speculation is running rampant at this moment about Donald Trump agreeing to sign the stimulus bill which he has been avoiding signing since last Monday. The fact that he didn’t sign it by midnight Saturday has had the immediate effect of limiting the unemployment benefits that eligible Americans would have gained by one week. Losing […]

Trump Predicts That If Senate Changes Hands It’s All the Georgia RINOs Fault

It was anticipated that Trump would lash out at his favorite Georgia lawmakers after it was announced Monday morning that after counting the vote for the third time, the Georgia secretary of state ordered recertification. Rudy Giuliani is in the hospital, so it wasn’t likely that he was going to chime in, and Jenna Ellis’ […]

Trump Lashes Out At Kemp, Ducey, ‘Republicans Will Never Forget’ While En Route to Georgia

The handwriting is blinking on the wall in neon that Donald Trump is having a hissy fit today. He called and tweeted at Brian Kemp about overturning election results, to no avail. Now he’s tweeting from Air Force One, en route to a Georgia “victory” rally (celebrating what victory, we are not sure) and he’s […]

‘Trump Is Weird and Out of Touch With Reality’ says Harry Reid About ‘Stupid’ Call To Brian Kemp

Desperation has a certain stench that makes flop sweat smell like perfume, and right now eau de Donald l’orange is reeking all the way from Washington, D.C. down to Georgia, where Trump is scheduled to make a campaign speech for incumbent senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. He didn’t just show up as scheduled, first […]

#DesperateDonald Calls Brian Kemp To Give Him One Last Chance To Overturn Election, Kemp Declines

I don’t think it would be tabloidesque to use the word “extort” here. Donald Trump is holding a rally tonight in Georgia and hours before he got on the plane, he placed a call to  Governor Brian Kemp to urge him, one more time, to persuade the state legislature to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the […]

Besieged Brian Kemp Tells Voters ‘This Is the Firewall’ While Nobody Knows What Trump Will Do In Georgia Today

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has to wear two hats these days, one a helmet to keep the rain of blows and slurs from Donald Trump and his crazies who chant “Lock Him Up!” from getting him, and the other hat, the normal cap of leadership. Right now he’s been on Fox News telling everybody that […]

WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Incite Violence Against Georgia Governor ‘Lock Him Up!’

To say that this is profoundly disquieting doesn’t even begin to touch it. A crazy man with a bar card in his wallet, and no ethics, who represents Donald Trump in a legally insane and morally wrong action to compel Georgia lawmakers to overturn the results of the election, is now inciting civil unrest and […]

Is Trump Going To ‘Be the Bigger Man’ When He Goes To Georgia? Or ‘Blow It Up?’

If you missed the words of Georgia voting implementation director Gabriel Sterling yesterday, it would be well worth your time to take :56 and listen to what he had to say. Towards the end he gives the failed incumbent the bottom line, “if you want to run again in 2024, fine…there’s not a path here” […]

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