The swan song of arrogance

Over the last four years, since the start of the primaries, I must have said it at least a hundred times, “Donald Trump us the gift that just keeps on giving.” Normally when I wrote that, I was referring to giving me comedic grist to lambaste him with, but also for giving Democrats fodder for their cannons. But this shit is getting ridiculous. If Trump keeps this up, pretty soon the Democrats and us comics are going to have to start paying an inheritance tax. As His Lowness has degenerated, the question has slowly turned from “How low can he go?” to “How low can the GOP go?” SO far, that question has been like trying to find the edge of the universe, but just seems to stretch on into infinity. But in the last 72 hours, Trump has pushed the envelope three separate times, and any one, or all of them, may finally end up being that fabled bridge too far, especially with Trump’s polling looking to drag down GOP chances in several key Senate states as well as the electoral college. The first is Trump’s decision to pull $150 million plus from FEMA’s disaster relief fund to DHS to increase immigrant housing and immigration court capacity. Tropical storm Dorian will hit Puerto Rico today. We all know that Trump could give a shit less about Puerto Rico. But what happens after that? Depending on the track, it could hit either Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas as a category 3 hurricane. All of which appear to be becoming serious battleground states in 2020, thanks to the adventures of Il Douche. What happens if one or more of those states get slammed, and the money runs short? Why, Trump is going to go running to congress for additional funding for FEMA of course. And Nancy Pelosi’s immediate reply? “Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, Charlie Brown! You restore that funding we gave you from DHS to FEMA, and we’ll see what happens next.” What can the GOP in congress say? They can’t accuse the Democrats of playing politics with peoples lives, because the Democrats simply respond that they already gave the money to FEMA, and Trump absconded it for his war on refugees. The Democrats can even steal the Republicans thunder by immediately promising an additional $100 million or whatever, just as soon as the missing funds are restored from DHS to FEMA. What can the Republicans say? Second, we have Trump’s decision to hold the G-7 summit nest year at his Bedbug Palace Doral resort. Forget Putin for the moment, this isn’t just an emoluments violation, it’s a clear cut extortion racket. Trump is telling the rest of the G-7, “Hey, nice little summit you have there. Be a pity if anything happened to it.” This is the sitting President of the United States forcing foreign governments to pay baksheesh to attend their own conference! And as far as the emoluments clause goes, I find it hard to believe that any court would say that as a co-equal branch of government, with oversight duties, the U.S. House doesn’t have legitimate standing to bring a suit to stop the event from taking place at Doral. How do GOP incumbents in either chamber defend Trump if/when a restraining order is slapped on the event until it’s hashed […]

The GOP should have locked Trump in his room. The G-7 was a disaster.

Maybe I should restate that title a little. If you’re a Republican, you’re looking at the smoking remnants of the G-7 summit in Ottawa the way Napoleon looked over his shoulder at the battlefield of Waterloo. But if you’re a Democrat, you’re gazing over the field like Wellington, with a satisfied look on your face. […]

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