Fauci: what Trump can do to help the nation now

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Watch Florida Republican try to explain why he thinks Trump impeachment trial is ‘stupid’

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Watch the Latest Trump Troll From Meidas Touch and Howl, It’s A Keeper

Anybody know if the rigged witches are still after Donald Trump? I ask, because if anybody else was behaving this bizarrely, I would say there had to be something supernatural going on, this isn’t normal. But with Trump, alas, it is, it comes naturally. Meidas Touch has perfectly memorialized for the ages the best parts of the Fox News Sunday interview wherein 45 underscored what an idiot he is, when he kept insisting to Chris Wallace how hard it was to pass the cognitive test he was given at Walter Reed — and we don’t even know why he went there, as you recall. We just know that he started lifting water glasses with two hands and shuffling down ramps. Watch the clip and then vote on: The Cognitive Test is the most moronic thing Trump has ever discussed; No, Death Ramp at West Point is still more ridiculous; Throwing paper towels in Puerto Rico in the middle of a hurricane can never be topped; Are you kidding? Have you forgotten the toilets, light bulbs and dishwashers? Oh, come on. The bottom was hit with drinking bleach and inserting UV lights wherever; My personal favorite is something else, see the comments.

Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing Plus Not Believed To Be As Mentally Sound As Biden — Fox Interview Part III

Trump’s Fox News fiasco has set the internet ablaze with giggles. The particular portion which has led to derision is his insistence on how “hard” a cognitive test is. Trump said to Chris Wallace, “Yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t answer the last five questions.” "I took the [cognitive] test too, when I heard you passed it. It's not the hardest test. It shows a picture and it says, 'what's that,' and it's an elephant." — Chris Wallace pushes back on Trump hyping the cognitive test he passed at Walter Reed pic.twitter.com/8Df8Ez10Ma — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 19, 2020 Wow, the incumbent Republican president can identify his party’s mascot — and boasts about doing so. And then goes on to brag about what an achievement passing a cognitive test was. Stifle your laughter and join me in a moment of silence as we reflect upon the awe and wonder of these statements. And it isn’t just me. Like the Toyota commercial, Trump asked for it, he got it. Could you pass cognitive test Trump took? Now’s your chance. pic.twitter.com/8DqGSr9irV — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 19, 2020 Now here are the elements of this challenging test: . Memorizing a short list of words, identifying an animal, copying a drawing. . Naming the current date, counting backwards and identifying common objects like a pencil or a watch. . Recalling a three word list of objects and drawing a clock. Your father brags about passing his cognitive tests, but found the last five questions "very hard". Did he have trouble decided which was the elephant and which was the donkey? pic.twitter.com/pzwOEWSYiW — Angela – #BlackLivesMatter ????????????????????️‍???????????????????? (@crowarrowinc) July 19, 2020 The pitiful part of Trump claiming the test is hard, is that Trump truly believes the test is hard. What’s more, his followers are going to willfully dumb themselves down to his level to make it feel true. It’s like Militant Denial. They’ve weaponized vapidity into an asset. — Mick Dougherty (@mickorama) July 19, 2020 Note that the last 6 questions on that very test are about one's orientation: What is today's : 1–date2–month2–year3–day 4–place (i.e., where are you?)5–city (i.e, what city is this?) pic.twitter.com/YAUY9ElD2x — Little Black Dress just tryin' to stay alive in FL (@LittleBlkDres) July 19, 2020 Now my bet is that Trump cheats on this test and/or pays somebody to take it for him. We now have an answer to what Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump get paid $15K a month by Brad Parscale for. They text Trump the answers to these “hard” questions, i.e., where he is, what date it is, I was wondering how they earned big bucks, now we know. You knew he couldn’t pass a sanity test without coaching from the sidelines, right? This is as good a theory and a testament to that proposition as anything else. My mom lived in a nursing home before her death after suffering a couple strokes. She was given this test regularly during neurological appointments. The nurses always praised her performance no matter how she did. You are not given this test for no reason. — Bob Panella (@bp_pack) July 19, 2020 Before we go, here’s the latest Fox News poll, and Trump’s denial. "First of all, I'm not losing. Because […]

‘They Should Have Never Let It Escape!’ says Trump. Oops, He Meant the Coronavirus — Fox Interview Part II

This is vintage Trump. First he bragged about how testing has gone up and then that heretic, Chris Wallace, committing a random act of journalism, how dare he, said yes, “testing is up 37%. But the virus is up 194%.” Well, sir, that caused a galvanic reaction in Trump and you guessed it: CHY-NUUHH! WAAAAAAA!!! They did it! They let it out!! The virus has legs and it ran away and they didn’t chase it and bring it back! And then it came over here and bit us in the butt and it’s Not.My.Fault!!!! "It is what it is" — Trump on the mounting US coronavirus death toll pic.twitter.com/w9vDUvIERF — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 19, 2020 And the tantrum continues when Trump spreads his hands and says, “I’ll be right eventually,” (about the virus “disappearing”) and “I’ve been right more than anybody.” Yes, you have, Donald. The rest of us don’t live in a bubble surrounded by sycophants telling us how right we are and how anybody who disagrees is an enemy. Ergo, you are right more than anybody you know of, absolutely. Now this next one is going to raise your ire, and well it should. Trump prattles on about masks and choice, bla bla and then he gets to one of his talking points, threatening to pull federal funding from schools if kids don’t return to schools in the fall. Wallace points out that the federal government only finances 8% of education costs and that it “goes overwhelmingly to disadvantaged kids and children with disabilities.” Trump merely paused and said exasperatedly, “Chris…let the schools open.” Then he went on to conflate some statistic about “one person in New Jersey [I think he meant under the age of 18] died. So that’s it.” That’s what???? The edict of Donald to open the schools just because he says so and now we all genuflect and make the sign of the Trump? More coming up.

Trump’s Fake COVID-19 Mortality Chart Is Challenged By Fox News, Incredibly, In Epic Interview

This is something you won’t see everyday, so you want to take careful note. Donald Trump was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and he insisted that the United States had the “best” meaning lowest mortality rate of any country in the world. When Wallace disputed this fact, Trump asked Kayleigh McEnany to give him the information and she did. Here is the exchange. Also, if you haven’t heard this already today, this particular interview with Chris Wallace was totally batshit. I’m still watching the clips and will post more later, but I wanted to get the ball rolling with this. "Ready? Will you please get me the mortality rate? Kayleigh is right here… I heard we have the best mortality rate" – the WH just flat out made up a chart to create a false impression that the US has the best mortality rate in the world during Trump's interview w/ Chris Wallace pic.twitter.com/yw8QGBTRVs — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 19, 2020 John Kennedy had P.T. 109, Donald Trump has Gaslight 101. And here’s something else to think about: Trump’s sycophants in the White House are cobbling together these lies for him. They are literally telling him what he wants to hear and then he turns around and broadcasts them to his disciples. It goes without saying that many of the disciples were watching Fox News today. This is Sunday and that’s their religion. Unless I miss my guess, what Chris Wallace did today was tantamount to Martin Luther nailing the theses to the door of Wittenburg Castle. We may see a shake up in the faith here, friends. Clutch your pearls, rosary beads, whatever and stay tuned. The day is young.

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