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Covid-19 Death Rates Higher in States With GOP Governors: Study

"These findings underscore the need for state policy actions that are guided by public health considerations rather than by partisan politics." A new study shows...

HAHAHAHA! Tucker Carlson “Lost” “Damning” Documents “Proving” Biden Ukraine Conspiracy

First off, Tucker Carlson is a gibbering idiot. This is a fact. What are not facts are the things Carlson spews five nights a week on Fox News. Even Fox News said so, in defending Carlson and itself from a lawsuit accusing Carlson of slander. Carlson didn’t commit slander, the Fox lawyers argued, because no one […]

NY Post Reporters Refused to Have Bylines on Biden Laptop Story; Even Fox News Refused to Publish It

Still believe that the New York Post is a bastion of independent, non-partisan journalism? Think again. Two Post employees told the New York Times that the Post‘s big, splashy, and arguably slanderous story about Hunter Biden and the Laptop of Doom was written mostly by a veteran staff reporter, Bruce Golding, who refused to put his […]

Fox News Anchor Halts Trump Campaign Spokesman’s Slanderous Attacks on Biden

It’s a given that Trump and his minions spew lies and slanders about their “enemies” (i.e. their political opponents) at a rate only rivaled by the amount of sludge spewed during the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Today, the slanders against Joe Biden were so vile that a Fox News host shut it down. Yes, you read that right. Someone on Fox News, which has peddled slime, propaganda and bullshit for nearly thirty years, hit their gag limit. The source of today’s putridity is Hogan Gidley, who honed his chops as a professional liar and slanderer by first working with Mike Huckabee’s HuckPAC and Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign (where Santorum proved that wearing Mister Rogers-style cardigan sweaters didn’t make voters turn to him to be First Dad). Gidley joined the White House press corps in October 2017, and has been a stand-up liar for Trump ever since. About two weeks ago, Gidley moved to the Trump campaign. He fit right in with the other traitors, grifters, liars and carnival hucksters running that particular shitshow. Today he popped up on Fox’s America’s Newsroom, which pretends to provide straight news reporting. Co-host Sandra Smith tried to engage Gidley with a question about whether Trump would debate Biden during the general election campaign. Gidley didn’t want to talk about that. Gidley began by vomiting all over the Supreme Court’s ruling that Trump isn’t above the law, after which Smith turned to the question of a Biden-Trump debate. She played a clip from James Carville on MSNBC, who called Trump a “dupeless dolt” (not sure what “dupeless” means, but regardless, you tell ’em, James) and said that given the fact Biden held his own in debates against Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Biden would trounce Trump. Gidley didn’t want to talk about that. Instead, he wanted to absolutely slander Biden: I love the fact that James Carville would point to the past debates of Joe Biden. Let’s be clear, that’s why he was last in all the polls during the debates. It was only South Carolina that saved him. When you’re on a debate stage, you can’t reach out like Joe Biden has done so many times and said, “Please, please bring me my documents, I need to read off of them, the fact sheet that my staff has given me.” You are going to hear interesting comments from Joe Biden about how children love his leg hair and how he used to coax children up onto the porch with ice cream during quarantines. Wow. In the space of about 30 seconds, Gidley dumped the topic of debates and threw gutter allegations about Biden being a demented pedophile. We’ll come back to that. To her credit, Smith called “whoa” on Gidley, who pivoted to imply that Biden suffers from senility or dementia by making up some mental lapse about 9/11: And how he doesn’t know the dates of 9/11, when it happened, what year. Those are things that — Smith ended Gidley’s venomous Gish Gallop of bullshit, saying: “Hold on — hold on, Hogan. We are talking about whether or not the president wants to debate Joe Biden, and whether or not inside the Joe Biden camp they are urging Joe Biden to debate Donald Trump. Who benefits the most from a debate?” Gidley then wriggled away from the […]

Brian Kilmeade Is the Dumbest Man on Television

Brian Kilmeade is one of the few essential Fox News analysts. He has a rare gift in articulating the view of the average high school drop-out, post head-injury. Kilmeade took his keen eye and dulled brain onto Fox’s morning show “Outnumbered,” hosted by Jessica Tarlov. The blog likes Tarlov because we love an underdog, especially one with glasses, and we can think of few bigger underdogs than brunette women on Fox. Our support seems important. Plus, Tarlov was going against Kilmeade, of which we also approve. Tarlov accurately described the situation from Nancy Pelosi’s perspective: “I think Nancy Pelosi was feeling a little bit of pressure here that we do get to the trial point,” Tarlov explained. “Their caucus was split on whether or not to wait those couple of weeks.” Yeah, okay. That makes some sense. Not sure I’d use the word “pressure,” more like that there might have been differing opinions on when best to bring the matter. But, okay, yes, we agree. Pelosi had to balance several concerns, and that brings about pressure to do it right. Kilmeade is not one to leave an accurate observation left unchallenged on Fox News. Kilmeade tried to persuade Tarlov that Pelosi was wrong to wait, because any witnesses which manage to be called would surely favor Trump, even if the witness is John Bolton. Stop right there. To believe what Kilmeade just said, you would have to believe that Mitch McConnell and Trump are fcking idiots, while Kilmeade is brilliant. Because both McConnell and Trump have fought to keep witnesses far away from the trial, especially Bolton, of whom Trump specifically said he would invoke executive privilege against. Probably best to just stick to what we know. Kilmeade is a moron. Nevertheless, Kilmeade persisted: “You talk about what’s good for Democrats, what’s good for Republicans,” Kilmeade said, “you know what’s good for the country? To turn the page. You can say Bill Clinton is impeached for life, you can say Donald Trump is impeached for life. When I think of Bill Clinton, I don’t think of impeachment. Atta boy, Brian. Back on safe ground. “Turn the page,” meaning don’t bother having the trial, since it is just going to mean that Trump turns out like Clinton, who improved his standing. Kilmeade is just looking out for the country, warning us it’s just going to make Trump popular. It is not that Kilmeade – and most Republicans – are terrified about what a trial might bring. Kilmeade then pointed out the Clinton left with 65% approval ratings, and had “been re-elected twice,” evidently forgetting that Clinton’s impeachment occurred in his second term, and thus had nothing to do with his election. Or Kilmeade remembered but figured Jessica wouldn’t. She knocked him off edge, and pointedly told Kilmeade to stop talking as if being impeached is good thing for Trump, because from Trump’s perspective, it clearly is not. It took a clear spanking to get Kilmeade to stop celebrating the impeachment of Trump as yet another glorious feat accomplished by the man. Yes, drop some reality on Kilmead’s pointed head. He hates reality. “No!” Kilmeade replied. “John Bolton could testify and I would say to Democrats, don’t wish for it too much because he has a super PAC and he’s got a […]

Two People, Outside Government, Could and Likely Will, Take Trump Down

Of course, there are any number of people who control information that would destroy Trump and his presidency, perhaps even his personal freedom. But, nearly all of the “typical” people who could topple the administration are within the administration, or outside this country. However, there are two people who work outside of government, two people without any secret inside information, could easily take Trump down with ease and speed. Rupert and Lachlan Murdock. The two people who control Fox News, known by some to be “Trump TV” are inextricably tied to Trump’s fate. Like Pompeo and Barr, the Murdoch future is hinging upon the correct determination as to when to jump off the S.S. Trump, as it careens recklessly through a sea of icebergs. Obviously, Rupert sold his soul long ago, pumping up Trump to loyal viewers, harvesting advertising dollars that go straight into the Murdoch family bank account. But, Lachlan, the younger Murdoch, must necessarily focus upon the long-term Fox future. Lachlan cannot allow the network to cross the Trump event horizon, that black hole that eventually sucks in everyone who blindly revolves around Trump. Lachlan must navigate the situation such that he knows when to blast off tp a safer and more stable orbit. Without “Trump TV” propaganda to manipulate each new shocking revelation, Trump is, quite literally, sunk. As noted in a great column in Rawstory: Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch decide what propaganda gets sold as news on the Fox cable channel. They helped create the false image of Trump the great leader. Their compliant and highly paid program hosts have sustained Trump, attacking anyone who challenges the president, riling up his base. But the relationship between the network and Trump has been fraying for months. Now may be the time for the Murdochs to finally let it unravel. I agree. We have noted over and over that the Trump movement resembles a cult, perhaps it is a cult (look at the way Qanon became “mainstream” within the supporters). Like any cult, the leader does no wrong, and is never questioned. But, as we’ve said, cults do not last forever, and the moment something pierces a cult leader’s invulnerability, the movement folds, blindingly fast, and nothing the leader does can save it. The Murdochs, for whatever else they may be, are not stupid, and understand the dynamic all too well. They will not risk their golden empire attempting to prop-up a man committed to destroying himself and the nation he “leads.” Additionally, unlike real news organizations, the Murdochs control the “news” slant at Fox with an iron grip. If the Murdochs direct the entertainer Sean Hannity to stop with his ludicrous assaults on Trump critics, then Hannity will. If they give new scripts to the actors playing journalists on Fox & Friends they will follow those scripts. If they generally signal to Fox News and Fox Business hosts that Trump is persona non grata they will get the message and repeat it. That is what makes Fox unlike legitimate news organizations where editors or producers w,ho try to issue such orders would at best be refused and at worst be forced out. This Murdochian style can be adopted to benefit our nation. Does anyone doubt the summation? Think about what Fox has to lose. After years of […]

Kellyanne Embarrasses Herself and Trump, Again

Once again, Kellyanne Conway bravely set foot in a Fox News studio to face the blistering questions posed by Bill Hemmer. Hemmer threw the usual softball which Kellyanne promptly popped up into the stands behind her. Asked about possible impeachment proceedings, one of the few remaining Trump loyalists offered her in-depth analysis: “Complete nonsense,” she said when asked about the impeachment proceedings. “They need to get a messaging meeting and they need to read the constitution of the Democratic Party.” “Complete nonsense?” We’ll give her a pass. Her job is to do nothing but stand-up for Trump. We have bigger fish to deep-fry. “They need a messaging meeting?” Because “messaging” is what it is all about, to this administration. It is all a big reality show with “winners” and “losers” and “messaging” matters most. When has the truth ever ruined a good script? Her priority here is telling. “They need to read the constitution of the Democratic party?” Hey, she didn’t call it the “Democrat” party! Progress! Unfortunately, neither the Democratic nor Republican party has a “constitution,” only the states and the nation. So, reading the Democratic constitution isn’t necessarily going to inform anyone, other than a percentage of Trump voters who watch Fox News. (We hope it is a low percentage, but it is hard to tell.) “And they’re wasting your money and your time trying to impeach a president where there are no high crimes and misdemeanors.” Well, she is in pretty deep here. The entire reason for an impeachment proceeding is to determine the extent of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Declaring them non-existent is simply … never mind, I suppose that is her job, too. “Stop the nonsense of harassing and embarrassing this president and the people around him when you have no constitutional or legal basis to do so.” Alright, toss aside the grammar, it’s a live interview and it’s relatively … whatever. “Harassing and embarrassing this president …” Kellyanne, the constitution actually presumes a certain level of “harassment” – also known as checks and balances – from the other branches, especially by Congress. Moreover, compared to the ceaseless “scandals” investigated by the Republican congress in investigating Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, Trump has been granted a gift by the Democrats in not doing more. “Embarrass” Trump? You could more easily embarrass a couch. My dog looks me side-eye when he knows he’s done something stupid. Trump has never made a mistake, ever. Ask him. Trump assured us he doesn’t need to ask God’s forgiveness on anything, remember? “Embarrass” infers he cares at all what anyone anywhere thinks. The only people Trump wants to please are those who have him compromised financially. Everyone else can go to hell, quite literally. “No constitutional or legal basis to do so.” At least we’re back in the right constitutional frame! Unfortunately, the House of Representatives happens to be the only group endowed with the power to impeach, and a significant number of people, perhaps half the country, believes it has a legitimate reason. Moreover, because Trump blocks any investigative attempt, claiming “executive privilege,” illegally blocks Congress’s right to examine his tax returns, and perhaps illegally suppresses a critical whistleblower complaint, it appears there is a whole lot that Trump et. al. do not want the country to know. The framers of […]

Trump Furor Coming: Way Down in FOX NEWS Approval Poll!

On the cusp of mass shootings, and sour economic news – not all of which could possibly be baked-in to the polls, some teeth gnashing Tweets are sure to spring from Trump’s Twitter account after seeing his “Disapproval ratings” on the Fox News’ Poll to be one point shy of its all-time high at 56% “Disapproval.” At the same time, his “Approval” ratings dropped three points to 43% from just a month ago. Forty-three percent of respondents said they approve of Trump’s job performance, down from 46 percent last month. The record low for Trump approval in Fox News’s polling is 38 percent, also from October of 2017. Trump has the disapproval of a record number of men, at 53 percent, white men, 46 percent, and independents, 64 percent, according to the survey. Researchers surveyed 1,013 registered voters nationwide from Aug. 11 to 13. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. That “August 13th” is a key day, as it was on that day that the markets and economic indicators demonstrated their full fury, diving down, making news that was almost impossible to ignore. As I said, that 43% number is “soft” and may be artificially high, as it cuts off some of the more dour economic stresses appearing later in the week. These are not historical lows for Trump, the historical “Disapproval” number remains 37%, but it is the trend that we favor. When FOX has Trump at 43% approval, one can near count upon other polls demonstrating 2-3 fewer points. Republican presidents polling a negative 13 points on Approval/Disapproval from Fox do not get re-elected. “Please, Jason, do persist.” Okay: How about Fox News polls demonstrating that every major Democratic candidate kicks Trump’s ass? he poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support. Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, beat Trump in the theoretical matchup with 50 percent support among those surveyed, compared to Trump’s 38 percent. Sooo … I will also note, that Elizabeth Warren might well be polling less than the others only because many independents and even conservatives have heard Trump beat her up for a while, but have not heard her speak. Our Professor Warren is an excellent teacher, and I suspect that once people hear more from her, her numbers might approach Joe Biden’s. Regardless, the excellent news is to be celebrated. Trump is trending the wrong direction, and will act accordingly: Bizarrely. Moreover, none other than Fox News is demonstrating that Trump is facing an ass-kicking next year, lest he change his tune. Which he cannot do. So, that’s good news, too. **** Peace, y’all. Jason jmiciak@yahoo.com

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