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Four Republican Votes Will Ensure a Fair(er) Trial: We Might Get There

Lisa Murkowski is unhappy with Mitch McConnell and his coordination with the White House. This matters, because she is one of the few Republicans who may “want to hear from witnesses” in the impeachment trial. Senator Murkowski — a key swing vote in the trial, particularly on witnesses and rules — says she’s “disturbed” by Leader McConnell’s coordination with the White House. https://t.co/miA6Oac9QP — Robert Costa (@costareports) December 25, 2019 Now, if you want to be one of the kewl liberal bloggers, you’ll say something like; “But is she concerned?” Mocking the moderate Republicans that occasionally talk about crossing Trump. Don’t try that shit here, though, not with Murkowski. She is one of the few Republicans who backed it up and voted against Cavanaugh. So when Sen. Murkowski says she is disturbed, we on this blog take it seriously and respect her. Let’s pretend that Murkowski is “one” vote with Schumer for witnesses, or at least someone who will discuss procedure with Schumer and not be in lock-step with McConnell. Where can we get the other “three”? We likely can’t, it is still uphill, defeating the Trumplicans, where party matters far more than country. But, if we could … Mitch Romney is surely the next best target. Romney doesn’t face the voters again for four years, perhaps long after we’ve forgotten Trump (ideally). Romney clearly feels no loyalty to Trump, has more money than Trump, has been the party nominee before, and simply isn’t as easily intimidated by Trump, nor as easily paid off. Romney also represents Utah, a state that – to its credit – has a large Mormon population that never bought into the evangelical deification of Trump. Romney is number two on our list. For numbers three and four, we must look to … sigh, the “ever concerned” Susan Collins, who normally wouldn’t be worth the time to type her name. Except this time, she happens to be in a close race, with a lot of Mainers upset that she doesn’t display more of the independence demonstrated by the state’s other senator, the great Independent, Angus King. I put little hope in Collins, because in every other occasion in which we have, we were shamed in our hope. Corey Gardner faces a tough election in Colorado. Indeed, it is hard to see how Gardner could survive his reelection bid either way, he is in a no win position, but may vote along with Schumer. Another hope is retiring moderate Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. I have no read on him whatsoever, but anyone retiring must feel more free to vote their conscience rather than fear some tweetstorm. At least as of a week ago, Sen. Schumer believed he had Republican votes to call witnesses: From the Washington Examiner, dated December 16. “I expect to have the support from Democrats and Republicans, because the argument is so strong, and many Republicans have voiced to me and many of my colleagues privately that they think what the president did is wrong, but they’re just not sure enough facts have been presented to make the unimpeachable case of high crimes and misdemeanors,” Schumer said. “This is the way to do it, the way we outlined.” However, Republicans have shown a strange way of “solidifying” – every time – when needed to […]

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