Lame-Duck Trump’s “Middle East Arms Bonanza” Continues With Approval of $290 Million Weapons Sale to Saudi Regime

Despite opposition from the public and some members of Congress, the Trump administration in its waning days is rushing through weapons sales to a handful of...

Hey Bibi! Haven’t you heard? Be careful what you wish for.

Um, excuse me Mr Prime Minister Netanyahu sir? Stand up and take a bow, fool! Like all long time, far right, semi authoritarians, you finally committed the cardinal sin. You started believing your own press clippings, and just look where it’s got you. Since day one, you’ve played Dipshit Donnie like a cheap tambourine, gaily slapping him around until you get the noise you were looking for. You conned him into moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, and in so doing, making a de facto statement that Jerusalem was no longer an “open” city, it was now internationally recognized,, at least by one ignorant buffoon, as the capitol of the state of Israel. You got him to basically “endorse” your reelection effort, in return for the useless gesture of naming a worthless patch of scrub land after him. But like all self absorbed autocrats, you stepped on your crank. Face it, you need the US congress a whole helluva lot more than the US congress needs you. You enraged Democrats when you snubbed Obama by accepting an offer from then House Speaker to address a joint session of congress, without Obama’s approval. And you outrages now only American Jews, but even Israeli Jews, when you acceded to The Pampers President’s infantile tantrum to bar US Representatives Omar and Tlaib from Israel. And His Lowness is doing you no favors when he keeps telling Jewish Americans that you are their Prime Minister, setting up a false equivalency. And how much of a master of politics can you be when you don’t even realize that while the GOP talks the best game on Israel, Jewish Americans vote 79% Democratic” But by far your most mortal sin, and the one for which you may well pay the highest price, was in sticking voodoo doll pins into Trump to gert him to leave the Iran nuclear deal. You may well have had perfectly legitimate strategic reasons for talking him into it. But with that action, you proved yourself to be every bit as big of a political ignoramus as The Mango Messiah. True, Iran is a sponsor of state terrorism, including the groups Hezbollah and Hamas that cause you such grief. But an Iran that was busy playing nice with the international community in return for sanctions relief, was highly likely to keep a fairly tight lid on their nonsense, to ensure that they didn’t queer the deal. By getting the US to pull out of the deal, and reimpose sanctions, you ensured that Iran would want someone to pay the piper for this perfidy. And you’re a helluva lot closer than everybody else involved. More importantly, by pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear accord, Trump alienated the US from its international partners, and made us a pariah. It also made it easier by far for Tehran to take a more belligerent attitude, since the rest of the world normally looks to the US for guidance on international conflict issues, and thanks to you and Trump, we’re persona non grata in the arena right now.Good luck in Trump trying to build an international coalition on behalf of Saudi Arabia, the only other country with rulers as childishly petulant as Glorious Bleater. And now Iran appears to have directly attacked Saudi Arabia, adversely affecting about 5% of the worlds total oil […]

This is where it gets dangerous.

Anybody who has ever thrown a birthday party for a kid knows that there are two basic forms of entertainment. There are clowns, and then there are magicians. Donald Trump is a true cross over, a magician clown. He lumbers around the yard with his big flopping feet, knocking over the folding table with the cake on it, while he makes a cute little bunny out of a long pink balloon, which somehow or other ends up with a hard on on it. Donald Trump has been pretty transparent since day one in regards to his response to problems with his Presidency or his administration. That’s Trump the magician. Throw a handful of sparkling pixie dust into the air to attract attention, while your other hand puts the rabbit into the hat. But because Trump is a clown, he throws the damn pixie dust directly over the hat. Every time. Never has Trump needed a major distraction more than right now. His approval numbers are in the toilet, and there’s a hand on the pull chain. People are finally seeing the bait-and-switch in his tax cut dodge with lower IRS refunds, and he’s taking friendly fire from the right wing media over the wall. Oh yeah, and Robert Mueller is making his Cornholeone family look more like the “Kid Sally” Palumbo family in The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. There is one whopping distraction required here. For a while there, sane minds worried that he would actively try to engineer a war with North Korea if he were backed far enough into a corner, the ultimate distraction. But no, as long as in Dung Pil keeps sending His Lowness 3’x4’ Valentines cards hand delivered by an envoy, they’re golden. Then people worried that he would manufacture an incident to enable him to go big into Syria. But Vlad the Imp shook a finger and made tsk-tsk-tsk noises, so that is now one of the few options in Trumpmenistan that is actually “off of the table.” Which leaves us with Iran. Trump has been laying the groundwork for a pissing contest with Iran for quite a while now. All the way back when he was a candidate, he slammed the Iran nuclear deal, but that was back when Trump honestly thought that whatever he said wouldn’t matter in the long run. It was just his way of raining on Baravk Obama’s parade for being able to craft a goddamn deal that actually worked. Once he got elected, common sense and realpolitik never entered into the equation, he had a reputation of “excellence in ignorance” to live up to. He wiped his ass with the Iran nuclear deal and threw it into the toilet, and then he unilaterally restored sanctions on Iran, doing everything in his power to poke the tiger with a stick, just to prove that his obstinance was as overpowering as his stupidity. For quite a while, none of this mattered as much, for one simple reason. That’s because “Mad Dog” Jim Mattis had the keys to Donald Trump’s cage. Trump could howl at the moon all he wanted, but it was ultimately Mattis who would decide whether or not to let slip the dogs of war. But now Mattis is gone, and The $1 Store Caligula has a chickenhawk piece of shit like John […]

Republicans can’t handle having a Muslim woman and former refugee on Foreign Affairs committee.

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White House says John Kelly looked displeased at NATO summit because of breakfast, not Trump

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Want to look smart Mr President? Stop appearing in public with foreign leaders!

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