I Believe Mary Trump. Here’s Why.

Yeah, yeah, we did it. So what? We pre-ordered Marty Trump’s book last night. Nota Bene I have steadfastly refused to pick up a single one of the 26,289 books so far on Trump, his campaign, or his presidency. Why should I? I have spent the last 5 years in his hip pocket, paying close attention, mostly so I could sit down and tell youze guyz all about it. Why do I want to read about that shit in my spare time? But Mary’s book has an attraction that I’m just totally unable to resist. Not only is Mary the first actual family member to write about Trump, rather than a friend or employee, but she is also a certified, practicing clinical psychologist. She has spent her entire life observing and interacting with Trump, and as a psychologist, is actually qualified to make diagnoses of Trump based on his behavior and actions. And she does, long sections that were read last night were written dispassionately, describing things, and then providing a possible diagnosis. That kind of thing gets to me. Here’s a perfect example. One of the more controversial sniglets has to do with Trump’s college days. After high school, Trump attended Fordham University, but according to Mary, to increase his influence in his fathers company after graduation, he decided that only a diploma from the University of Pennsylvania would do, If only for bragging rights. Trump already had his sister Mary Anne doing his homework for him, but worried about his GPA, he hired a fellow student who was a whiz at tests to take his SAT’s for him to ensure he got into Wharton. This revelation floored me. Because to me it meant that, all the way back at the age of 18 or 19, Donald Trump had already chosen his path in life. And that path was being a lazy, useless moron, built entirely for image rather than substance. Any college degree that Trump obtained wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, since he absorbed absolutely none of the information that was being imparted to him, but the fact that he paid for a degree from Wharton showed that he already knew the secret to starting higher up was a fancy college name. Fit that in with what we see every day. Of course, Trump and the White House are furiously disputing that claim in the book, along with pretty much everything else she writes. Good luck with that message, it would be easier if we didn’t have examples every day that tend to prove that what she is writing is true. But there’s actually a very practical reason why it would not be a good idea for Mary Trump to lie about this stuff. It could be disastrous for her. Trump, his sister Mary Anne, and his brother Robert all went to court and sued to try to stop Mary from publishing the book. Their reason was that she was violating a, what else with Trump?, non disclosure agreement she and her brother signed to settle a lawsuit regarding Fred Sr’s estate. While the judge ruled that publication could go forward, he has yet to rule on whether or not Mary is actually bound by the NDA. Mary’s reasoning is simple. She feels free to publish because the NDA is null and void, since the lawsuit settlement is based […]

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