HAHA!! Lincoln Project Does Stellar Put Down Of Ivanka’s Find Something New Farce

As I said the other day, Ivanka Trump had her Marie Antoinette moment, when she cluelessly advised the unemployed to just Find Something New Find Something New, coming from the tone deaf princess of privilege, who has no remote clue how normal people who actually work for a living live, was a stunner the other day. The Lincoln Project has captured it perfectly. Here’s their latest.

‘Find Something New’ Is Ivanka’s ‘Let ‘Em Eat Cake Moment’ As She Cluelessly Advises the Unemployed

If you are one of the forty million unemployed, take heart. Daddy doesn’t have time to deal with such tackiness as the largest unemployment figures since the Great Depression, he’s too busy watching TV and running for reelection. But Princess Ivanka, the poster child of privilege, has figured out the answer to your problem — just go Find Something New. Seriously. This is a real thing that Ivanka just came up with. One line of work is like another, and if you lost your job at the Tastee Freeze, well, there are openings in aerospace engineering, so WTH is wrong with you, just go get that job. Ivanka is your personal cheerleader in this endeavor and she has put together the following “tools” to assist you. Here’s the website that will save you. And take a look at the meaningless platitudes in this PSA. Zero information, but you do get the impression that if you’re unemployed it’s your fault, don’t you? Remember, the GOP is the party of personal responsibility — except when they drive the economy over a cliff, again. Then it’s your fault and you fix it. And don’t bother any Republican lawmakers right now. They’re all too busy running for reelection, and their stock portfolios took a hit, and have a little class, will you, and just take care of yourself. Now the beauty of this, is that Ivanka is directing you philosophically to self-improvement, when the fact of the matter is, it’s not a philosophical question and it’s not about self-improvement. The issue, to anybody but the completely oblivious, is that a lot of jobs were simply permanently wiped out in March and April when COVID-19 struck, and there are a great many more people needing a job than there are jobs right now. Therefore, the logical and sane solution would be a program to create jobs, perhaps along the lines of the WPA, an employment and infrastructure program, which over an eight year period starting in 1935 put over eight million Americans back to work during the Great Depression. In this administration the word “infrastructure” is a running joke and while Trump blatantly lies about Ivanka creating “15 million jobs” she hasn’t created a one. And now she’s doing the equivalent of telling you to look in the phone book to see what businesses exist in your area and just go “find something new.” Those are her words to you, verbatim. I think it’s a swell idea, personally. I think that if you were flipping pancakes a few months ago, you could now enter the world of high fashion design, maybe even design a few knock offs for Ivanka, what do you say? And if you were changing oil on cars, and got laid off from that, well, there’s always a shortage of brain surgeons. Maybe you could write a letter to Ben Carson and he could advise you. Ivanka and the Republicans want you to know, that it’s up to you, and if you’re starving, don’t blame Donald Trump’s egregious mishandling of coronavirus and don’t blame the complicit GOP-led senate for keeping him in power so it could happen. No, you need to get off your a$$ and Find Something New! Hey, if Ivanka can do it, so can you. She’s changed careers many times, from […]

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