‘Failure’ From Lincoln Project Showcases Trump’s Crescendo Of Lies On COVID-19

You may have learned as a kid that Satan was the Father of All Lies, but that was before you met Donald Trump. He doesn’t care what the truth is of any matter, or what the consequences of any action might be. His only concern is how will it make him look? Every issue he’s dealt with as candidate or as *president* has been about enhancing his image. He lives for nothing else. He stands for nothing else. With that in mind, take a look at all the self-serving lies Trump has cranked out since early in the year about the coronavirus. And never forget, he received intelligence reports on it in November and simply shined them on. Joe Biden needs to remind Americans of that.

A short list of big failures, brought to you by Donald Trump

The core concept that Donald Trump sold to his supporters was this: I alone. As in “I alone can do it.” Trump campaigned on the idea that any effort to conduct nuanced and detailed policy made for a “weak” position. Instead, everything should be...

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