DeSantis is taking away freedoms in the name of Freedom for Morons.

Ron DeSantis is actually giving Trump a run for his money on dictatorship try outs. Check this out.  www.local10.com/… I would assume that includes hurricanes.  No emergency...

Over the next 13 days: 36 more Executive Orders on the way

Just in case you were wondering when President Biden was going to get around to addressing some of the issues that we’d hoped would be...

PRES. BIDEN signs 17(!) Exec. Orders: Wall – GONE. Paris Accord – YES. Muslim Ban – GONE. WHO – YES.

Talk about hitting the ground running. President Biden (gawd, that is a good thing to say for the soul)  has signed and is signing no less than...

You Just Keep Piling It On, Genius.

The morning after blues, from my head down to my shoes. Carefree highway, let me slip away, slip away on you   Gordon Lightfoot   Carefree Highway Look, we’re all a little bit narcissistic, we like looking in the mirror when we think we’re rocking it, we like when people pay attention to what we say, or enter a […]

Did Trump just start shedding his vaunted “base?” Hear me out before you laugh.

Ever since the campaign, at one time or another we have claimed the “bridge too far” moment in what Trump has said and done, and been proven wrong every time. Along the way, most of us resigned ourselves that there was an unshakable base of 35-40% that would follow him to the gates of hell. […]

Trump is “Living The Dream.”

Q: What one thing do the following all have in common? Pardoning Douchenesh D’Souza, scrapping the Iran Deal, separating asylum and refugee seekers from their children at the border, reversing government sanctions to bail out ZTE, and imposing punitive trade tariffs on the EU, Canada, and Mexico? A: They are all things that Trump could, and […]

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Republicans demand the debt ceiling be raised … and promise to block Democratic attempts to do so

The nation is now used to seeing political standoffs whenever the time again comes to raise the now-infamous "debt...
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Capitol police officer reportedly disclosed information on lawmakers' secure location on Jan. 6

Reports surfaced during the weekend that at least six Capitol Police officers were recommended for “disciplinary action” for various conduct...

News Roundup: Republicans threaten debt standoff; Mike Pence is no hero; Texas vs. tech companies

In the news today: The nation slides towards another self-inflicted crisis as Republicans once again vow to block a...

Must read

The exploiting of and problems with the 1st amendment

We have to guard against the victors and monied...
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